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Elephant Seal at San Simeon, California…scratching an itch.

One of the saddest parts of FFXV is that you can already see how Noctis will be both revered and forgotten by his people. There will be books about him, statues of him, songs written about him, but they will not remember him.

They will remember the magical king who spend 10 years inside a crystal, who drew magic from the earth and sealed it in glass, who could summon weapons from thin air and wrap across the landscape in milliseconds, who gained the favor of 5 God’s and slew the sixth, who killed the Accursed, who ended the starscurge, who brought back the sun and put an end to all demons.

They will forget the boy who fed stray cats with fish he caught himself. The boy who loved chocobos and video games and sleeping late. The boy who could spend days at a fishing pond, who was passionate and sarcastic and kind. Who laughed with his friends and cried with them. The boy who was human.

Theories || How and why does an Impact work? :||

In Evangelion, the concept of “Impact” can refer to three different events; the First or Giant Impact, the Second Impact and the Third Impact. Only the last two of them are mentioned and seen in the original series.

Although these events share the same name, they differ from one another in terms of conduction and for their different purposes. They are all remembered as great cataclysms though, capable of destroying  the planet and its inhabitants.


An article about the deification and the First Impact can be found here.
In order to avoid extinction, the powerful First Ancestral Race, also called FAR, scattered Seven Seeds of Life in the galaxy; each Seed had its own Lance/Spear that would have activated if two Seeds had landed on the same planet, sealing their power. Each Seed wandered in space with their own vessel, a Moon. For sheer bad luck, Adam on his White Moon and Lilith on her Black Moon, both “decided” to colonize Earth with their respective progeny. 
The First Impact was caused by the collision of Earth with a giant spherical object, Lilith’s “Black Moon”, about 4 billion years ago. The impact created large amounts of debris that led to the formation of the Moon we all know. The core of the Black Moon, with Lilith in it, remained intact; however, Lilith’s Spear was lost or destroyed during the process.
At the time of that cataclysm, Adam had already nested on the planet, so to avoid a so-called “prohibited union”, one of these Seeds of Life was deactivated by the Spear of Longinus. And since Lilith’s one was lost, Adam was sealed by its own Spear - just according to the FAR’s plans, allowing the proliferation of the children of Lilith, owners of the Fruit of Knowledge: humans.


A cataclysm occurred on September 13, 2000, when a strong explosion took place in Antarctica, melting the polar ice cap and even changing the Earth’s axis. This caused several tsunamis in sequence, followed by an increase of the sea level, floodings in coastal cities or towns and a catastrophic weather modifications. Everything was justified by saying that a large meteorite had hit the South Pole, causing the melting of glaciers; of course, this was only an excuse designed to disguise what really triggered that apocalypse. 
The real cause of the Second Impact, in fact, was the “explosion” of the First Angel / Seed of Life, Adam, a consequence of the ”Contact Experiment“ conducted by Dr. Katsuragi and funded by Seele. The experiment was officially justified as an attempt to study the inexhaustible source of energy Adam had (in fact Katsuragi formulated the theory of the Super Solenoid, or the motor S^2 of the series), that was believed to be present on the chest of the giant. But something went wrong during the experiment, with the subsequent awakening of Adam. The cause of the failure of the experiment would be the contact of human DNA with the same Adam. The giant lost control of its own power, generating a tremendous explosion that liquefied the entire Antarctic continent; in addiction, the beast unfolded its wings, expanding its A.T.Field that wiped out all “alien” life forms, within hundreds of kilometers. Somehow however, the scientists (or Seele itself) managed to stop Adam, using the Spear of Longinus, thus managing to avoid a greater disaster. 

We have explained how the Second Impact took place here, but not the reason why it occurred. Seele was considering to initiate the Second Impact because, perhaps thanks to the Dead Sea Scrolls, they knew what would have happened if Adam had fully awakened. They used the Spear of Longinus to have Adam under a embryonic state, making it easier to be studied and protected. All this to arrive, 15 years later, to the plan for the defeat of the sons of Adam: the Angels.


