earth s wonders

okay but imagine how long topaz and aquamarine must’ve been on earth before they got to beach city. it’s entirely probably they searched at least half a dozen other countries, cities, etc before getting to beach city, looking for the specific (OUT OF BILLIONS) of humans called “my dad”, “connie”, “onion”, “lars”, “sadie” and “the mailman” in particular.

not to mention, peridot is said to have filed the complaint that led our duo to earth long ago. before the cluster, before malachite, all the way back in season one.

no wonder aquamarine wanted to get off this gemforsaken planet.

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Zen mister, life is scary right now. How does one ascend in a world of conformity? Living in a world where you have to answer to people and give up your rights without a say. Its devastating to my spirit and when I'm devalued I don't feel like I have any value to this earth and wonder what's the point. There's a lot of suffering that comes with this..

The way to ascend in a world of conformity is to practice humility. Others devalue you because they are full of themselves. You devalue yourself because you think others should be more aware. When you are feeling worthless and don’t know what the point is, the point is to find your value. Sometimes you have to take your value on faith. Although we are common it is something special to be a human being at this time. To be human gives us the gift of self inquiry. The curse of self inquiry is when we don’t know our own worth, we assume we are worthless. Believing that is unconsciously conforming to a material view of humanity.

Your actual worth is beyond measure. You have life and a body and the ability to love and suffer. You want to ascend to be something more, to where people recognize your worth automatically. When you see your own worth, and live that worth, knowing that every person you encounter shares that worth, it is humbling. You stop conforming to the belief that some people are more worthy than others. When you are present and carry your dignity wherever you go, people will see your worth. When people don’t see your worth, you will be able to see their blind spots.

Practice nurturing your life. Treat yourself with kindness, patience, and the love that you deserve. Practice recognizing your own value. When you know it, nobody can take it away from you. When you don’t feel like you have to be better than anybody, nobody will seem better than you. 

things in the s13 premiere that mattered:

  • jack wandering around going ‘father?’ at everything like a lost puppy
  • jack and the candy in the vending machine
  • jack’s smile when he stood up so proudly to show the sheriff what he could do to the vending machine
  • jack saying he was in a chair on the floor on planet earth
  • jack’s outfit
  • jack wondering what to say at funerals
  • jack clinging to sam 
  • sam treating jack like a person first instead of immediately assuming shit about him like someone else i know
  • sam and jack already bonding 

“Better to sleep in an uncomfortable bed free, than sleep in a comfortable bed unfree.” ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

The mountains of Tajikistan have many faces and forms. One of our earth’s great wonders. Wakhan Valley, 4000m

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"I made some homemade pizza." Kisses forehead. "It's about time you finally woke up. I've been waiting all day for you." He winks, as to show that he didn't mean he was seriously bothered or anything. He knew Gregg had pulled an all nighter, and needed sleep. "It's still warm, if you want some slices. I made three. I love you."

“Bleeehh… slept so long.” Gregg whines as he stumbles out of the bedroom, and immediately into Angus’ arms. A rejuvenating kiss on the forehead and that little cute wink made him smile though. Hey wait a minute… homemade pizza?!

“Oh my god! Cap’n, you didn’t have to!” He almost drags his boyfriend into the kitchen with him, like a child excited about some new toy. He’s damn near bouncing! Homemade Angus-created pizza was absolutely one of the most delicious things on this Earth. It’s no wonder all semblance of him ever being tired has evaporated. “You bet I want some slices dude! God, you’re the best!” He jumps up and slings his arms around the back of his neck and kisses him a few times on the lips, before relenting to grab himself a plate. “I love you too, dude! Ain’t no one else who could like, excited me outta being tired!”