earth gir

“GIR... where is your guidance chip?”

Time is flying, and with my medical issues rearing up we did not get near enough time in to make all 3 Invader outfits in time for Halloween. Tallest Purple and Zim prep will have to just continue and have fun at a con next year.

But good news, we did get GIR complete!

Behold, earth scum, GIR in all her glory! A human child, masquerading as a robot, masquerading as a puppy! She does enjoy cupcakes.

Lessons Learned

  • Don’t re-invent the wheel. Don’t go insane trying to make a custom box head by first using poster board as a template, and start cutting out a custom cardboard box for the head and suddenly realize you have a perfectly good companion cube from your last con in your closet with the exact. same. dimensions. 
  • Peepers will need improved. We only tested the ability to see through the eyes in a lit room… not outside at night. So if we ever take this Trick or Treating again, we’ll have to adjust. Otherwise it will work GREAT at cons.
  • Loctite spray adhesive is way better than Gorilla super glue for quick fixes like gluing a missing tongue back on in a pinch of time. And it sets quicker too!
  • Super proud that I remembered to add giant side pockets for extra candy, cell phone, another cupcake, and space left for a can of tuna since we are NOT storing it in her leg.
  • NEXT UPGRADES - interchangeable eyes/mouth combinations, so facial expressions can adjust to GIR’s mood. And cute little leg/black foot cover combos being made for indoor use, but lets face it - for Trick or Treating sneakers were a must.
  • Doom song practice twice a week. She’s got it down mostly, but endurance for a 6 month voyage will need to be built up to.
Highschool AU [Closed RP]


It had been years later and Zim and Dib were now in Highschool.

GIR had been placed in a different kind of disguise for reasons that had been discussed when Zim told him about and explained his newest ‘plan’ for destroying the Earth.

GIR was disguised as one of the students at the school. He hadn’t any idea how long he would be or really why as he hadn’t paid much attention to his master.

But there he sat in class, humming to himself.