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Sometimes ikkin, I wonder what kind of parent Earth King Kuei was? Probably not a very good one because his daughter Hou-Ting was a complete bitch.

I kind of figured that he spoiled her rotten – he gave her everything she wanted, and once she actually took the throne, she realized that the only way to continue getting it was to take it by force.

In other words, power corrupts, and absolute power turns demanding movie/music stars into total despots.  ;)

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I want to talk about the whole Earth King not knowing about the War. How realistic do you think this is? Aside from Long Fend and the Dai Li, The King must have had some guards of his own, along with servants. It's possible that they were bribed by Long Fend, or brain washed, but wouldn't the information somehow leak to him? After Long Fend is outed by Aang and the King doesn't want to believe them. A loyal guard would have told him that the Avatar was telling the truth, right?

It seemed believable enough given the structure of the city.  I kind of get the feeling that Kuei’s guards and servants wouldn’t have known any more than he did, since they’d have spent all of their time in the Upper Ring and the Dai Li would closely monitor what they knew.  The soldiers on the outer wall knew about the war, of course, but I don’t think very many people in the Upper Ring knew.

I always wondered why Kuei was so tolerant with the Gaang. For a puppet king, he gave a lot of credit to the Avatar. The thing is, Long Feng pretty much raised him, which means Long Feng had the advantage over the Gaang. It seems to me that Kuei, despite his childlike behaviour, is much smarter than he looks. Perhaps he already had his suspicions on Long Feng. The fact that he was willing to arrest Long Feng in the way he did, demonstrates that he is naive, but not stupid. 

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♦ ☾ ✿ ♒ for: Kuei and Portgas D. Ace :)

Ah, nice, two of my fave boys!

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon: 

Kuei: Well, Kuei didn’t have much to do growing up because of Long Feng’s interference, so his biggest hobby has always been reading and studying. I’m sure the Earth King’s palace has a library (carefully scrubbed of any potentially subversive texts by Long Feng, to keep Kuei from getting any ideas about changing the way the kingdom was run), so I feel like Kuei was probably up to his eyeballs in books and scrolls for most of his childhood and teen years. Quirk: he would try to act out or test things he’d read about in books, like swordfighting techniques (even though the palace was suspiciously devoid of swords for him to practice with. Gee I wonder who removed them all, could it be… Long Feng??) As an adult, he now likes to actually do shit, rather than just reading about it. But also still reading about it. He really loves reading. 

Ace: Hahaha welp we know what Ace’s hobbies were as a kid: picking fights, beating the crap out of grown-ass adults, sparring with his brothers, generally being a little hellraiser. As an adult on Whitebeard’s ship, his hobbies were… probably very similar TBH. XD But also partying with his nakama, sleeping, and often combining those two things. I feel like maybe he also had the same interest in bugs that Luffy does, and liked to make notes of which bugs he saw, with the idea of telling Luffy about the bugs next time they met.

☾ - sleep headcanon:

Kuei: He probably starts out by falling asleep in a very composed manner, and wakes up very much not so. He’ll start out on his side or his back and wind up facedown with his arm completely numb underneath himself and the sheets wrapped around his legs somehow. XD With Zafirah, he starts out sleeping with her tucked in next to/against him very neatly, but by morning they’re just a pile of tangled arms and legs.

Ace: He just sprawls every which way. His bed is wherever he passes out, pretty much. He does have his own quarters, being a division commander, but he isn’t too particular about actually sleeping there. He often winds up fast asleep up on deck, under the stars, spread-eagled on his back and snoring away happily. It’s not like he ever gets cold, anyway. If there’s a special someone with him, I hope they enjoy waking up with a freckled fire-dork all over them, because that’s what will happen. He prefers to fall asleep sprawled all over his s/o, but if it doesn’t start out that way, it will be by morning.

✿ - Sex headcanon

Kuei: Let’s face it, he didn’t have any interaction with anyone he could’ve gotten it on with inside the confines of the palace. Even if there were any servants around his age that he might’ve been interested in, I can’t see him doing the do with any of them. I think he wouldn’t feel right about it, given the power imbalance involved. He’d worry that they felt they had no choice in the matter. So his first time would be at some point after he left Ba Sing Se at the end of Book 2. And he’d probably know what to do in theory (that whole big library, after all), but he’d need to be shown what to do. But I feel like he’d try really hard to make up for the fact that he lacks experience. Overall, I think he’d be weirded out by the concept of rough sex and would prefer more gentle intimacy.

Ace: OK, Ace has some major self-esteem issues. He spent most of his life questioning whether he was even worthy of being alive. Even though he had brothers and nakama who loved him, there was probably always a part of him that doubted he deserved it. This would absolutely spill over into his love life. So I feel like he’d be very selective in who he’s intimate with. He’d always have that persistent voice in the back of his mind telling him he doesn’t deserve that kind of trust and physical affection. So in order for him to get it on with someone he would have to really trust them and really feel comfortable with them. But when he does make that connection with someone, he’d be 10000% invested in making sure they enjoy themselves as much as humanly possible.

