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Karasuno's shortie squad fluff headcanons? (hinata+nishinoya)

Hinata Fluff Headcanons:

  • You want him close to you? Like his life depends on it? Make him watch a horror movie. He’ll be in your arms in seconds, head buried in your chest.
  • He’s the sweetest person on earth when it comes to his sister. Want to win his love? Be nice with Natsu, and he’ll melt seeing you two together.
  • He’d be the “fun dad”, willing to do everything with his child, even if that means getting mud all over them.
  • He is great with hair? Like, as he has a little sister, I’m pretty sure that he knows how to comb hair properly, and even make nice braids!
  • No matter how much time has it been since you two started dating, every time you tell him that you love him, he will blush like a tomato an adorable sight.

Nishinoya Fluff Headcanons:

  • Let’s face it, no matter his partner’s size; he would always want to be the big spoon when it comes to cuddling.
  • He’d love to watch movies with his s/o, and would fall asleep very fast if they touched his hair.
  • I imagine him being the kind of “cool dad”? Like, he’ll get more mature, but he’d have a soft spot for his kids, doing everything to make them happy he’d spoil them.
  • I can see him having a soft spot for dogs? No matter the size, he can’t help but feel attracted to them, and pet them? The dogs seem to like it, because they never have done anything bad to him.
  • He’s very protector and caring, but never possessive, never.