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Kangaroo youngsters hanging indoors during the rain at a sanctuary

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Sorry, I'm just found something ADORABLE AND NOW I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING. Is there anywhere I can read up on some world-building lore? Are the Galra still warlike? Is earth still like a preserve? Is Keith a criminal or the kid of someone important?

Hey there, thank you for the question! 

Hmm… I don’t know places where you can read up on that topic but I’ve seen some great fanfic of peoples interpretation of this AU. Give them a read they ;)

I’ll talk about the Voltron Lilo and Stitch AU for a bit~

After losing the war, the Galra surrendered and are now part of the United Galactic Federation, who their leader atm is Shay (after freeing her people and joining all galactic forces to end the long war). The earth is yet a planet the federation has not had much contact with, only with the Galaxy Garrison (which Shiro and Mark work in atm). But its a safe place for aliens to experience freedom, since aliens are not a norm on earth, everyone is accepted and live freely amongst each other. A peace that existed in earth way before the United Galactic Federation was even created. During the war, for her safety as the last princess of Planet Altea, Allura had her memories of being Altean removed. Her father sent her to Earth. Hence why Allura in this AU believes she is was born on Earth but has no memories of ever having a family, this is why she adopted Lance.

Earth has always fascinated a young Galra child, Keith. Who always wanted to visit this planet mostly covered in water (which he hates). He thought visiting this planet will bring him much adventure and exploration which he loves. Being very mischief from a young age, Keith was always getting in trouble and very rebellious. Which resulted in his expulsion (again xD) from school. Keith decided, this was was his chance! So he stole a United Galactic Federation police cruiser and space jumped to earth!!  

Crashing to earth Keith meets Lance, a earth child who has trouble making friends around his age. To Lance, Keith was his first ever friend! Lance shows the confused/excited Galra child the ways of living the life on Earth. Such as surfing with the kind hearted surfer Hunk and helping Pidge save the abandoned street dogs! 

Back at United Galactic Federation, Shay sent Thace (Galactic Agent and Keith’s caretaker) and Coran (Galactic Agent and Planets Expert) to capture and return Keith. While for Coran, this mission is very much important, he secretly wants to find the lost Altean princess, Allura and bring her back home after the long war finally ended… hmm.. but will she? xD

What is left in store for our characters in this AU is just fun times with lots of Elvis Music~

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Tell me a sappy story?

(How about sappy in both senses, because I can never resist a pun?)

“Hello,” said the dryad, venturing forth from the cluster of trees dotted along the slope. Her skin was silver-brown, her tangled hair was a soft blue-green, and her long fingers were cupped as if holding something precious.

“Hello,” replied the oread, toes at the edge of her cliff. Her skin was the sun-warmed tan of rock, her hair was streaked through with red, and very rarely did she speak with nymphs of other kinds.

The dryad’s hands flowered open to reveal nestled between then a precious seed.

“I would like my son to grow where he may know the wine-dark sea,” she said, her wine-dark eyes black and bright. “Would you show me where his roots would find firm soil to grip, that wind could not rip him free?”

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Ring Around a Rosie, Satanic Circle Homies Ch. 1(A Haunted House Pidgance Fanfic)

*holy shit, i lost my first draft of this and I had to start over, word for word…goddammit…Don’t ask about the title.I just thought it was funny.*

Here’s a fitting soundtrack for you guys to enjoy! 

Until Dawn OST - Welcome to the Annual Blackwood Winter Getaway

Until Dawn OST - What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Until Dawn OST - You Go, Girl

Until Dawn OST - Run or Hide

Until Dawn OST - Don’t Leave Me Hanging

Until Dawn OST - Icicle Elegy

Until Dawn OST - Final Confrontation

[Electro Pop] Runaway Zoo - Just To Be Somebody


“Is…this…really the place?”

Lance looked at his GPS. He took a deep breath. “Yep.”



What is scarier than a game of Truth or Dare? Simple. It’s the outcome. Either telling your secrets or being dared to do something are both equally terrifying. But what is even more terrifying? Being dared to do something based off of your truth. When you’re dared to do something like this, how far is your “Oh-Hell-No!-Meter” going to go from Level “Why?” to Level “WHY?!”? That was how far Pidge’s meter went.

