earth shifts


Everyone on Earth evolved powerful shape-shifting abilities long ago, but never realized it. The only reason we continue to age and die is because we believe we have to. Today you just discovered the truth, and who has been hiding the truth from us this whole time…


since I’m totally on board with Thace being part Altean and can shift like Allura, I traced screenshots and the poster image of him and changed some features and??? I was not prepared?? also he’s Keith’s dad fight me

(Im not an artist, sorry, but i needed some visuals to go with the fic im writing)

your gender is an ocean, salt spray that clings to your face in the form of makeup, foam that braids itself into your hair. it is the dark depths where nothing is visible and your lungs ache for air. it is the shallows of floral-patterned fish darting about the soft coral. it is the stark, solid cliffs of a drop off, sturdy and stoic. it roils and bubbles with the howling wind and shifting earth. your gender comes and goes with the tide.

Sacred Geometry Activation Pattern for DNA Ascension.

This pattern is a great tool brought forth to help one adapt to changes occurring within, due to the process of DNA recoding (lightbody activation/reconfiguration). Every person is experiencing this to some degree, as the Earth continues to shift. It allows one to be more in their body and creates a smoother transition, reducing and/or eliminating subsequent discomfort (ie headaches, food intolerances, body aches, emotional swings, etc). 

shklance headcanons

shiro and keith fall for each other, slow and burning. like magma beneath the earth’s crust, steadily shifting the world around them.

and lance? lance falls for them both, sudden and searing. like a meteor breaking through the atmosphere and crashing into a new world.

their love is a refreshing rush, but strong and ever flowing. like the rivers that carve away at mountains, marking their memory into the earth forever.

My Anchor - Archie Andrews

@bxllasanosa said:

HI! LOVE YOUR IMAGINES SO MUCH! Can I request an Archie imagine where Y/N and him have been on a few dates and really close. One day, he asks her to come watch him on the upcoming variety show, she eventually accepts. And when it’s Archie’s turn, he’s nervous but he sees her in the audience and they smile at each other. And after the show, they meet backstage and just PURE FLUFF. Sorry if it’s long. And tag me when it’s out? :))

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The Earth shifted when you started to date Archie Andrews. Everything about your budding relationship was easy, nothing too forced. You got along so well because you had been friends before you started your romantic relationship. You were very open with each other when it came to sharing how you felt. With Riverdale High School’s big variety show coming up, you and Archie had been focusing on his songs and supporting him. You would listen to him sing, loving every moment of it. Sadly, without a musical background, you couldn’t help him every much other than giving him support. He called on Valerie to aid him with his composition and you feel a little jealous.

You had only been on a few dates with Archie yet you found yourself falling for the talented boy more and more each day. The night before the big variety show, Archie invited you over to listen to the final draft of the song. You walked over to his house, conveniently not far from yours, and was greeted at the door by Fred.

“Oh, hello Y/N. Come in,” you smiled at Archie’s dad and walked into the house. “Archie’s up stairs getting his outfit soredt out for the big night.” You smiled at Fred, he always seemed happy to see you. You made his son happy, so how could he not be pleased.

“Is he nervous?” Your voice was quiet but Fred heard it. He nodded and you walked to the foot of the stairs. “I’ll go see if I can help,” you said and Fred gave you a smile. You walked quickly up the stairs and down the hallway to Archie’s room. You knocked lightly on the door and waited for the all-clear.

“Come in,” you smiled when you heard Archie’s voice and walked through the door. Archie’s face lit up when he saw you. “Hey babe,” he said, walking towards you. He wrapped his arms around your shoulders, pressing a kiss to your forehead. You blushed at the action, despite him having done it before. Your arms wrapped around his middle and you smiled at his warmth.

“Need any help?” He let out a chuckle as he pulled back to look at you.

“You don’t think I can dress myself?” You smiled at his teasing and he grinned. You tangled your fingers with his and walked towards his bed. He had laid out a nice pair of jeans and his favorite pair of sneakers. You let out a small giggle and Archie smiled.

“Going shirtless?” You gestured to the empty spot on his bed where a shirt would go. Archie’s smile widened and a glint of mischief shown in his eyes.

“I thought you’d like it,” you let out a laugh at his words. You leaned up a pressed a kiss to his cheek. When you pulled away, a soft smile rested on his kissable lips. Your eyes moved from his lips to his eyes and you saw that he noticed your glances. You swallowed hard, turning around to break the tension. Despite the many dates you went on with Archie, neither of you had kissed the other’s lips or uttered those three words.

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Elements of the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.

Earth shifts the Air. 

Air creates the Mind

Mind grows the Spirit

Water cools the Fire. 

Fire creates the Spirit. 

Spirit grows the Soul. 

Air cleans the Earth. 

Earth creates the Soul

Soul grows the Body. 

Fire heats the Water

Water creates the Body. 

Body grows the Mind


Better Creatures (Ginny/Mike, NC-17)

Late night, last minute fic for Bawson Sinning Sundays! Forgive me, I was driving today.

Things are, well…awkward seems like too weak a word.

Tense as fuck. Earth-shifting. Walking on crates of dynamite while juggling lit torches.

Mike’s not sure how to deal with the fallout of their near-kiss, so he shuts down. He avoids unnecessary eye contact or small talk with Ginny, stops calling or checking in with her. It’s too much. Everything is too much to handle and there’s an instinct in him to protect them both.

He spends a lot of time thinking about the almosts and the maybes. He’s kept awake by the coulda, woulda, shouldas. If he had turned his phone off or ignored her plea to answer it when Oscar called. If he hadn’t stumbled and stuttered over his words before cracking a joke to lighten the mood. If he hadn’t waited for her to take the lead.

If he hadn’t called her out to the bar at all, and they wouldn’t be in this goddamn mess.