This Impact differs from the other; it is nothing more than the prelude to the “Human Instrumentality Project”. Evangelion Unit-01 becomes the vessel of this Impact, since at the end of the series is, in all respects, a God - in the sense of being perfect, and therefore eligible to be the trigger for the Third Impact. With the S^2 Engine, we can notice how its A.T.Field expanded and became stronger (a power similar to the one Adam showed during the Second Impact).
At the sight of the Unit-02 and its pilot dismembered by the Eva Series, Shinji finally realized it was too late to save Asuka and began to scream in agony; in response to all the grief, pain and anger of his son, Unit-01 broke its armor again, trying to wake up once again - just like in Episode 19. However, the Spear of Longinus responded to the awakening of the Eva and returned to earth, "sealing” the Unit, thus preventing its full awakening.

At the same time, Rei was inside Terminal Dogma, ready to absorb Adam from Gendo’s hand and completing the “forbidden union”, necessary for the beginning of the Instrumentality Project the commander had in mind. However, feeling Shinji’s pain, she decided to betray Gendo and come to the aid of the Third Child.

Also, we can see how happy Seele was because of the return of the Spear from the Moon; they were finally ready to ask the Eva Series to start the opening ceremony for the Third Impact. So the nine White Evangelion use three clones of Longinus to crucify Unit-01 in the sky, on whose hands were inflicted the stigmata (probably their aim was to create a bridge for the passage of souls). The Series then arranged themselves around the Evangelion, taking the form of the diagram of the Tree of Life, with the consequent activation of their S^2 engines and A.T.Fields, that entered in resonance with each other causing a huge explosion that wiped everything in their surroundings and allowing the Black Moon to break free.

Refusing to “accept” Gendo and “take him to Yui”, Rei ripped the hand containing Adam and joined the body of Lilith; the results however cannot be considered “Lilith” per se: it contains both Adam (and its soul too perhaps) and Lilith, it is the fruit of a “Forbidden Union” of two Seeds of Life, controlled by Rei. In Gendo’s plan, he would have been the controlling mind of that being. After that, Rei reached Unit-01 and tried to close/hide it in her hands; at the same time, she also took control of the Eva Series, entering in “sync” with them - and we can assume that since they all received her facial features.
Shinji, already terrified by that sight, completely loses his mind when he sees the giant reacting to the name “Rei”.

It is quite interesting to note that this is absolutely the first time Shinji calls Rei by her first name. The Third Child is now on the brink of madness, but Lilith / Rei / Adam turns into Kaworu and still calms him. This makes his A.T.Field disappear and allows the Spear to penetrate the core of Unit-01, thus creating the Tree of Life. 

What we are witnessing, however, it’s not the plan of Seele - which didn’t include the presence of Lilith / Rei / Adam, nor Gendo or NERV’s plan; in fact, Rei is doing nothing but giving Shinji the command of Instrumentality, to choose what to do with humanity: destroy it or save it.
Here, the real Instrumentality for Shinji takes place, as he seems trapped in his own subconscious, with no idea of what to do. Everything he sees, he destroyes it - living in the costant fear of being rejected by Asuka, for example, even after having lowered his own defenses and A.T.Field. He realizes that he won’t be accepted by anyone and he gladly accepts a world with no physical barriers or limitations, starting the Project and uniting all souls and hearts into a single entity; by doing so, he also eliminates conflicts, human grief ans sorrow.

Lilith / Rei / Adam had got out of Earth’s atmosphere, while holding the Black Moon and assimilating the Tree of Life, born from union of the Spear of Longinus and Unit-01. Every A.T.Field on the planet disappears; the open Chamber of Guf takes the souls and also regulates their flow, making them pass through the Black Moon and then the stigmata on Lilith’s hands, uniting everyone into a single entity: the Sea of LCL, or primordial soup. The Eva Series, which have exhausted their task, pierce themselves with their Lances of Longinus. 
Instrumentality seems concluded. But Shinji strangely still has his own individuality, he isn’t part of the gian entity of life and souls yet - since his dream was to be alone, he always believed to be unwanted. But his desire to meet again Asuka and the others leads him to suddenly interrupt Instrumentality: this is the first independent choice Shinji makes, an evidence of his “growth” and his sad “introduction into the adult world”.

He refuses his dream world, accepting a dimension of misunderstanding and suffering.

