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“… to make an image of death, we would have to conceive what our life would be if all the movements of the earth, all the noises of the earth, all the smells, the tastes, all the light—of the earth and elsewhere, came to us in a moment, in an instant—like an atrocious screaming tumult of things…”

Quentin Meillassoux, “Subtraction and Contraction: Deleuze, Immanence, and Matter and Memory,”

I probably am way too emtionally invested in this but I keep thinking abt Xavin, and how xe lost xyr entire planet and any kind of support system xe might have had there, and basically every xe has ever known except for Karolina and the runaways. And honestly, Xavin didn’t have much in the way of close connections with the other runaways aside from Karolina, and then xe sacrificed xemself for her and Xavin never came back so Karolina moved on and she wasn’t wrong to do that but in all likelihood Xavin is alone in space with no one on xyr side now and I’m not okay


“I played the guitar…I went off to my room a lot and had a real goofy side to me, really corny - laughing about stupid things, making fart noises with my mouth. A lot of inside jokes.”

– River on how he managed to protect his individuality within his own family. 

Sky Magazine (1989)


a friend of mine asked me to draw/write what the ghouls reactions would be to getting a nice/sexy compliment from someone. Had a lot of fun with this, thankfully.

Alpha: replies with some snarky/sexual comment about the person

Omega: gets kinda shy and compliments the person back right away

Water: is a goofball and probably makes some kind of cute joke for the person

Earth: a precious shy baby, he can’t handle the concept of flirting or social interaction

Air: doesn’t like to be talked to but appreciates the comment for what it is, also “Oh great, you made them feel.” in response to the others going head over heels for a human

left to right:

Alpha (Fire), Air, Earth, Omega (Aether), and Water

Roses are red part 3 (Joker x reader fan fiction)

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You were finally drifting into that precarious state of consciousness that arrived just before your mind pushed you into the black abyss of sleep. You were so close, and just about to submit to the darkness when you suddenly heard a curious sound outside your window, that woke you with a jolt. Damn it! What on earth was that noise? It happened again, kind of like a soft pattering noise, almost like the sound of rain but only it couldn’t be as you had just stood near the window and seen nothing but a clear star studded sky. Suddenly whatever the small things that sounded like heavy water drops were, drumming down your roof and the nearby street, appeared to be infiltrating your window, blowing in through your curtains and landing on the floor near the end of your bed. What in gods name was this?! A freak weather event? Sitting up in your bed you looked over at them in the darkness but couldn’t make out what they were. Were they leaves? They were flat and shiny. Jumping out of bed to investigate this further, you picked up the first one on the floor near your feet. Your heart stopped. Dear god please no. Your hands now shaking, you lifted the shiny flat rectangle into an incoming beam of a streetlamp outside your window.

It was a playing card, but not just any. Two J’s adorned its opposing corners and the ghastly visage of a smiling jester in the middle meant there was only one person who could be responsible for such a spectacle. ‘Shit!’ you dropped the card and stepped back from the window before a cascade of red rose petals and Joker cards began to rain inwards almost completely covering your floor and filling your room with a heavenly perfume that reminded you of the Moroccan rose festival. Outside your balcony doors to your right you heard a distinct laugh and saw the dark outline of an imposing man. Suddenly the figure moved, placing a hand on each door and ripping them open with surprising fury.

‘I told you I’m a man of my word’ he uttered in a dark husky voice before smiling at you with his signature silver grin.’ Don’t you like my gifts?’ he demanded. ‘But how…Why?’ was all you could manage before he approached you with an almost supernatural speed, grasping you firmly around the waist with one hand and grabbing your long hair with the other, angling your face up to his. ‘Too many questions’ he muttered before kissing you roughly ‘I don’t like questions’. His mouth tasted like whisky as his tongue forced open your lips and they responded back with force. Pulling your body closer to his, he turned you around and began to push you towards the balcony. Still kissing you he pushed you against the rails, and began feeling down your waist and squeezing your ass.

