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“What shall I clean next, Master~?”

Clarke: Let me just check and see if Lexa’s alright

Chip: You should take me out of this iPhone case and put me in your head

Clarke: sigh I miss you so much. I will protect you with my life.

Chip: Disregard my last statement, I’d rather be next to your good earth cleavage again. (Protect me with your tiddies please)

A poem to Brigid

I do not come on bended knee
Seeking forgiveness
Not sympathy
I come to this place
This holy sanctuary of trees
To be at peace
To commune with thee
O Brigid, fire of the hearth
Shaper of earth
Keeper of the heart
I bring myself here
To speak with you
To ask friendship
Guidance and love
Of you
To honor you with rhyme
With crafted metal in my hands
And the love I have inside
That you may walk with me
That I may feel your pride
Bring to me, o goddess of flame
The inspiration to follow you
And honor your name
On this scroll I write for thee
Words of love
Beneath sacred trees
O Brigid, sister and mother
To me
Come into my home
And by your fires
May it forever warmed be
Through winter’s snow
And north wind’s bite
Your hearth-fire
Is a guiding light
I feel it
I feel you
Here with me
And filled with your love
I am at peace


Buffalo appear at standing rock amidst the ongoing protest against North Dakota Pipeline. Native indian Indegenous people and activists were highly encouraged after wild Buffalo herd sighting.

Native Americans maintain a spiritual tradition with bison, believing that as long as buffalo — a gift from the Great Spirit — roam free and as long as the herds are bountiful, the sovereignty of indigenous people would remain strong.

Indigenous culture honors American bison (known as Tatanka Oyate, or Buffalo Nation) as a symbol of sacrifice, as the bison give their lives to provide food, shelter, and clothing through the use of their meat and their hides.

Native Americans attempting to stop a pipeline from being built on their land and water just got assistance from a large herd of wild buffalo….

Universes & Timelines

Decided to kill some time by attempting to place the various people and outfits we know are gonna be in the event, or have at least been mentioned. The thought was that from this, we could maybe get an idea of some of the other stuff coming to this event from the various alternate realities; mainly the mystery character.
However, I do have a far-fetched idea with basically no supporting evidence, that being Kang. Maestro and Kang were getting into it before this event took place. I wouldn’t put it behind the time travelling villain to show up and attempt to take Maestro down again, maybe deciding to join the Avengers to do so.

Anyways, if I’ve missed anything or anyone, feel free to add to it. Gonna update it with every episode and new bit of info I find.


Marvel 1872 - Earth-15513, aka Battlerealm
-Sheriff Steve Rogers (Outfit)
-1872 Black Widow (Outfit)

“Original”/60s Era Timeline
[Presumably Eart-616 in the 60s?]
-Original Wasp

“Steampunk” Universe/Dimension
[Possibly inspired or taken from the Industrial Difference Dimension, like the Steampunk Doctor Strange outfit]
-Steampunk Iron Man (Outfit)

Marvel 2099 - Earth 928
-Captain America 2099
-Ghost Rider 2099
-Black Widow 2099 (Mentioned)

Noir - Earth-90214
-Thor Noir

Earth-Morgan - Earth-398
-Longbow (alt Hawkeye)
-Medieval Spider-Woman (Outfit)

Dystopia - Earth-9200
-Maestro (Boss)

Age of Apocalypse - Earth-295
-Keeper Murdock (alt Daredevil)

WWII Era Timeline
-Bucky Barnes

My Taehyung (V, You) Scenario


That’s the first thing that comes to Taehyung’s mind whenever your name, or face comes up.

He’s been friendzoned. 

Taehyung was a college student at Seoul University, majoring in music and you were the girl who sat behind him in songwriting class. His pretty classmate that he somehow befriended with his weird ways and… 

the love of his life.

Yes, you were the ultimate crush of the weird boy with glasses who sat behind you in class. 

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Mayan Star Glyphs [keywords]
  • Learn your Maya Day Sign here:
  • http: //
  • Imix: primordial mother, source of life, primal truth and nourishment, roots of creation
  • Ik: winds of inspiration, co-creator of reality, spirit truth, fertilizing cosmic force
  • Abkal: mystery, abyss, womb, journey into self, dreamtime, stillness, darkness
  • Kan: seed of manifestation, opening, solar plexus, creation of will
  • Chicchan: kundalini serpent, instinct, purification, sacred flame igniting
  • Cimi: surrender, transmutation, release, death
  • Manik: completion, gateway, priest/priestess, dance, divination
  • Lamat: harmony, starseed, expanded love, gateway to fith dimension, star crossed relationships
  • Muluc: lunar wisdom, divine guidance, self rememberance, cosmic communication
  • Oc: breakthrough, new beginnings, companions of destiny, spiritual strength, guardians and guides
  • Chuen: innocence, divine child, trickster, artistry, humor, spontaneous
  • Eb: abundance, harvest, gratitude, open vessel, emptiness, electromagnetic tuning
  • Ben: angelic messenger, mysterious journey, new directions, time/space traveler
  • Ix: jaguar, shaman, magic, imitation, alignment with divine will, heart intuition
  • Men: commitment, compassionate service, global consciousness, dreams and visions, planetary mind
  • Cib: grace, trust, following inner guidance, galactic conduit, cosmic consciousness, mystic transmission
  • Caban: synergy, galactic alignment, earth keeper, fluid world resonance, shield, plant and herb wisdom, crystal healing, earth force
  • Etznab: timelessness, spiritual warriorship, sword of truth, facing shadow, hall of mirrors
  • Cauac: final surrender, purification, activation of the light being, ecstasy of freedom, lightening path
  • Ahau: Union, wholeness, cosmic consciousness, solar mastery, limitless bliss, unconditional love

A factor that demystifies Igbo folk religions (and in extension other west African ones), is understanding the differences between the categories of ritual practice a. veneration / divination – omenala b. sorcery – juju in Pidgin English, from French joujou, ‘toy’ or ‘plaything’, c. healing. These categories overlap, but are different. In Igbo, juju is nshi, ‘sorcery’, which is also ‘poison’; healing (including lucky charms, etc) is ogwu ‘medicine’, ogwu can overlap with sorcery because it refers to material objects from plants to charms.

