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So what I need to see on Supergirl is Kara showing everyone how fucking brilliant she is.  And I want everyone to understand that she was considered a genius by Kryptonian standards.  She was set to take the trails to become a member of the science guild as a fucking child.  And here is how they can do it.

So Lena develops this new piece of revolutionary technology based off kryptonian technology.  Which she got from looking through Lex’s old files.  Because Lex Luthor was obsessed with everything Superman and Krypton.  He of course focused more on the super advance and deadly kryptonian weapons.  But, Lena she decided to build something to help more the world forward.  And the first person she shows this new tech to is Kara.

And when Kara sees it she knows exactly what it is and how it works.  She is so excited that immediately starts playing with it and does things that even Lena didn’t know it could do.  At which time Kara has some explaining to do.  And that is how Lena finds out that Kara is Supergirl.

Then Lena sells it to the DEO (Remember she is a business woman she can’t just give tech way).  And Kara is teaching them all how to use the tech and she also uses the tech to show her friends and family somethings they have been getting wrong.  (Have you ever seen someone doing something wrong and you know the correct way, but you don’t know how to explain it or show them?)

Also please remember that Krypton is a 1000 years more advance than Earth.  To put that in perspective as a Geologist I know that the theory of Plate Tectonics, a theory that most of you learned in high school or middle school, did not gain traction until the 1970′s.  In fact one of my college professors who was in college in the 70′s took the first ever class on Plate Tectonics that his school offered.  That was about 50 years ago there are Geologist alive today that never learned plate tectonics.  That is just 50 years imagine 1000 years difference in scientific understanding.  For Kara it must be like living in the middle ages.      

Stephen Hawking says humans have 1,000 years to leave Earth

Famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has  grim news for humanity: We have 1,000 years to get off Earth or we’re totally screwed. The 74-year-old  delivered a speech on Tuesday at the Oxford Union in which he said “I don’t think we will survive another 1,000 years without escaping beyond our fragile planet.” He believes it will become impossible for us to keep living here.

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  • Adventure Time Pilot: Finn and Jake rescue princesses from the Ice King
  • Adventure Time Season 6 Episode 43: Finn goes into space to stop a lovecraftian-esque monster (who was previously Gunther) that is trying to absorb the powers of an incoming Catalyst Comet, which comes every 1000 years to bring change to the earth and the people on it. Finn is revealed to be a cosmic entity who came to Ooo as a Catalyst Comet and regenerated several lifetimes to who he is today. He experiences an existential crisis with the new Comet who tells him he can leave behind his material body and ascend into a higher plane of existence where he can leave behind every trouble that is tying him down to earth, to leave behind all the pain and torment of the past few seasons caused by the loss of his arm, his sword, Jake nearly dying, his love life, his father's ignorance, etc. He declines the offer to the new form of existence because he accepts all the trials of mortal life and the work he put into it, and is not ready to leave it behind.

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i feel like for your gem au shiro is just a human that got experimented on and forcibly had a gem implanted into him, i mean its just a thought,,, i thought it would be an interesting take on things, especially if it turns out the gem still has consciousness and obeys zarkon 'purple diamond'

naw Shiro is a gem like the rest of the paladins in my gem au. Though he was captured by Purple diamond when everyone got separated and was experimented on. Was a prisoner for about 1000 years before he escaped and crashed on Earth. A few of the outcomes from the experiments that were done to him were the loss his right arm and only able to form it as a gem weapon (Pidge suggests limb enhancers, but that’s for later) and the ability to fuse with other species (and technology??? that’s for later) which they discovered/Shiro remembered, when accidentally fusing with Coran.

  • What she says: I’m fine
  • What she means: Ok so in the fourth Halloweentown movie they’re celebrating the 1000 year anniversary of their town. But in previous movies it’s established that 100 years in Halloween town is only like 1 earth year so is Halloweentown only ten years old or is it measured in Earth years? Speaking of which if Halloweentown is 1000 years old and Aggie Cromwell was in her 20’s then when did she have Gwen. How old is Gwen anyways? In Earth years or Halloweentown years or whatever. Is Aggie Cromwell really only ten years old then??? How does age work for witches anyway? How does time work in Halloweentown seriously what the fu…

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since healing the skeleton that contains the essence of the Lich in 'Escape From The Citadel' gave him a humanoid form, and the only humanoids on Earth 1000 years ago were humans, wouldn't that imply the humanoid created, Sweet P, is human?

