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Stephen Hawking says humans have 1,000 years to leave Earth

Famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has  grim news for humanity: We have 1,000 years to get off Earth or we’re totally screwed. The 74-year-old  delivered a speech on Tuesday at the Oxford Union in which he said “I don’t think we will survive another 1,000 years without escaping beyond our fragile planet.” He believes it will become impossible for us to keep living here.

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deceptigems  asked:

i feel like for your gem au shiro is just a human that got experimented on and forcibly had a gem implanted into him, i mean its just a thought,,, i thought it would be an interesting take on things, especially if it turns out the gem still has consciousness and obeys zarkon 'purple diamond'

naw Shiro is a gem like the rest of the paladins in my gem au. Though he was captured by Purple diamond when everyone got separated and was experimented on. Was a prisoner for about 1000 years before he escaped and crashed on Earth. A few of the outcomes from the experiments that were done to him were the loss his right arm and only able to form it as a gem weapon (Pidge suggests limb enhancers, but that’s for later) and the ability to fuse with other species (and technology??? that’s for later) which they discovered/Shiro remembered, when accidentally fusing with Coran.

  • Adventure Time Pilot: Finn and Jake rescue princesses from the Ice King
  • Adventure Time Season 6 Episode 43: Finn goes into space to stop a lovecraftian-esque monster (who was previously Gunther) that is trying to absorb the powers of an incoming Catalyst Comet, which comes every 1000 years to bring change to the earth and the people on it. Finn is revealed to be a cosmic entity who came to Ooo as a Catalyst Comet and regenerated several lifetimes to who he is today. He experiences an existential crisis with the new Comet who tells him he can leave behind his material body and ascend into a higher plane of existence where he can leave behind every trouble that is tying him down to earth, to leave behind all the pain and torment of the past few seasons caused by the loss of his arm, his sword, Jake nearly dying, his love life, his father's ignorance, etc. He declines the offer to the new form of existence because he accepts all the trials of mortal life and the work he put into it, and is not ready to leave it behind.
  • What she says: I’m fine
  • What she means: Ok so in the fourth Halloweentown movie they’re celebrating the 1000 year anniversary of their town. But in previous movies it’s established that 100 years in Halloween town is only like 1 earth year so is Halloweentown only ten years old or is it measured in Earth years? Speaking of which if Halloweentown is 1000 years old and Aggie Cromwell was in her 20’s then when did she have Gwen. How old is Gwen anyways? In Earth years or Halloweentown years or whatever. Is Aggie Cromwell really only ten years old then??? How does age work for witches anyway? How does time work in Halloweentown seriously what the fu…
Writing Prompt

One day, every human on Earth was sent 1000 years forward in time. They find themselves in a world where cities have been reduced to rubble and overrun with vegetation and wild animals, and most of all of the infrastructure has crumbled away.

The whole Lord Hater is a space chimp theory is probably the most messed up twist I’ve ever encountered because when you put it into context with the show it just makes everything else so fucking wild like??? This whole time he’s been a fucking gorrilla??? A earth monkey has conquered several planets?? He’s enslaved entire races?? People fear him???like

It’s even worse when you think about it down to the individual characters’ actions, an earth chimp tried to kiss a 1000 year old queen because he thought it’d gain him more planets?? An alien taught an earth monkey a choreographed dance number  so he could impress a girl??? THINK ABOUT CPEEPS MAN!!! His entire life!! Serving a fucking gorrilla!!!! He’s fought for the favor and attention of a GODDAMN CHIMPANZEE????!!?!?!?!?

I JUST?????!?!?!?

Back to the Barn

The Cluster has been inside Earth for thousands of years.

The Cluster could activate at any moment.

Pearl and Peridot plan to build a machine to go to the center of the Earth.

Peridot displayed strength ?

Human technology is primitive to Peridot.

The gems didn’t seem to mind Peridot destroying everything in the house.

Pearls are for: “standing around and looking nice” “holding your stuff for you”

Pearls aren’t taken seriously.

Pearls are ‘made to order servants’

There are hundreds of Pearls.

Pearls are flaunted on Homeworld.

CG Pearl is a fancy pearl.

Pearls belong to other gems.

The idea of a Peridot owning a pearl is ludicrous.

The war for Earth lasted 1000 years. For Earth’s independence.

Peridot is a ‘natural technicia’n and a ‘certified kindergartner’.

Peridot was ‘made for this’.

Pearls were made to take orders.

Peridot didn’t know the word ‘robot’.


Pearl and Peridot built functional giant mechs in a very short amount of time.

Pearl’s space uniform still bears the pink diamond insignia.

Peridot displayed sharp teeth again.

Pearls are ‘beneath’ Peridots.

Peridot winning a fight seems of great significance to her. Perhaps how things are settled on Homeworld?

Punch to the face!

Pearls are accessories, shiny toys.

CG Pearl is acting ‘like her own gem’.

Peridot displayed swelling from the punch.

Pearls are common.

Rules are important to Peridot.

Welcome to Earth.

Peridot thought it remarkable that a pearl could become a knowledgeable technician.

Peridot didn’t know what a wheel was.

AU where the princesses are goddesses who descend upon the earth every 1000 years to check on their people.
Ponies govern themselves and there have been monarchs of every race but mostly unicorns.
There is also still some stigma and racism, the earth ponies get the most of it but a lot less from the pegasi (and I do mean a lot, pegasi eventually come to respect them for their physical ability and creativity). Unicorn still act as if they’re superior to both other races.
Eventually the pegasi get tired of it and a war starts between them and the unicorn (who have been wanting to, really. They have a city for themselves in the skies??? They were certainly planning on taking them from throne. They ended up making several surprise “visits” to check up on Cloudsdale, leaving a unicorn to govern before they left).
At first, the earth pony were neutral but they eventually join in with the pegasi in hopes of better treatment (which they did find because if there is something a warrior tribe like the pegasi respect is another warrior).