Those who have volunteered for the battle of good over evil (missionaries) did not understand or care about these differences, and for the most part they’ve successfully distorted these differences to the point where some people who practice folk religions have to be apologetic about it at best because it’s all seen as ‘juju’. You don’t use omenala maliciously (relative to what is moral at the time), omenala translates loosely as ‘what’s done in the country/community, or, what is done in the domain of the Earth Mother, Ala’ (the keeper of morality), these are practices that sustain the community, like ancestral veneration and divination, fertility to interpreting a deity’s temperament. Confusing omenala, nshi, and ogwu led to the vilification of the whole belief system by suggesting that practices like ogwu ego (money rituals by human / major sacrifices) represent the core and necessary practices of the religions.

An analogy for these practices would be the use of drugs in modern medicine either appropriately or abusively without making medicinal practices necessarily unethical, more crudely the utility of a knife as a crucial item of early technology and agriculture, or warfare. Duality and the spaces between it is not only acknowledged, but is also sacred; an authoritarian view doesn’t allow space for diversity in the path and utility of spirituality, practices are either ‘evil’ in whole or ‘good’ inherently. In folk beliefs there is no final Judgment Day when God will descend from heaven and smite the devil [and evil] for good, good and evil are permanent and always relative. Folk belief is neutral in that it doesn’t have a doctrine hammering in one perspective, just as natural forces inhabit the universe, the person makes a choice of what to do with the forces, but whatever energy is focused on is what will be attracted.

Onye omenala [Folk religion practitioner]: somebody who venerates their ancestors / deities and worships the higher power.
‘Juju’ practitioner: somebody who seeks to manipulate the world for a goal.
Dibia / diviner / healer: a (chosen) mediator between worlds.

A Guide to Time Lords (Updated)

This is an revised version of a post I made a year ago that now includes all the Time Lord characters that were introduced in 2013 as well as a few I missed the first time around. 

The Doctor (An Unearthly Child - The Snowmen)

A mad man with a box. You may have heard of him.

Susan (An Unearthly Child - The Five Doctors)

The Doctor’s granddaughter. The unearthly child. Big fan of John Smith and the Common Men.

The Meddling Monk (The Time Meddler, The Dalek’s Masterplan)

The first in a long line of villainous rogue Time Lords, although he is more mischievous than out and out evil. 

The War Chief (The War Games)

A prototype Master with some Seneca Crane-style sideburns. 

Time Lord Judges (The War Games)

Lacking anything even remotely resembling a sense of humour, this trio oversaw the Doctor’s trial and exiled him to Earth.  

The Master (Terror of the Autons - The End of Time)

The Doctor’s nemesis, the top dog amongst evil rogue Time Lords, and owner of one of the most magnificent beards in the universe.

Banker Time Lord (Terror of the Autons)

Warned the Doctor about the Master being of Earth. The Doctor thought his outfit looked ridiculous. Ha, he’s one to talk. 

Bad 70s Hair Time Lords (Colony in Space)

They don’t do much except tell us that the Master is up to something and take part in a small ‘Who Has the Worst Haircut’ contest.  

Omega (The Three Doctors, Arc of Infinity)

A great intergalactic engineer and one of the co-founders of Time Lord society. Got himself trapped in an anti-matter universe and lost his head. Literally. Despite being defeated by the Doctor(s), he showed up years later hiding out in Amsterdam. Purely for evil purposes, though. Nothing at all to do with the legal drugs. Honest. 

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(what’s up, it’s ya girl Teeth, here to try and make this as convincing as possible)

Start the new school season with this fun adventure for the whole family! Follow a colorful cast of rats as they take a school trip through a human science lab, only to get separated from their class; Uh-oh! They’ll have to navigate a massive and sometimes terrifying world, trying not to get caught by the scientists– Or worse, their teacher!

Now, let’s meet the cast!


  • A normal-looking guy with a few surprises up his sleeve! (*vomits*)
  • Jack has been made fun of for his dumbo ears since he was a kid. His classmates and teachers think they mean he’s dumb– But he’s not! He’s much smarter than he looks! (*vomits, but with blood in it*)
  • He’s had a crush on Chévre ever since she moved here from France; But she probably doesn’t notice a boring dumbo like him…
  • Voiced by [Insert Young Male Dixney Actor]!


  • She’s from France or something! She has a hot accent!
  • The only rat that wears shoes??? Can run in heels somehow.
  • Isn’t as stuck-up as Jack thinks she is! She burps one time! What a down-to-Earth keeper!
  • Has more confidence in Jack than anyone else for some reason?


  • Jack’s older cousin (a grade above Jack and Chévre)
  • Very dumb, the “Typical Dumbo Rat”
  • Embarrasses Jack a lot, but only wants what’s best for him even though he thinks Jack’s smart-stuff is lame.
  • He’s the one that gets them into trouble at the start. Sacrifices himself to save them all at the end… BUT SIKE LMAO HE’S FINE ACTUALLY happy ending


  • He’s straight up just a snake rolled up inside a suit…
  • Why would they let him near rat children?
  • You’re asking yourself “How do the glasses stay on?” Only the Almighty knows.
  • Thinks Jack is dumb and tells him so!! What a jerk!! Totally gets grabbed by the human scientists at the end.