I disagree.

Here’s what the wiki says about the Lich:

The suggestion that the Lich is more of a mutation rather than a magical being is further supported in “Jake the Dog.” When Farmworld Marceline and Farmworld Jake fell into the Lich’s well, Marceline became a skeleton and Jake transformed into a version of the Lich itself. So the Lich’s body was likely created when someone or something made contact with the Lich’s well, but it also means it turns the host’s abilities into his own. So this is why Farmworld Jake only attacked Farmworld Finn with its bare hands, not with magic spells or anything else, with the same applying to Billy. It is unknown if the Lich’s body seen in “Mortal Folly” was his original body, or one he stole.

+Another thing I might add is that Prismo said The Lich was “wearing” Billy’s body

And then some liches:

Jake the Lich (Farmworld Jake after falling into the Lich’s well)

The Lich (as we originally saw him…I think the wiki is saying that the skin hanging off of him here might not have originally been his)

The Lich “wearing” Billy

The Lich in “Escape from the Citadel”

What it looked like to me was that the skin was growing from the skeleton base.  

So if we brought Jake the Lich, who is nearly identical to The Lich, all the way back to a skeleton, and then gave some guardian goo, how would he heal?  Would he grow that golden body again, or would it be something else?  He certainly wouldn’t turn back into Jake the Dog, since we have the lich skeleton.  

But you bring up a good point–

Perhaps Sweet P is just made up of human flesh over top of a lich skeleton, and that human flesh comes form the original human that fell into the lich’s well.  That means we have to assume that the living thing that fell in was human, but I think by your argument, that’s a safe bet.

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What do you think are the basic elements of culture that will change very little (if at all) after 1000 years of cultural drift & intermarriage? I've written a 1000+ years in the future story of a post-Earth colony on another planet. The people of this particular settlement are from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and regions of North India. Due to religious oppression & nasty manipulation by certain powers for 1000 years, history does not remember Earth (yet). Trying to avoid the Marissa Meyer mistake.

Avoiding Cultural Misrepresentation

In the far-future stories done well that I’ve read with Asian cultures, the tech is mainly what changes—people will still keep their holidays, their traditions, their clothing, their food, etc. For example, China has a 5000+ year history, so it wouldn’t be easy to nearly remove traditions, even if we’re not 100% sure of why we do certain things on holidays, some of the time. (I didn’t learn how mooncakes came around for a while, for instance.)

You may want to read some of Aliette de Bodard’s work, as she’s half-Vietnamese and has stories that feature Vietnamese protagonists in the far future for general ideas on how cultures would maintain themselves.

—mod Jess

Back to the Barn

The Cluster has been inside Earth for thousands of years.

The Cluster could activate at any moment.

Pearl and Peridot plan to build a machine to go to the center of the Earth.

Peridot displayed strength ?

Human technology is primitive to Peridot.

The gems didn’t seem to mind Peridot destroying everything in the house.

Pearls are for: “standing around and looking nice” “holding your stuff for you”

Pearls aren’t taken seriously.

Pearls are ‘made to order servants’

There are hundreds of Pearls.

Pearls are flaunted on Homeworld.

CG Pearl is a fancy pearl.

Pearls belong to other gems.

The idea of a Peridot owning a pearl is ludicrous.

The war for Earth lasted 1000 years. For Earth’s independence.

Peridot is a ‘natural technicia’n and a ‘certified kindergartner’.

Peridot was ‘made for this’.

Pearls were made to take orders.

Peridot didn’t know the word ‘robot’.


Pearl and Peridot built functional giant mechs in a very short amount of time.

Pearl’s space uniform still bears the pink diamond insignia.

Peridot displayed sharp teeth again.

Pearls are ‘beneath’ Peridots.