Lilith’s neck is cut from the inside, staining the moon with a trail of blood; the stigmata are gone and the white giant slowly starts falling to pieces. Unit-01 emerges from her eye and its A.T.Field also breaks the Black Moon. The real Spear of Longinus destroys the others fake lances, petrifying the whole Eva Series; so does the armor of Unit-01 and Longinus itself, both now floating in the space. Yui’s soul remains inside the Evangelion, as an eternal proof and testimony of the existence of the human race.
Shinji didn’t fully stopped Instrumentaliity, but he has simply given a choice to every soul: they can return to their body and live again, or just remain part of the Sea of LCL. Shinji and Asuka chose to live, at the end of the movie, but we can’t know what the other souls decided to do. As evidences of this event, the oceans (or Sea of LCL) became completely red and pieces of Lilith / Rei / Adam are decomposing on the Earth, surrounded by a giant ring of blood.

  • world_wildlifeMan-made snowbanks give Saimaa ringed seals, like this pup, a lifeline.
    With an estimated 360 individuals left in the wild, the Saimaa ringed seal is one of the rarest seals in the world. Found only in the Saimaa water system in Finland, the seals face increasingly low-snow winters due to climate change and this makes nesting more difficult. This year, the seals were struggling to find nests to give birth, so a group of volunteers, including WWF, went to work to create snow banks for them. Out of the 81 pups born months later, 90% were born in these man-made snowbanks.

Food for thought:

Keith claims that the images in Blue’s cave told him there was some kind of arrival happening on a particular day and, seemingly, where it was.

However, all of the markings seem to be images of and about Blue. It doesn’t make sense that Blue would predict Shiro’s appearance, as she has no connection with him- and that prediction really does only make sense for Shiro if we consider that Blue would have no need to predict Lance’s appearance- he was already right there in the desert.

None of the marks seem to be depicting events, just Blue. We see Yellow’s cave markings include very simple instructions- for example he “paints” a target on a wall he wants Hunk to break through but it’s on Hunk to figure out how he’s getting through that wall.

And Blue can induce visions, but of things that she knows- the completed form of Voltron and the idea that there’s other pieces. She’s been in a cave this entire time. Again, without any connection to Shiro, it doesn’t make sense she’d know he’s coming down. We haven’t seen the Lions do any kind of precognitive sensing, and the only people they seem able to seek out long-distance are their own paladins.

But you know who does show that ability?

Keith. S1e10. While fighting the druid, many times, he reacts not to where the druid is, but where they’re about to be. Keith… whose paladin virtue is “instinct”. Who’s given the fastest Lion which would logically demand the fastest reflexes.

Lance, apparently, could never keep up with Keith, even though in practice, Lance is actually not a bad pilot at all. We see him struggle with the simulator but when actually at the helm of Blue, he pulls of complicated and risky maneuvers rather easily. The only thing we see him have issue with pilot-wise is how in s1e3 he makes Voltron fall over twice, and that’s not even on his pilot skills as much as it is his still-rocky synergy with the rest of the team.

So if Lance is a really good pilot, actually- that’d suggest something’s up if he feels like he’s always two steps behind Keith. We see it again in s2e5: Keith reacts very quickly.

Maybe… abnormally quickly? Supernaturally quickly? Maybe in terms of reaction time Keith and Lance are actually even, but Keith is not reacting to where things are right now, but where they’re going to be in a few seconds.

Because definitely, something is up with Keith’s reaction time. The fact that during the entire fight with the druid, with them teleporting repeatedly and shooting at Keith from various completely blind angles, they hit Keith exactly once and it’s a glancing blow at best.

You know what else is up with the druids? They appear to be galra, led by an Altean. Both species have only two eyes.

We have so far, not seen any alien species that has this five-eye configuration on their masks. Sure, you might say, the Blade also is a bunch of galra wearing masks with anywhere from two to four eyes- but what is the Blade? An organization that prioritizes knowledge even above self-preservation.

So what do the druid masks seem to suggest? Knowing. This is their reputation in the empire- they seem to be the primary interrogators and investigators. “I will know if you lie.”

But what if that’s even a step further? What if the druids can be prophetic, to a degree? If that was the case, considering Zarkon’s reasonably frugal when his biases and issues don’t get in the way, one would expect him to have a druid around pretty much at all times, weighing in on his decisions.

