earth is sick

Otayuri Ao3 Fic Recs

(All of these are SFW)
No specific order:

1. The Tale of a Sick Hero by 2D_Earth
     In which Otabek is sick, and Yuri dotes.

2. Flustered by  aimeecatgirl
    “I thought you didn’t drink coffee?” Otabek raised his eyebrows.“Oh, I, um, I started about a month ago.” What Yuri didn’t say was that he only did so he could be reminded of the lingering taste Otabek seemed to radiate every time Yuri saw him. It was a nice smell to drink in. 

3. Like I See You by inkandwords
     In which Yuri epically fails at feelings. But Otabek wouldn’t have him any other way.

4. Laugh for me by  GrimofAnnwn    (OMG TICKLING)
     Otabek decides to give Yuri some tips on driving safely, and Yuri decides Otabek needs to laugh a little more

5. What You Don’t Do by  runetooth (HeemaWren)
     Yuri doesn’t want to admit Victor gives good advice, but he doesn’t want to be left with any regrets either.

6. Look into your eyes by RenaitAbeille
     Five times Yuri Plisetsky’s eyes had left Otabek helpless, even if he didn’t know it at first.

7. Perfect day, perfect night by Red_Queen
     Yuri is by no means a damsel in distress, yet it’d seem he needs to be saved again and Otabek is just happy to oblige.
This, and some pointless fluff with a sprinkling of awkwardness.

8. Perfect Fourth by kleineelch 
     A character study of Otabek Altin immediately following the GPF with special guest Yuri Plisetsky

9. Under the Weather in a Fuzzy Sweater by Trickster_Angel
     Otabek went home early to take care of his sick boyfriend. But what he found he wasn’t expecting.

10. It’s About Him by mongoose_bite
       Otabek is a straightforward person, and he expects others to be straightforward with him. So he’s at a loss to explain why JJ keeps trying to pick a fight, and why Yuri is so angry about it. To be honest, he’s a bit disappointed; he’d hoped Yuri would be more focused on him…


Imagine: cuddling a very shy Chekov extended

You’d been with Chekov for some time now, nearly 5 months. But he was still so shy. Barley touching you, barley kissing you. You’d gotten a hug if you were lucky. But that was fine; you knew he’d be ready in his own time, forcing him to show affection would just make him uncomfortable, which is the last thing you wanted.

You had met Chekov while working under the Captain for a few weeks while Sulu had to go back to Earth due his daughter being sick, and being the brilliant dad he was, he instantly went down. Working on the Enterprise was more like a dream then reality most of the time. But you loved every minute of it. Chekov was the first person you had talked to, even though he was shy back then, you got close quickly, an instant connection.

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The Journey

When the earth is sick and dying,
There will come a tribe of people
From all races…
Who will put their faith in deeds,
Not words, and make the planet
Green again…
- Cree Prophecy

- Art by Emi Haze
- Motion Effects by George RedHawk

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