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The Night We Met

Character: Negan (The Walking Dead)

Word Count: 4,665

Prompt/Summary‘The Night We Met’ by Lord Huron / Negan’s wife recalls when they first met.

Warnings: None.

Written For: Jessie’s 1K Follower Writing Challenge

Note: Set in my little pre-apocalypse AU that I love writing in, where everything is fluffy and nothing hurts, lol. The song that they dance to is the song that inspired this fic, and is linked above. I know the lyrics are kinda depressing and don’t really fit the tone of the fic, but whenever I listen to this song, all I can think of is how pretty it is. And of how much 13 Reasons Why wrecked my heart, but that’s not relevant here.

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Once you figure out who you are and what you love about yourself, I think it all kind of falls into place.

So obviously everyone can do whatever they want but do people honestly get any joy out of constantly ragging on someone!? I get if you don’t like someone but you have a say in what you post and what you enjoy. If you don’t like something or someone, don’t reblog it, don’t follow it, find a different thing or person to like. Like it’s literally exhausting to see people being hated on here so much. It’s one thing to critique a person’s actions and disagree and stuff but to have like 10 posts back to back to back shitting on someone like come on now. I don’t want to be on tumblr to hate on everything or to see people hate on everything repeatedly. Literally foaming at the mouth to drag someone is super sad. Life is short why not spend it doing and talking about things you love and enjoy. Find things you like and share and indulge in that. It’s quite simple actually.

Earth to Fashion: That Logic is Yesterday ((Chet/Tom))

“NO! You can’t be serious!” Tom yelled, throwing down his magazine on the table in front of him. Today had just been the worst! First, he and Jen had missed their flight back home from this small town in America, then he found out they couldn’t leave for another two days, then the hotel they stayed in was just horribly done—who did a mahogany flooring in a HOTEL ROOM!? Seriously, it was carpet flooring or Jen would scream while Tom nodded at every insult toward design she could throw at them. The hotel manager did upgrade them but the floor was still horrible and the bedding? He didn’t want to think about that polyester nightmare!

Now he was stuck in a two-star café, reading up on the latest trends when he found out that someone had tried to bring back stripes and plaid! This…was a nightmare! That person must really hate themselves to dress up on that kind of style.

Tsking loudly, he tossed the magazine over his shoulder, disheartened by the news, and didn’t even notice that he’d struck someone in the head with it. Too bad it just happened to be the ginger-haired step-brother from the exact show he’d been trying to clear his mind of.

The Gardener
Jen (cover)
The Gardener

I just got my voice back after being sick so I decided to upload a cover of this amazing song. //originally sung by The Tallest Man On Earth//

Guys after watching tons of those supercon and other panels I came to one conclusion:
The crew can’t even say one word about Connie and Steven in a romantic light, they avoid question and distract from them and really avoid it.


We’re good guys, we’re good. (Also later in her alone panel Shelby was asked how Peridot would react to snow and she said made snowmen of the gems and the first she said was Amethyst, and just don’t say anything while when she said Garnet and Pearl she made comment about how Peridot would react to their snowmens humhumhum.)

UPDATED | Grey’s Anatomy Season 11

11x13 (February 26, 2015)
Title: ”Staring at the End”
Written by: Stacy McKee
Directed by: Mark Jackson

11x14 (March 5, 2015)
Title: ”The Distance”
Written by: Austin Guzman
Directed by: Eric Laneuville

11x15 (March 12, 2015)
Title: ”I Feel the Earth Move”
Written by: Jen Klein
Directed by:

11x16 (March 19, 2015)
Title: ”Don’t Dream It’s Over”
Written by:
Directed by:

The 15th episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 is titled “I Feel the Earth Move”