Which… he does.

The first thing we even see Haggar doing is warning Zarkon that Allura is alive and Blue returned to Arus, which isn’t exactly prediction, but it’s definitely gathering information that she has no way of knowing through her normal senses.

Which, arguably, Keith predicting Shiro’s arrival, and the druid’s movements, need not be him actually foretelling the future somehow- it could just be a game of trajectories. Shiro was heading to Earth sealed in a pod that probably took some time to arrive and whether or not he specifically had the means to direct it towards Earth or if Ulaz just set that up for him in advance, but all you’d really need to know he was coming was the ability to sense life forces, some information about them, what direction they were moving and how fast. From there, it’s easy to guess where they’re going to go, especially if it’s a short enough interval they can’t change directions.


Seals pay a visit on a Galapagos Beach

Requiem (Echoes)

Submitted by: Arc (

They reached their hands inside my chest, and ripped out my beating heart. The cold closes in, echoing the sound of fear. I know not what I’ve done to deserve such a fate. In the earth I’m placed, and sealed, never to see light again.

My heart has failed? Stopped?
It was taken and not returned. I am left with a void; unfulfilled and unfeeling I go to the grave. Filled with dust, and nothing more. A tree is planted near my head, to grow tall and strong. A symbol of rebirth, a new life in the next existence.

But I am still here. Rotting in this shell. Unable to breathe, unable to sleep.
Never to rest.
The tree grows, and plunges its roots into my chest. Into my shell. It breaks through my coffin, forcing me to feel again.
And I do. The tree grows within me, where my heart once was.

I take a breath.

Credits to: Arc (


The terrain and wildlife of Antarctica explored while on a trip through Ushuaia, the Falkland Islands / Islas Malvinas, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula.

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I realise the reveal of the female Galra generals is a pretty big deal (Considering most fans have been waiting to see a Galra if the opposite sex since s1) however this one fact is bothering me. These are the only female Galra we've seen, but they're all halflings. We haven't seen a pureblood female Galra in vld. Why? We know they must exist because of the pureblood male Galras. Do we not see them because there are none left or are they perhaps hidden away for safekeeping? Your thoughts?

Now, I asked around, and it seemed like the person who was making the biggest deal of their halfling status was Throk. And he got his butt kicked out of town pretty fast. 

So, my thinking is thus: They are half-Galra, but I really don’t think half-Galra (or ¾ Galra, or whatever Galra) are that uncommon.

If I had to guess, I’d say the only pure (and/or the closest to it) Galra pictured, are Zarkon, Haxus, Morvok, and Throk. Possibly Varkon, and maaaaaaaybe Kolivan. 
They’ve all got that “hairless and pointy” thing going on. Who knows, I could be totally wrong, but just from observation, that would be my assessment.

My point: we’ve got “pure” male Galra, and “pretty darned likely to be IMpure” male Galra, all doing the same work, in the same capacity, hangin’ out together, etc.

So, where are the pure female Galra? Honestly, I think they’re probably right alongside the impure female Galra, out in the military, doing that galaxy-conquering thing.

Now, given my obvious love for the idea that female Galra are bigger, stronger, ‘n meaner than their male counterparts, I’d say…

Fuck it, gimme all-female Galra SpecOps.
Female Galra shock troops. 

All-female Galra  SEALs!!!!

*guitar riff*

(Lmao, which leaves a humorous opening in Galra media for a reverse-GI Jane movie.) On Earth, the SEALs are open to women, but (until very recently(!!!!!!!!)) they kept washing out. None met the requirements (but to be fair, 94% of male applicants do no better. SEALs. Is. Tough). 

So, maybe male Galra just aren’t physically capable of meeting the criteria, hence all-female teams?


On the other hand. 

The possibility of them being cloistered DOES make for an interesting headcanon, though.
Something like… the rarity of pure Galra, kept secret for the sake of preserving the blood line…
Locked away in a tower by Zarkon (albeit a lavishly decorated tower)…
Perhaps. A harem, if you will?
Of ‘breeders?’



-where we are all contractually obligated to go with that!!

Methinks, BossLady General looks like she can drive stick.