Two days prior to now, Lance wanted to show Allura and Coran how to play Truth-or-Dare and how it was one of the most popular games (besides Monopoly and Jenga) back at home. Instead of Allura giving him a peck on the cheek as he had hoped, he was forced to reveal his fear of ghosts. No one was surprised. After all, he did think the castle was haunted at one point.

Keith couldn’t help but chuckle, “Lance McClain? You’re’ afraid of ghosts?” Next to him, Pidge said, “Yeah? You’d think his biggest fear would be getting rejected by a girl! Oh wait, that’s everyday!”

Lance gave her the “Really?” look as everyone “OOOH!”-ed in unison. Shiro, desperately trying to cover his twitching mouth, said, “That’s enough, you two. And Pidge, that was not very nice.” Hunk crossed his arms and glared. “Yeah, PIdge. As if your fear were any better.”

The room fell silent. Lance had his mischievous signature look back on. “Oh? Why don’t you tell us what your biggest fear is, Pidgey?” She hated that little nickname.

Pidge’s face flourished with red. “N-No way! As if I’ll ever tell! Besides, you didn’t spin the bottle!” Coran smiled innocently, saying, “Why didn’t you say so? Allow me to do the honors!” He spun the bottle with a strange flick of his wrist and it pointed to Hunk. “Truth or Dare, Hunk?” Everyone knew what he was going to ask. They wanted to know what Pidge was so afraid of just as much he did. 

Pidge stood up from her chair to stop him, hitting her knee against the table. Too late. Hunk chose Truth.

He found out by accident when he was looking for a candy bar in Pidge’s bag, resulting in finding her diary. Hunk may seem like a big ball of sunshine, all sweet and nice, but he had his dark side. Plus this was payback for her remark to Lance.

Haunted houses. Pidge was afraid of haunted houses.

“Haunted houses?”, Allura asked. She raised her elegant eyebrows in surprise. “How are you afraid of haunted houses?” Pidge’s face sunk into her jacket. She admitted her fear started a few years ago when she and her mother decided to check the “Spooky Barnhouse” at a fair. They went in just fine; they came out traumatized as hell. 

Lance couldn’t help giggling at the thought of a tiny Pidge holding her mommy’s hand. Pidge glared at him and, well, things kind of escalated. Even when Shiro tried to stop the fight, the only result was the ultimate dare challenge. For the next two days, they would find someplace supposedly haunted and go there. Allura said that were some old shelters resembling Earth buildings, and there was one that took the prize.


Neither of them talked to each other during their preparations. On the last day, Coran and Hunk apologized to Pidge for revealing her secret without permission. Pidge was glad they decided to apologize and she forgave them. She also apologized for her bad behavior for the last two days. But she wasn’t backing down from her challenge. 

Keith and Lance were chatting a bit while taking a break in the training deck. Keith asked, “So, you’re really doing this?” Lance was sprawled out on the floor, his back against the cool tiles. He huffed, “Heck yeah! If I don’t, I’ll lose my part on the bet!” Keith shook his head. “You’re an idiot, Lance.” Lance frowned at him. Shiro walked in, spotting the two boys chilling on the ground. “Did Keith pound you on the ground again, Lance?”, he asked. 

Lance sat up straight, saying, “Nah, just taking a chill. What about you?” 

“I came in here to train you guys but I suppose you’re done for the day. Lance, you have big day tomorrow, right?” He passed out three water pouches. Lance nodded and sipped his water. A curious Keith raised a eyebrow. “It’s really strange how excited you are about this, Lance. Why?”

He stopped mid-gulp. He didn’t move. In a high-pitched voice, he said, “No reason.”, and continued sipping. Keith grinned. “Ah, I see. You’re not excited; You’re scared!” Lance started choking, sputtering water everywhere. He wiped off the water with his arm and choked, “What-*cough* makes you-*cough* say that?*cough**cough*” Shiro knelt down beside Lance. 

Being the Space Dad he was, he gently patted his back and gave him some simple advice and more for Lance to remember for tomorrow.


Now this was the day. No turning back. No running away. Just head forward.

Now the objective of the challenge was simple. Both Pidge and Lance were to go in for a whole day and night without sleeping and no help from outside. The “no help” idea bugged Shiro but they insisted.

 Allura had helped Pidge make a couple of video drones so the rest of the team could share the experience back at the castle. It was also a good way of keeping contact in case something went wrong on either ends and serious help was needed. Hunk and Lance found a few microphones, night-vision googles and lens for the drones. Once they were connected to the castle’s video-security system, and when Keith tried them out for a test drive, they worked great! 

