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I want to talk about the whole Earth King not knowing about the War. How realistic do you think this is? Aside from Long Fend and the Dai Li, The King must have had some guards of his own, along with servants. It's possible that they were bribed by Long Fend, or brain washed, but wouldn't the information somehow leak to him? After Long Fend is outed by Aang and the King doesn't want to believe them. A loyal guard would have told him that the Avatar was telling the truth, right?

It seemed believable enough given the structure of the city.  I kind of get the feeling that Kuei’s guards and servants wouldn’t have known any more than he did, since they’d have spent all of their time in the Upper Ring and the Dai Li would closely monitor what they knew.  The soldiers on the outer wall knew about the war, of course, but I don’t think very many people in the Upper Ring knew.


The Four Nations’ Leaders from ATLA to LOK.·

(Wu represents the abolishment of the monarchy to establish the independent states)

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Did you find the segregation in the Earth Kingdom disgusting or the Earth Kingdom just incredibly incompetent?

“Segregation is necessary; people should know their places in society; that’s what those boundaries are there for. If the Dai Li did anything right, it was to keep order in the city. Granted there were walls separating peasants from nobility (a wonderful and sensible idea, really) but the Dai Li were the only impressive figures in the Earth Kingdom. Their precious King Kuei was a complete imbecile. If his people didn’t have their strong, "hopeful” hearts, I don’t know what they’d have. They’re the largest nation, but they’re nothing but filthy lowlives and thieves. You understand, of course, why we colonized much of it to spread our own glorious culture.“

((azula you racist motherfucker. Okay I would never want to live in Ba Sing Se during King Kuei’s reign. 1. Dai Li //shiver// 2. The segregation was ridiculous. I know the city’s huge but stone walls, really? and the king was oblivious to everything, they portrayed him as an idiot.  Sure it was Long Feng’s fault that he was kept out of the loop. Long Feng is my least favorite character, mostly because he killed Jet, my favorite character. But he was also an evil bastard. Also, Earth is the element of badassery. so that’s my opinion in comparison to Azula’s))