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When the Greek summer has become so hot, that you constantly have to have the AC on, and your feet in so cold water that it’s painful, just to be able to function.


A new attempt at symbols for the four fundamental forces - my other ones were personal sigils off the top of my head but these are formed from relevant alchemical symbols. I omitted dark energy from this version since I already used the “fifth element” symbol and there’s not enough properties known about it to associate specific alchemical processes.

The components are as follows (also in captions!)

  • Electromagnetism: Air, Magnet, Quintessence
  • Gravity: Earth, Precipitation, Wax/Sealing, Glue
  • Weak Nuclear: Fire, Rotting, Acid, Flashing Gold
  • Strong Nuclear: Water, Amalgam, Cement, Crystal

I figured using alchemical symbols might be more of an official way of doing things, just to test out if I like em better. As always lemme know if you want me to explain my reasoning or have suggestions for improvement!

Edit: whoops, had to fix weak nuclear :v

Simple Treatments for Poison Ivy & Bug Stings

When being out in the woods or doing garden work one can sometimes find themselves encountering Poison Ivy or even when digging up something you may stumble upon a bee’s nest and you happen to get stung. Well this post is all about some medicinal herbs you can use instantly or just for later use. 

First off I wanted to give you a few facts about Poison Ivy. It is a high varying plant so it can look different based on the location but usually you can identify it but it having 3-leaflets. It is a climbing vine so it spreads very easily. The plant itself is not poisonous, it is the oil urushiol that is in all the plant parts which causes a rash or other serious reactions to occur. 

Now, some plants to help with Poison Ivy are Solomon’s Seal and Jewelweed. Solomon’s Seal is used as a popular remedy for many skin ailments and you can buy it as an essential oil anywhere online (its 2017 anythings possible DUHH) and Yellow Jewelweed is SUPER easy to find by just noting the key points below! Its one easier to identify because usually Jewelweed and Poison Ivy are located near one another. But with bug bites you can find a more easily accessible (to Eastern and Central North America) plant called the Common Plantain. This one is an EASY fix to insect stings because its easy to find and use. 

Solomon’s Seal: Polygonatum biflorium 

This wildflower is one that is easy to identify but also easy to get incorrect. (Confusing right???) You see there is this and False Solomon’s Seal. The picture above is indeed Solomon’s Seal. You can identify it by its long, smooth, alternating leaves but to really distinguish this plant from its sly counterpart you can look underneath the leaf. Underneath the leaf axils you can see the flowers hanging. Even if the flowers are not there you can see the tiny stems from where they were once hanging. Let me make it easy for you:

Solomon’s Seal = flowers droop underneath the leaf

False Solomon’s Seal = flowers droop at the end of the stem

The medicinal part of the plant is typically drawn from the roots and is used externally to treat poison ivy rashes. Some other medicinal uses include: the fresh root can be applied to cuts, bruises, and sores. It is also considered an anti-inflammatory and astringent. Like I said above you can easily get the essential root oil online or even just be bold and plant it yourself do whatever you feel is best for you! While also making sure you stay safe and healthy :)

Yellow Jewelweed or Pale Touch-Me-Not : Impatiens pallida 

Yellow Jewelweed can be identified by its yellow flowers and seed pods that burst out when touched. This wildflower is similar to the spotted touch me not and can be difficult to identify without the flowers. The Yellow Jewelweed has alternating leaves that are seared at the edges. Also notice the succulent-like stem. The part of the plant typically used are the leaves, stem, and flowers. It can be poulticed and used for recent Poison ion Ivy rashes. Poulticed basically means you mashing (you can add water and squish it up) into a mass that you can apply and spread onto the rash. The juice of the flowers can also be rubbed on Poison Ivy rashes to alleviate the irritation. This wildflower is usually found in wet/ shady areas and near ponds or streams. 

Common Plantain: Plantago major

Just found out this is the most abundant and widely distributed medicinal plants in the world (S/o to Wikipedia). This is found EVERYWHERE and many people would call them “weeds” but they have a great medicinal use. The leaves are broad, toothed, and have rosette arrangement (meaning they have a circular arrangement at the base of the plant) and the flowers have an elongated head. Because Common Plantain can be found in many waste areas and because you can easily find this one please remember to be careful where you get your herbs! The leaves can be poulticed and used for slight wounds, sores, spider and insect bites. Many people use this in reusable remedies for insect bites (aka me) it words better than the over the counter Cortisone cream, and its all natural! 

