earth materials building


The New South Wales Northern Rivers region in Australia is home to a multitude of wonderfully designed owner-built homes, made and lived in by people who have chosen to live ‘outside the square’. Pics by Tim Hixson  


Nader Khalili was an exceptional architect and humanitarian.  You could distinguish his design aesthetic by the dome-like structures, layered sand bag construction, glass bottle insets, and intricate attention to detail.  As and admirer of his technique and thought process behind his design, Mikel Robertson, owner of Green Goods Products, adopted his technique in the construction of the main structure built on Four Elements farm.  

Although Nader Khalili has since passed, it is important to keep his dream of architectural structures that cause less harm to the earth a reality.  

Here you can see pictured one of Nader’s structures under construction, on complete, and finally the structure built by Mikel Robertson in the likeness of Khalili.  

Stay tuned for our informational video on straw bale and rammed earth construction.  


I can’t recommend this book enough: Builders of the Pacific Coast, by Lloyd Kahn.   Kahn traveled the wooded wilds near ocean-side, photographing countercultural architectural wonders and their eclectic designers and builders.  Builders is a photographic treasury of architecture as art; a wood faerie fantasy come alive; psychedelic voices heard across time and alchemically translated into visions of elven dwelling; a previous era’s free spirits roaming through the forest, claiming driftwood, building wonder cabins in misty coastal stands of redwood.  The book is also a vision of the way forward, away from the cut-rate, lowest common denominator-ism of building that denies and degrades our humanity, and towards true craft, the unique, surprising and beautiful–architecture as a way home.