Something about being against cold metal railing and the clarity of the night air suddenly snapped you out of your lustful haze to realise the complete and utter insanity and danger of this situation. Pulling on his chemical green hair to free your self for a moment you shouted ‘I don’t understand! What are you doing!?’. He grabbed your hair harder and leaned you even further over the railing. ‘Whatever I want dollface.’

What will happen next?  How will she escape? Would he hurt her? Follow me to find out more and stay updated! Part 4 coming soon!

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when she shows up on your doorstep, you are, in all honesty, not surprised.
there are leaves in her hair and mud on her face and damp soil in her eyes.
she picks dirt from between her teeth.
“you really thought you could keep me buried?” her voice is like shovels biting into earth.
she laughs a noise like picking a forbidden fruit and biting into it.
she smiles like juice dripping down chins.
“no, not really,” you answer, holding the door open wider. “come on in.”
—  original sin unearthed || m.m.c
the signs as things i was scared of when i was a child
  • aries: the band Eiffel 65
  • scorpio: the blue haired guy from prozzak music videos
  • taurus: twinkling stars (thought they were asteroids headed for earth)
  • sagittarius: the noise hitmonlee made in pokemon stadium
  • gemini: rosie o’donnell
  • crab: homemade pizza
  • leo: condensation
  • libra: chuckie’s dad from Rugrats
  • december: the sound my dad makes when he eats spaghetti
  • pisces: the news
  • aquarius: this sticker that said “my room my rules” in pink bubble text that i accidentally stuck on my tv and couldn’t peel off
D&D First Experience (2)

Anyway this lead to this wonderful exchange literally 2 seconds into the game;

DM: “You come across and empty field decorated with lush tree’s and splendid green grass, at the end of said field is a goblin painting a sign, the Sign reads “Warning - Drag..” . What do you do?”

Melody: “I push the goblin over and stomp on it’s head with my hooves until it’s skull is a series of fragments and bloody brain matter decorating the floor. I don’t stop even when it’s dead i want to pulverize it into a paste and soak the paste into the earth.”

*Laughter and shocked noises*

DM: *Doesn’t know what to do*

DM: “I guess roll for strength”

Melody: *Rolls natural 20*

DM: “That poor goblin. The innocent goblin is assaulted by a tiefling and utterly annihilated by the sadistic stomping of it’s head.”

Melody: “Yes!”

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Kise and 11 from fluff?

There is nobody else who could love you the way that I do.

Accompanying soundtrack: It Was A Quiet Day from ERASED

Tap tap.

Groaning, you roll over in the bed and rub at your eyes, side-eyeing your window. You can see sunlight shining through your curtain - so what on earth is that tapping noise?

Tap tap. Then: “________cchi! Are you awake?”

Oh. Your heart swells in panic and you rummage for your phone, gasping aloud at the time. Throwing the covers aside, you stumble to the window and throw it open to see your boyfriend standing downstairs, pebbles in hand. Kise Ryouta blinks and waves cheerily at you. “Good morning!”

You cover your face in embarrassment. “Oh God, I’m sorry, Ryouta, I overslept! I’m so sorry!” Kise smiles easily. “That’s fine! Have you had breakfast?” You shoot him a look that says I just woke up, do I look like I had breakfast? and he laughs. “Lend me your keys!”

“Yeah, one second!” Turning around, you grab the spare keys from your drawer and drop them at Kise’s feet. “I’m going to get ready now!”

Something sparkles in Kise’s golden eyes. “I’ll be up there soon!”

Twenty minutes later you step out of the bathroom, towel in hand, stopping at the smell of coffee. “Ryouta?” you call carefully, and your boyfriend shouts a reply from the living room.

Stifling a yawn, you hang the towel around your neck and trudge in the direction of his voice, eyes widening when you see two cups of coffee and a paper bag sitting on the table. Kise brightens at the sight of you and pats the space next to him on the couch. “Here, ________cchi, I got us breakfast!”

“Chocolate croissants and coffee?” Sitting down, you rest your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder, cradling the coffee cup.

“You’re the best, Ryouta.”

“Anything for my ________cchi.”