earth sculpture


firespiderglassHere’s some footage of me sculpting a little trilobite for a class collaboration in the hot shop 


Assembly of that trilobite art I featured last week (apparently held together with Nd magnets)


- Dear Boy -

Peter Cushing. A gentle Human being and the best Van Helsing. 
(A wonderful Dr. Who too) 

I wanted to reflect the gentleness of his demeanour.

Sculpted in Super Sculpey and regular Sculpey.


Orrery 16

This will be one of the last to be made with the clear pocket watch as a base. It’s always a bit sad when I run out of a limited vintage supply but it also stops me getting into a creative rut. These can be a nightmare to make because it’s very easy to completely stuff them up in the final building hours. The scratch build gods must have been on my side this past week because it came together perfectly.

I must reiterate that this does NOT move at all. All movement is just alluded to by the gears, spring and other motifs. One day I’ll make a real one with orbits, moons and rotation…

It is available in my etsy shop:   

Hope for a Reylo kiss* in The Last Jedi?

While we were discussing Rian Johnson’s directorial style in depicting on-screen romance, @alikssepia mentioned having hope for a Reylo kiss in The Last Jedi, which got me thinking.

I’ve assumed the probability of any romantic interaction between Rey and Ben in Episode VIII is pretty low (so much story and character development to get through!), but there is one context in which I could see it happening, and the teaser trailer points the way.

(mild spoilerish content for possible location. read it or don’t).

Remember this guy?

“What’s in there?”

“Only what you take with you.”

If Johnson allows himself to be inspired by elements of the original trilogy, then Rey and Ben are very likely to meet in a force vision, much as Luke encountered Vader while training with Yoda on Dagobah.

In the dreamscape of a force vision, ordinary rules are suspended. In Empire, Luke meets the thing he fears most, and discovers that his enemy bears his own face.

What will Rey see when she enters a cave on Ahch-to? If Johnson is inspired by the template provided by Empire, Rey will meet her enemy, but he may not appear in the guise she expects. 

We’re free to speculate (and truly, that’s part of the fun of being here), but we may already know how this encounter affects her:

…wide-eyed, she stumbles from the mouth of the cave into the bright light of Ahch-to’s sun; crashing to her knees, hands splayed hard against the cool gray stone of the island, her breath comes in great, heaving gasps. 

All this speculation is reminding me of a rumor we heard last year about a possible secret filming location at Liss Ard with Adam, Daisy and Mark, at the Irish Sky Garden, an outdoor earth sculpture by James Turrell. 

Imagine this space under the dome of the night sky. The focal point stone at the center of the crater is reminiscent of a casket, bed, or altar. 


*An actual kiss would be astonishingly big payoff in a force vision meetup between Rey and Ren. Just about anything in a similar vein would ‘count’; a burning gaze, a tentative touch, leaning into each other, etc.

I think one could also make the argument that having Rey and Ben meet and interact positively in a force vision isn’t proof of a future canon relationship between these two characters, because Ben wasn’t really there; in the same way that Vader was not really on Dagobah with Luke. 

Meh. If the two characters meet in a force vision and Rey encounters Ben in a way that defies her expectation, it’s a sign that the real deal is in the offing.

eta: link to @theboywhocan11 post that mentioned liss ard

and the Star Wars Connection podcast about this possible secret location.