♒ - cooking/food headcanon

Kuei: I’m entirely certain that he sneaked into the palace kitchens many times to try to cook things. It usually didn’t end well and he’d feel guilty that he made extra cleaning work for the kitchen servants. As far as actually eating goes, he’ll try pretty much any type of food at least once, especially while he’s outside of Ba Sing Se and traveling around.

Ace: Is it food? Is it tasty? He’ll eat it. That goes double for any type of meat. As for cooking… well, he prefers to leave that to the people who actually know what they’re doing, but he’s pretty damn good at roasting or grilling things.

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Ok, a ship! :) Zafirah/Kuei :P and Zoro/Robin :P

Ah, nice. :D Double answers go!

(A sidenote before we start, so my other followers aren’t confused: Zafirah is my Avatar: The Last Airbender OC.)

  • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible
    • Zafirah/Kuei: Kuei probably, and Zafirah’s like “LMAOO ok, show me some moves then.” And plays along as he tries his best.
    • Zoro/Robin: IDK, I feel like they’d both be pretty honest about their level of dance skill. Zoro may or may not exaggerate though. Just a little.
  • likes to watch reality tv
    • Zafirah/Kuei: Zafirah, she finds it hilarious and likes to root for her favorite people.
    • Zoro/Robin: Zoro switches it on sometimes to provide background noise as he works out. Or that’s his excuse, anyway.
  • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone
    • Zafirah/Kuei: Zafirah, definitely. Gets home and the pants come right off.
    • Zoro/Robin: Zoro because he gets home from the gym, rinses off, and forgets to get dressed further than the underwear stage.
  • is the jealous / protective one
    • Zafirah/Kuei: Both but in different ways. Zafirah is more overt about it.
    • Zoro/Robin: I think Zoro for sure, although Robin worries about him often.
  • goes all out on the holidays
    • Zafirah/Kuei: LMAO Kuei for sure. He’d be that kind of person who lives for holiday stuff. Zafirah rolls her eyes but secretly enjoys it.
    • Zoro/Robin: They both enjoy holidays but act very low-key about it. Like “We should probably decorate.” “Probably.” And then the apartment is covered in excessive decorations soon thereafter.
  • cries over books
    • Zafirah/Kuei: Both, but Zafirah pulls the “got something in my eye” routine.
    • Zoro/Robin: I don’t think either one gets especially weepy, but Zoro probably sheds Manly Tears a bit more easily over sad books.
  • is terrible with kids
    • Zafirah/Kuei: Kuei, as he didn’t have a lot of exposure to kids growing up. Although they seem to like him, probably because he tends to spout random fun facts at them for lack of anything else to discuss with them.
    • Zoro/Robin: Zoro for sure. What do these tiny, stubby mini-people want from him??
  • drinks too much caffeine
    • Zafirah/Kuei: Kuei because he’s always working on like 50 things at once.
    • Zoro/Robin: I think neither. Zoro doesn’t want the caffeine to have a negative impact on his body and Robin prefers milder tea.
  • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight
    • Zafirah/Kuei: Neither, they’re both early risers (and night owls, it’s a tricky balance).
    • Zoro/Robin: I think we all know the answer to that one. *looks at Zoro*
  • never wears matching socks
    • Zafirah/Kuei: Kuei because, again, he’s always doing like 50 things at once, even in the morning.
    • Zoro/Robin: Zoro. Too busy getting his workout gear together in the morning to worry about socks matching.
  • punches a tree when they’re angry
    • Zafirah/Kuei: Zafirah, definitely. She’s much more physical with her anger.
    • Zoro/Robin: Zoro. Robin tends to be much quieter when she’s angry.
  • gets scared by the toaster
    • Zafirah/Kuei: Zafirah, because even though she’s an early riser, she’s also sleepy in the morning and the dinging noise catches her off guard.
    • Zoro/Robin: Zoro, because he too is half asleep in the morning.

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Did you find the segregation in the Earth Kingdom disgusting or the Earth Kingdom just incredibly incompetent?