Pidge took in the biggest breath she could take in. She felt hyper and excited and scared at the same time. Probably because they decided to drink something that was similar to coffee for a boost. “Are you ready, Lance?”

Lance scoffed. “Born ready.”


Camera 1: “All right. Let’s see if this works. Testing, testing, testing, 1, 2, 3! Woo-hoo-Ow! Hey, what was that for?”

Camera 2: “Don’t fool around with the equipment like that! You’re gonna break something.”

Camera 1: “*groan* Okay, can anybody see what we’re doing? Is it working?”

Hunk shifted his headset. “Uh no, not yet. Can you turn on the night-vision? Oh wait! Never mind! The lens just needed to focus.”

Camera 2: “Wow. It’s noon and it’s dark as a cave in here. We can’t have the night-vision on until evening because we’ll waste our batteries.”

Camera 1: “Allura, do you miss me already?”

So much unamused groaning in the room. Allura pinched the bridge of her nose. “Lance, I miss you as much as I miss Qoertarouk in preschool.”

Camera 1: “Ahah, I don’t know what that is but I appreciate the love, Princess. Uh wait, how long did you say these batteries would hold up?”

“For as long as you two intend to stay.”, she replied.

Camera 1: “Oh! Really? I packed extras just in case.”

Camera 2: “Never thought of you as the prepared type, Lance.”

Camera 1: “Pidge, do you really think of me as the type who just runs in with no idea in store? ‘Cause that title belongs to Keith.”

Keith’s ears twitched and yelled, “Hey! At least I don’t constantly flirt with every female being I see!”

Camera 1: “Why? What’s the matter, Keith? Little jealous?”

He spouted, “S-Shut up!”

Camera 2: “He didn’t say no!”

Shiro held his hand on Keith’s shoulder to calm him down. “Pidge, you-!”

Camera 1: “Uh oh! Got a little forest fire going on!”

Camera 2: “*cackling*”

Shiro was struggling to hold in his laughter as he tried to say, “Pidge, who’s side are you on?”

Camera 2: “I’m on Team Pidge!”

Camera 1: “Ok, let’s get down to business.”

Hunk sang, “TO DEFEAT-*smashing noises* THE HUNS!” And Shiro lost his shit.


OH MY SWEET JESUS! I FINALLY DID IT! I WROTE MY FIRST FANFIC! *raptor screeching* Anyway, I hoped you liked Chapter 1 of “Ring Around a Rosie, Satanic Circle Homies”. I don’t know when I will start Chapter 2 but I hope soon because my senior year is ending soon. I need to make sure my grades aren’t shit. Tell me what you thought about it, correct me on any grammar mistakes or any other mistakes, and I’ll do my best in the next chapter.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really need to pee.

it’s really not fair that rich people get to have all that money to waste on fancy cars etc meanwhile if i had access to millions of dollars i could live my dream of opening the biggest most beautiful cat shelter on earth

Imagine Loki getting in trouble with Odin. Rather than imprison him or banish him, this time Odin sends Loki to Earth as a magicless human to learn tolerance and respect. Loki, still able to use his magic (either all of it or a small fraction of it), goes and finds a job at a local library that just so happens to be next to the animal shelter that you work at as a veterinarian. You two become fast friends, and eventually, the two of you choose to rent an apartment together so that you can both afford better housing. Shenanigans ensue when Thor comes to collect his brother (of his own volition and not because Odin asked for him).

moss harvest in the boreal forest

i am in the woods harvesting moss. handful after handful, lifting up these clumps of wild forest to fill the walls of my cabin.

i am harvesting moss because i will not use fiberglass. i do not want the industry that allows for the creation of fiberglass to exist.

i am harvesting moss because i will not use cellulose, broken down from old newspapers because people are no longer in tribe and no longer share their stories face to face.

i am harvesting moss because i have chosen to make my home in a place that is sixty miles upriver from the nearest post office, where i might conceivably have all these manufactured items shipped in at great cost if i wanted a modern home. but i do not.

i am harvesting moss because it is what the earth offers here for insulation. it carpets the forest in emerald profusion, and despite my efforts, there is still moss in every direction as far as the eye can see.

i am harvesting moss because this is one thing the women in this part of the world have done for time out of mind. their hands, my hands, feeling the moist earth, the sheltering richness, pulling up these tufts of life giving warmth, looking up at the sunlight streaming through the spruce trees… this is what i am meant for. while the red squirrel sits in the treetop tossing spruce cones over her shoulder, building her winter hoard, i pull plants from the earth to line my nest.

i am harvesting moss, because i want to be the best animal i can be. the moss is what is here, not fiberglass, not cellulose. no stores, no money. just green life and the promise of a warm den in winter. just this silence. just this moment. my fingers reach down into another patch of moss, and we are timeless.