I know all this information can be a bit overwhelming but isn’t it better to know too much than too little? Try be smart about getting your herbs and always talk to the plans as they are living and breathing like you and I. They deserve to be spoken to and respected don’t you think? Don’t forget each herb and flower and everything else is a gift from our Mother so make sure you’re EXTRA thankful for her wonderful gifts!! You speak kindness and respect into her for without her, where would we be?

Pages to find plants in Peterson Field Guide: 44,146,103


Simple 7 minutes of video clips around Iceland. Wind, Grasses, Nature, Ice, Beaches, Rocky Coastlines, Seals, and glaciers.

Ami Zandile, better known by her stage name Doja Cat, remains as elusive and mysterious as her stage name might suggest. The Los Angeles based rapper stepped onto the music scene at the age of 18 with the viral success of her single “So High,” her buzziest track to-date. Despite her minimal involvement with the press and her low-key approach to social media, she mysteriously sets the music blogosphere ablaze with the unveiling of each new creation. In a heavily marijuana influenced interview with Grind-Time TV rapper Dumbfoundead, she credits her mom for exposing her to much of the music that influences her today. “I used to live in New York, I lived in New York for the first five years of my life, so, my mom was kind of a hip-hop head.” With such tracks such as “Nunchucks” and “Beautiful,” it’s apparent how much of her music is influenced by deep hip-hop and soul of the 90′s. “When she had me, she would play a lot of Eryka Badu, lot of Fugee’s, Jamiroquai, Seal, Earth Wind and Fire, Alex Coltrane, John Coltrane, a lot of stuff like that…and that’s where I come from when it comes to music.” Despite her growing internet fanbase, collaborations with international artists, and the apparent success of her 2014 EP “Purrr!”, thing’s have remained relatively quiet for Zandile, seemingly putting her own projects on hold with the exception of her fairly regular Twitter posts. “I gotta put new shit out” Zandile tweeted recently in her signature concise fashion. We very much agree, Doja, put new shit out you must. -DayTrak

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I've been having some trouble lately finding sources on weathering costumes. I've got an engineer costume right now that I want to work some wear and stains into and I'm kinda terrified to mess up something I've already put so much work into. I'm not sure the best way to make it look natural. Since I saw some of the work you've been doing lately on your Facebook page I was wondering if you could put together a tutorial or point towards some resources on the subject.

I’d be happy to! Here ya go. :)

Costume Weathering & Distressing Guide

Distressing a costume is a means of artificially enhancing the natural wear process. Clothing worn in daily life tends to get dirty faster around the cuffs, hems and collar, wears out faster at knees and elbows, and gets stains on the chest and top of the thighs from carrying things, spilling food, leaning against tables, etc. You don’t have to go crazy making your costume dirty – you just have to make it look realistically broken in.

Think about the kind of wear and tear that your character’s clothes are likely to experience based on the environment, lifestyle, and/or job they are involved in. Does this character crawl through tunnels? There are probably dirt stains on the knees, elbows, butt and shoulders. Get shot at frequently? Maybe there’s a bullet hole in the coat, or a tear in a sleeve where a round came too close. Work with machinery? There will be oil stains, grease smears, and possibly spots of rust. Run through the woods? There are probably snags or small tears in the fabric from catching on trees. Post-apocalyptic wasteland? Lots of dirt and dust ground into the material. Desert? Sun bleaching along the tops of the shoulders and sleeves; maybe sand or dust stuck to the fabric.

Once you have an idea what kind of weathering your costume should have, you can choose your technique(s). There are many ways to distress a costume, so you have a lot of options! What methods you use will depend in part on what materials you’re weathering (fabric vs. armor, for example) and how permanent you want the distressing to be (dusting with powdered “dirt” for a photoshoot vs. using spray paint to permanently “dirty” the fabric). 

(And this is going to be long and image-heavy, so here’s a cut to save your dash.)

EDIT: If you can’t see the cut because you’re viewing on mobile, try this post.

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