Peridot winning a fight seems of great significance to her. Perhaps how things are settled on Homeworld?

Punch to the face!

Pearls are accessories, shiny toys.

CG Pearl is acting ‘like her own gem’.

Peridot displayed swelling from the punch.

Pearls are common.

Rules are important to Peridot.

Welcome to Earth.

Peridot thought it remarkable that a pearl could become a knowledgeable technician.

Peridot didn’t know what a wheel was.

Why Do the Istari Look Old?

Okay, so this is a pretty interesting question, and I’m going to tell you right now that there isn’t an “official” answer to it. When talking about the elderly-appearing Istari wizards, the most Tolkien said was:

Among Men they were supposed (at first) by those that had dealings with them to be Men who had acquired lore and arts by long and secret study. They first appeared in Middle-earth about the year 1000 of the Third Age, but for long they went about in simple guise, as it were of Men already old in years but hale in body, travelers and wanderers, gaining knowledge of Middle-earth and all that dwelt therein, but revealing to none their powers and purposes. 

Now, from an external point of view, I think the Istari look old because Tolkien described Gandalf as looking old in The Hobbit, in keeping with a general idea of what wizards should look like (and also being unaware at the time of the full extent of Gandalf’s role in Middle Earth.) But as far as an internal explanation? Tolkien never says, aside from that it was a physical representation of their limited powers (“coming in shapes weak and humble [they] were bidden to advise and persuade Men and Elves to good.”)

But I have a theory. The Istari had an uphill battle to fight in order to win the trust of the people of Middle Earth - especially the elves. When he lived in Eregion, Sauron earned the trust of Celebrimbor and the other elves by telling them that he was an emissary of the Valar. Both in Eregion, and later in Numenor, Sauron took on beautiful and powerful forms, inspiring awe and admiration in the people he was busy manipulating. Had the Istari arrived in Middle Earth in the form of five beautiful Maiar, claiming to be emissaries of the Valar intent on guiding the free peoples of Middle Earth towards a brighter future… well, it probably wouldn’t have gone very well. At least appearing as old men (and, with less than a handful of exceptions, revealing their origins to no one), they had some chance of distancing themselves from Morgoth’s old deceptions.

Also, it kind of goes along with Tolkien’s theme on outward appearances concealing one’s inner character, most famously presented in this conversation between Frodo and Aragorn:

‘I think one of his spies would – well, seem fairer and feel fouler, if you understand.’

'I see,’ laughed Strider. 'I look foul and feel fair. Is that it? All
that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost.’

SOURCES: LotR, The Unfinished Tales (“The Istari”)


Yup! TODAY!  July 2, 2014 Billie Joe and Adrienne celebrating 20 years of marriage. 

I would like to congratulate Addie because I admire and am very passionate about the story of you. Were 20 years of joy, struggles and victories and are still together and in love, this is the best achievement that exists

Congratulations again! Love you guys you are fucking Awesome

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What's goin on in the land of Ooo? Everything seems to be modern. Like there's a lot of guards and cops bein involved. In thanks for the crabapples, there's a scene of what looks like the suburbs. Even in meat and furniture.

After Earth’s entire landscape was changed by the Mushroom War, the civilization that we humans’ve been building came to a screeching halt. For the most part, humans have gone extinct, and other, mutated beings became the dominant species, and have, over the 1000 years since the War, recivilized the Earth.

However, unlike humans, who took over as the dominant species with a clean slate and built civilization from the ground up, the creatures inhabiting the land of Ooo were left several artifacts by humanity about society as we now know it.

There are clues of human civilization stranded everywhere in the background of Adventure Time. You probably recognize this shot from the show’s opening theme song itself. There is plenty of technology here, and cassette tapes date the scene to at least the 1980s. Humans didn’t wipe all evidence of themselves out entirely.

When Simon reawakens in Betty, he finds bookshelf upon bookshelf of his research inside the Ice King’s lair. Even if all books on Ooo pertain only to life after the Mushroom War, though, knowledge of human civilization still could have passed on and persisted in the world through Finn’s ancestors, through B-MO’s creator, Mo, and through Simon as well. Remember Simon singing the Cheers theme to Marcy? Just like that, he’s passing on human culture after the Mushroom War.