Caution, a reprise.

Some years ago I wrote these words in the lead up to Halloween. A vision of coming darkness had descended upon me when the Veil had worn thin. They ring true, now more than ever.

“~An All Hallow’s Eve caution~ Witches, mages, sorcerer, wizard, mambo and seers - lend me your ears. A new darkness is coming, a return to those days of hiding and fear. The rise of the righteous and the fist of callous inquiry comes. Once again the world will seek the banishment of those who would practice arts once forbidden. It has been but a handful of generations that we may walk this earth openly, fearing not the heat of the burning stake nor the rage of the lynching mob. Too soon such openness will once again shut like a door in the winter draft. There are those afoot that would bring death to our practice, censor to our words and silence to our art. They rise in power and the creeping infiltration of society with those who would crush us is unrelenting. A warning: Teach those young among us to once again hide their gift. Prepare for that time when neither flight nor fight will save you and yours. Hide thy practice and thy word. Again comes the dark days, like so many centuries before. Again returns the inquisitor with awl and brand to extract untruths with which to feed the fires of hatred for our kind. Again we will be driven to the secrecy from which we have taken our path. Time is short. Soon there will be no safety left for those who would take shelter under the light of the moon. Be forewarned.”

The world is fast turning to another grim dark ages and those of the path will soon no longer be able to walk in the light. Learn to live in quiet away from the cities. Learn to grow the things you need to survive. Learn to build your shelter of earth and wood. Go to the forests and mountains, to the little trafficked areas of the world. Return once again to the wilderness if you are to survive.

As they say, Secretum secretorum, Tu operans sis secretus horum,

[The secret of secrets: Thou that workest them, be secret in them.]

In the Old Turkic religion, the Earth is seen as square, covered by a circumscribed sky dome, the four corners of the earth lying outside the shelter of the sky.   The Mongol yurt dwelling (a circular tent) with its pillar an axis mundi, or world axis, is seen as a microcosm of the universe.    Some questions concerning the origin of the circle-and-square cosmology—whether, for example, the Turks and Mongols got their cosmological notions from the Indo-Iranians or from the Chinese—may be difficult to answer.  One link which seems easy to identify is the influence of Indo-Iranian or Indo-European concepts on Buddhist cosmology and architecture.  The plan of the Buddhist stupa was based on the square (Earth) and the circle (Heaven).   The use of the circle and the square in complex ways is obvious in the ground plans of the Rawak Vihara at Khotan, in Xinjiang, of the Kanishka stupa at Peshawar, in Pakistan, and of the vast Tope-e-Rustam stupa at Balkh, in Afghanistan.   The stupa at the center of the vihara (monastery) at Rawak is based on a large square platform with staircases projecting at the quarters, creating a cruciform shape.   The ruins of Miran, south of Lop Nor in Xinjiang, excavated by Aurel Stein show the principal building was a massive square.  On a circular base inside a round room stood a stupa not visible from the outside.  Wall paintings there date from 300 A.D.   And finally, the word ‘mandala’ means ‘circle.’ The mandalas central to so many forms of Buddhism are either a circle within a square or a square within a circle within a square.   We will return later to the questions of historical links between similar cosmological concepts in cultures distant from each other, and will suggest that this evidence shows the religious unity of the ancient world.

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The Elder hadn’t expected to see another of his kind here. Especially one that’s so young. He was either young or just extremely skinny for being here. But, the Elder knew he can get his answers later. For now he lifted the youngling with ease and swung him over his shoulder, heading for a small cove to shelter in.

Earth really was an amazing place to hunt. Something always happened outside of hutning a few humans; this time crimnals with no honor. Ahab placed the other into a small sheltered piece of Earth and removed his torn cape; tossing it over the youngling. With a storm approaching, it was best he hunted now and he wasn’t worried about this one running off.