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Story Shard 454

Supernatural Rescues:

-Mermaids saving drowning people, the people that fall overboard and such. 

-Nymphs warning people when a landslide is going to occur because they can feel the earth shifting among their roots. 

-Sylphs warning of sandstorms and tornados.

-Dwarves warning of cave ins and helping safely get to those trapped by the stones. 

-Werewolves and shape shifters that track lost hikers scents through the forest and mountains. 

Supernatural creature rescue!

Hidden Gem

Pairing: John Murphy x reader
Requested: Nope, not really but:
A little writing inspiration: Murphy and a girl who is really sweet and shy and wants to help and everybody gives her crap for being with him because he comes off as such a jerk but he isn’t with her? (Thank you for the lil prompt! I tried :)
Words: 1829
Warnings: swearing
A/N: I asked for inspiration a while ago but due to several changes within my personal life I dropped it. I’m sorry. It took me longer than I like it because writing is something that helps me distract myself. Enough of that - I’m rambeling.
I just hope you like it c:
Happy reading!

Mornings had become your favourite time of the day down on earth. The shifting from complete darkness to bright daylight never failed to amaze you. A new beginning every day.
It was still dawn, the sky had turned into different shades of purple and the sun coloured the clouds pink. A cold breeze brushed against your arms and you closed your eyes when you heard a rustling from the tent behind you.

“Don’t understand how you can be that awake that early”, Murphy muttered and put his black long sleeve on. Morning was your time, not his. If he could choose Murphy would be still puffing in his sleep. You smiled at his comment and pushed your body into his, already feeling him standing right behind you.

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Earth's Dimensional Shift

Part of this chaotic phase is the simple result of the shift from one dimension of consciousness to another. As Earth and humanity move from 4th dimensional consciousness to 5th dimensional consciousness — which is outside the constraints of time and space as you collectively perceive them — there is a tension between the old world and the new world. You are right in the midst of this.

As more and more people experience paradigm shifts driven by sudden leaps in spiritual understanding, the old world is undermined. The new world with its new cultural, political and economic presuppositions has not yet blossomed, so you are in a kind of no-person’s land where the old views no longer work, but the new views have not yet come into usable expression. So this is one reason for the difficulties you are experiencing in this dimensional shift.

But there is another more insidious element at play here as well. There are vested interests that wish the old world of domination and control to continue, and they are using every means at their disposal to insure it.

The type of control we speak of is so pervasive and so much a part of the fabric of your society that it is often overlooked — which is exactly what those who wish to control you work toward. There is no one person or group of persons responsible for this type of control. It comes from many directions and sources. It comes from sources you might never suspect including religious, political and economic institutions. But the attempts to control you do not end here. Many of the manipulative elements in your world are also coming from interdimensional and intergalactic interference.

But regardless of their source, the days, so to speak, for those who are trying to control your destiny for their own selfish ends are numbered. The shift from 4th dimensional consciousness to 5th dimensional consciousness cannot be stopped any more than the dawn of a new day can be avoided. The evolution of consciousness on your Earth and of Earth, herself, is in the midst of a dynamic shift and you are a vital part of it.

The Hathors - Tom Kenyon

Vibrate at the Highest Frequency Possible.

All of Life is Energy that vibrates at various frequencies. Each frequency has its own life patterns and manifestations. The Universe is the ultimate “radio” and we each vibrate at our own frequency. The way we can change our personal life, or that of planet Earth, is to shift frequency to “play the tune” we wish to be or to create. All one really needs to do to change any aspect of their life, heal any disease, create abundance, or achieve Transfiguration of the physical body into the Ascended Realm, is to raise their vibration and frequency. Vibrational frequency is defined as the rate at which the atoms and sub-particles of a being or object vibrate. The higher this vibrational frequency, the closer it is to the frequency of Light. Everything we do, every word we speak and thought we think sends out a vibration that attracts to it an experience of like vibration. Very simply stated, if we send out fear, we attract fear. If we send out love, we attract love. Raising of frequency can be done by anyone. In addition to the personal benefits gained by vibrating to a higher frequency are the profound effects produced in the world and all life forms. Each person who shifts higher affects the entire planet, as all of life is lifted along with them to a certain degree. 

Children of the Gods: Demeter, Greek goddess of  agriculture, fertility, and the harvest

The earth shifts at their feet, sprouting blossoms and leaving a wake of greenery as they pass. With fingers trailing through the wheat, Demeter’s children cultivate and raise the world’s gardens. They oversee the seasons, putting the grain to rest as winter falls and breathing life into the buds at the first sign of spring.

I. Child
She opened her eyes to storms. Her birth at the destruction of another, a body formed from the explosions of stars. She cradles the moon in the palm of her hand, and throws stars to join it in the sky. It must get lonely sometimes.
II. Girl
She knows how to chase the sun, across the heavens or on the ground. It is cold burning on her skin. She glances to her fingers. You know, she has more weapons than meager swords. Her hands can heal as easily as they destroy, and my, how easily cities topple. Terror marks its beauty in demolition.
III. Woman
She is consumed with the power right at her fingertips. Others quickly fall at her feet. Even the earth has learned to shift its place beneath her footsteps. It’s a mystery though, how many monsters she will have to slay before she becomes one herself. Her heart is her only burden, and it’s no longer as pure as it once was. The moon has it’s darkness, we see it in the sky.
IV. Goddess
Time, as much a companion as it is an enemy. Her bloodline her curse and her salvation. To have gold in her veins rather than the crimson of human blood. How exhilarating it must be to take one heavenly breath before welcoming death with open arms. She can’t say she envies them. She loves to defy gravity with each thundering movement. She’d rather hunt than be the one hunted.
—  Artemis // L.H.Z / for @heartenders