But, we have no reason to believe that there aren’t books from before the Mushroom War still in Ooo! In Chamber of Frozen Blades, Finn and Jake act like ninjas because of a ‘Be a Ninja’ book they found, sporting what looks just like a human on the cover. Human culture preserved.

We think that most creatures in Ooo have at least some sort of knowledge of human civilization, as Jake in The New Frontier seems aware that there were once spaceships, but that the people of Ooo hadn’t yet succeeded in making their own.
If any particular aspect of society on Ooo mirrors that of our world, we expect that it was actually inspired by our world, as Ooo’s inhabitants study our civilization to evolve their own.

Gandalf's Mission

Okay, but only if you tell me how I did afterwards. Here’s the super short answer: Gandalf was sent to Middle Earth by the Valar in order to help the men and elves of Middle Earth to defeat Sauron.

Here’s the longer version: About 1000 years into the Third Age a dark power appeared in Greenwood, corrupting the forest, and prompting its name to be changed to Mirkwood. Nobody in Middle Earth was entirely sure who this “Necromancer” was, but it seems the Valar knew it was Sauron immediately. Manwe called a council in Valinor to discuss the problem of Sauron’s return, and how they should react.

It was decided that they would send a group of emissaries to Middle Earth. Their primary mission would be to “contest the power of Sauron, if he should arise again.” Because of this, Manwe chose Maiar who strong enough to be considered “peers of Sauron.” However, because the Valar were trying to avoid the destruction caused by past mistakes (the War of Wrath led to the destruction of Beleriand, Sauron claiming to be a great messenger of the Valar led the elves of Eregion to trust his disguise as Annatar, etc.), they placed certain limits on these Maiar. They wouldn’t be able to use their full strength, and would have to take on the forms of the Children of Iluvatar “so as to treat on equality and win the trust of Elves and Men.”

The Maiar chosen for this task were called the Istari (or wizards, in the Common Speech), and the names we readers came to know them by were Saruman, Gandalf, Radagast, and the two Blueses (though Tolkien gave them actual names in an essay, Alatar and Pallando.)) Not all of them stayed true to their mission, and Tolkien says a few times that Gandalf was the only one to really fulfill his purpose in Middle Earth. But with this added information, we can see that all of Gandalf’s actions were aimed at leading the free peoples of Middle Earth towards the destruction of Sauron:

  • Helping Thorin reclaim Erebor guaranteed the death of Smaug, and Gandalf was worried that Smaug might join Sauron at some point in the future.
  • Joining the White Council gave him a chance to influence the most powerful elves of Middle Earth, encouraging them to act against the Necromancer, who he suspected was Sauron before anyone else did.
  • Helping/encouraging Aragorn to become a greater leader helped ensure that a wise and strong king would rule Gondor - this would either give Gandalf a strong ruler to work with in a war with Sauron, or give the race of men greater hope after Sauron’s destruction.
  • Even his continued interest in hobbits could be looked at as a sort of research project - their resistance to evil and corruption was probably something that interested him, especially in light of Sauron’s well-documented ability to corrupt others.
  • And then of course his more overt role in the War of the Ring.

SOURCES: LotR, LotR Appendices, The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales (“The Istari”)

AU where the princesses are goddesses who descend upon the earth every 1000 years to check on their people.
Ponies govern themselves and there have been monarchs of every race but mostly unicorns.
There is also still some stigma and racism, the earth ponies get the most of it but a lot less from the pegasi (and I do mean a lot, pegasi eventually come to respect them for their physical ability and creativity). Unicorn still act as if they’re superior to both other races.
Eventually the pegasi get tired of it and a war starts between them and the unicorn (who have been wanting to, really. They have a city for themselves in the skies??? They were certainly planning on taking them from throne. They ended up making several surprise “visits” to check up on Cloudsdale, leaving a unicorn to govern before they left).
At first, the earth pony were neutral but they eventually join in with the pegasi in hopes of better treatment (which they did find because if there is something a warrior tribe like the pegasi respect is another warrior).