“Segregation is necessary; people should know their places in society; that’s what those boundaries are there for. If the Dai Li did anything right, it was to keep order in the city. Granted there were walls separating peasants from nobility (a wonderful and sensible idea, really) but the Dai Li were the only impressive figures in the Earth Kingdom. Their precious King Kuei was a complete imbecile. If his people didn’t have their strong, "hopeful” hearts, I don’t know what they’d have. They’re the largest nation, but they’re nothing but filthy lowlives and thieves. You understand, of course, why we colonized much of it to spread our own glorious culture.“

((azula you racist motherfucker. Okay I would never want to live in Ba Sing Se during King Kuei’s reign. 1. Dai Li //shiver// 2. The segregation was ridiculous. I know the city’s huge but stone walls, really? and the king was oblivious to everything, they portrayed him as an idiot.  Sure it was Long Feng’s fault that he was kept out of the loop. Long Feng is my least favorite character, mostly because he killed Jet, my favorite character. But he was also an evil bastard. Also, Earth is the element of badassery. so that’s my opinion in comparison to Azula’s))

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Viral/Aika, Zafirah/Kuei and Conis/Wiper

Ah, a good mix of my babies. :’)


The ship is my: “Skypiea’s #1 power couple” ship

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward (at first) | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

Children: No | Yes (probably) | They’d think about it

General Opinion: OK, I saw a fanfic with this pairing and I mostly started talking about it as a joke, like “Haha Wiper hated the Skypieans more than anyone else, wouldn’t it be funny if he fell in love with Conis hahaha.” But then I was like “Wait, shit, this is actually really cute.” Like, pairings where the grouchy, serious one falls in love with the sunny, optimistic one are always a good time and this is like the epitome of that trope. Just imagine stern, tough Wiper getting all flustered and awkward over sweet, gentle Conis, because he’s been in war mode all his life and now it’s peacetime and he has no idea how to cope with these mushy feelings. Try and tell me that isn’t awesome. Also Conis has a secret badass streak a mile wide. She could step on him and he’d probably thank her.


The ship is my: flagship of my canon/OC fleet! :’D The original, the best.

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

Children: No | Yes (they don’t really have much of a choice, with Kuei being the Earth King and all) | They’d think about it

General Opinion: Remember how I said I love “grouchy one/sunny one” ships? This is kinda like that. Zafirah’s a pragmatist and very cynical, Kuei’s an idealist and an optimist, so they kind of meet in the middle and balance each other out. Being around Kuei brings out Zafirah’s inner dreamer, and lets her see the world in a more optimistic way. And Zafirah has a similar effect on Kuei, who has lived a much more restricted life than she has, so he feels more free around her too– but her practical way of thinking also grounds him when he gets a bit too idealistic.


The ship is my: “grouchy cat/bouncy puppy” ship

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward (at first) | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

Children: No (Viral would if he could, but he can’t so they don’t) | Yes | They’d think about it

General Opinion: This one also started out as a joke, I wanted to write a fic about what Viral did during the 7-year timeskip and I was like “It would be funny if I paired him with a human”. But then they turned out to be cute together and I was like “Oh no I like them together”. Also: GROUCHY ONE/SUNNY ONE. Viral is an angry catshark and Aika is an overly friendly chatterbox. They initially team up to take down this one villain, and during the length of the timeskip, they slowly develop this deep respect for each other’s tenacity and determination, and they come to appreciate each other as friends. They also both have a massive competitive streak, so they challenge each other a lot. The lovey stuff comes later. Plus, Aika never misses a chance to make fun of Viral for being a stick in the mud and goads him into trying new things, so he usually ends up having a lot more fun than he would if she wasn’t around.

Protection (A Short Kazula Fic)

Scene: As they are getting ready for bed, Azula’s thoughts drift towards her lover’s inability to fight.

Rating: K+

Words: 362

He twirls me once, my hand in his. A laugh escapes my lips in the surprise of the moment. Soft candle light leaves enough glow in the room to lead us from the closet to the bed. Bare feet pad across the cold, stone floor.

Kuei is bothered by the fact that he can’t fight. I know this. I’ve seen his eyes dull and his shoulders slump during meetings about attacks on suspected terrorist groups. I lead these meetings, mostly, and he sits and nods in agreement.

We laugh together for a moment, muddling through a few more steps. He turns me again, and my hands catch his as I come around. We stand still a second, his gray eyes locked into mine. The flickering light makes them glow with a sort of warmth I have come to crave. He is happy right now. I smile.

When you grow up surrounded by walls, there’s no need to learn how to fight. Now? Now the walls are gone, and Kuei is left with a team of guards. Me? I’m not good enough for guards. I can protect myself, and if I can’t, the only one who will care is Kuei.

Kuei returns my smile. He grasps my hands a little tighter and pulls my arms up, twisting me to lean back against him with our arms a tangle around me. Warmth spreads from his body to mine, and even my toes aren’t cold anymore. The silk of my nightgown slides easily along his bare chest. I turn my head to press my cheek against his skin and breathe in his earthy scent.

I don’t mind that Kuei is helpless. He’s too good a man to need to know any fighting skills. No one would challenge or attack him.

“I love you,” I whisper.

“I love you, too,” he whispers back. His arms tighten around me.

My smile widens. My eyes drift shut. “Don’t let go.”

“I won’t,” he assures me gently. “But why?”

“This feels like home,” I murmur. “I’m warm. I feel safe.”

Kuei doesn’t answer; he presses a kiss to my forehead.

But Kuei needs to know he can protect me.