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I recently started using Eco Earth/organic reptile-safe soil/Coco Husk as a bioactive substrate (and by bioactive I am referring to the fact that it houses a cleaner crew of isopods and springtails) and so far my pets (I use it for all of my snakes, along with my arachnids and my crested gecko - my leopard geckos have paper towel/tile) have enjoyed it and haven’t had any issues as far as I can tell.

However, I recently have seen a few posts and/or comments informing that Eco Earth causes respiratory issues? Can anyone confirm this? And if it does indeed cause health problems, what is a good alternative that I can switch to?

Foreshadowing from Steven’s Dream

The foreshadowed moment of Greg’s abduction leads me to wonder whether other details about the movie they watched are also relevant. 

“They only kidnapped cows because they needed milk for their cereal planet.”

And we already know that the gems are running low on resources and their planet is starving. Perhaps, as I’ve been suggesting for a very long time now, the key is to work together. In the same way cereal and milk are complements, the end goal might really be for organic and gem life to co-exist to make a delicious breakfast.

Molecule of the Day: Geosmin

Have you ever wondered what is responsible for petrichor, the characteristic after-rain smell? It’s actually the earthy scent of geosmin (C12H22O), a bicyclic alcohol produced by the soil bacterium Streptomyces! Its name is aptly derived from the Greek words  γεω- for “earth” and ὀσμή for “smell”.

Geosmin is synthesised from farnesyl diphosphate by the enzyme geosmin synthase via the intermediacy of germacradienol, and is released when these bacteria die. Geosmin is also responsible for the scent of fresh earth, but is most easily detected after heavy rain, which causes the soil to be disturbed and the geosmin inside to be released into the air.

While geosmin is pleasant in very low concentrations, it is a common odoriferous contaminant in drinking water, which can make it taste rather nasty. We are exceptionally sensitive to its taste, being able to detect it at concentrations of 5 parts per trillion - an equivalent of 1 single drop in 4 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

Additionally, it also accumulates in fatty skin and dark muscle tissues of freshwater fish like catfish and carp, giving them a muddy taste. However, this unpleasant taste can be removed by cooking the fish with acidic ingredients, such as lemon juice or vinegar. 

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Spread the Love Challenge

This December, I decided to create a challenge that will make me show kindness and love to strangers, family, friends, and myself during this holiday season. You are more than welcome to join me in spreading the love. 

Depending upon what holidays you celebrate, you can change up the order of this list according to your celebration needs. I would love to see some of the good deeds you all end up doing! I will give imaginary bonus points to those who submit pictures of themselves helping out another person or themselves! 

1. Let go of anger: Go to the lake to meditate. 

2. Show politeness: Spend the day helping as many people as you can.

3. Contribute: Donate clothes or shop locally.

4. Surprise someone: Create something to give to someone in need.

5. Forgiveness: Finally show some love to those who need it.

6. Love all life: volunteer with animals.

7. Smile: To everyone.

8. Compliments: Give a genuine compliment to at least 10 people.

9. Buy flowers: Give one out to random people.

10. Letters: Write and send out 5 letters of love and joy.

11. Cook for someone: A friend/family member who needs a little love.

12. Do everything: Clean the whole house without being asked.

13. Pay it forward: Pay for the next person’s coffee.

14. Read a book: You need some love too!

15. Bake sweets: Wrap them up and deliver them. 

16. Treat a friend: Spend the whole day goofing off. 

17. Clean: Get out into the community and pick up trash.

18. Be sneaky: Give someone a gift anonymously. 

19. Tips: Give a generous tip to your waiter/waitress.

20. Make a care bag: Deliver it to a homeless person.

21. Be thankful: Publicly share a list of people and things you love.

22. High fives: Go around giving them out.

23. Talk to a stranger: Actually have a conversation.

24. Send flowers: Order flowers for those who live far away.

25. Donate blood: or plasma.

26. Recycle: The Earth needs love! 

27. Explore: Go on a nature walk and love yourself.

28. Pamper your pets: Show the fur babies some lovin’.

29. Donate to a cause: with money, time, or free advertising. 

30. Buy local art: Help support dreams.

31. Show yourself love: Get your hair done, nails done, or go to a spa.

Happy Holidays! Love, me. 

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what are your thoughts on It Could've Been Great? Particularly, when the CGs and Peridot started to disagree over their views of Homeworld's effects on Earth.

Part of it is, as utterly insensitive as Peridot seems to the CG, who look at that colonized map and see the total extinction of humanity and every other biological organism on Earth- including Greg, including Steven- taking what we know from Too Short To Ride, the Crystal Gems at that point looked pretty insensitive from Peridot’s perspective, too!

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