earth dome


Half dome eaten by clouds


Kyanite, Quartz, and Phosphorus Garnet found in formations of ultra-high pressure Amphibole Quartz Garnet Gneiss, and Garnet Schist.

Damon Pond (Chesterfield, MA)

Liberty cap

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England is currently exhibiting the shortlisted entries for the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition. This amazing picture of the Milky Way and orographic lenticular clouds hanging above Liberty Cap, a granite dome in Yosemite National Park, was taken by Rogelio Bernal Andreo.


Donato Bramante, Tempietto (Church of San Pietro, Montorio, Rome, Italy), 1502-10; dome and lantern restored in 17th century

From Art History, Volume II by M. Stokstad:
Work came slowly for Bramante in Rome and he was nearing sixty when the Spanish rulers Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand commissioned a small shrine over the spot in Rome where the apostle Peter was believed to have been crucified. Known as the Tempietto (Little Temple), Bramante combined his interpretation with the principles of Vitruvius and the fifteenth-century architect, Leon Battista Alberti: the stepped base, Doric columns, frieze (Vitruvius advised the the Doric order be used for temples to gods of forceful character) and balustrade. The centralized plan and tall drum (circular wall supporting the dome) recall earth Christain shrines. Especially noted is the sculptural effect of the exterior, with deep niches, light contrasts and Dorice frieze of papal emblems. 


The climb up Half Dome in short video clip - exhusting, and permits are needed now (to keep the crowds from overwhelming the trail, you’ll see why)


Nader Khalili was an exceptional architect and humanitarian.  You could distinguish his design aesthetic by the dome-like structures, layered sand bag construction, glass bottle insets, and intricate attention to detail.  As and admirer of his technique and thought process behind his design, Mikel Robertson, owner of Green Goods Products, adopted his technique in the construction of the main structure built on Four Elements farm.  

Although Nader Khalili has since passed, it is important to keep his dream of architectural structures that cause less harm to the earth a reality.  

Here you can see pictured one of Nader’s structures under construction, on complete, and finally the structure built by Mikel Robertson in the likeness of Khalili.  

Stay tuned for our informational video on straw bale and rammed earth construction.  

What if

We all are living under the dome(the Earth is a kind of a snowball that’s very small if you comprehend it to the rest of the universe) and someone’s controlling/looking at us all the time?

Dome Karukoski  is Cyprus director who plan to make a biopic  movie about our author J RR TOLKIEN .. as a fan for tolkien am afraid it will be not that good idea .. but i really was hoped it was peter jackson who do this not any other one… as a fan for tolkien what do you think

She Rises!

by Saṃsāran

Eve and the apple. The curious female who brings destruction upon mankind. We see her in Greek mythology with the story of Pandora. The rise of the Abrahamic religions coincided with the rise of the patriarchy. In times past it was the Earth and her bounty which were paramount. Farming people worshiped fertility Goddesses who were seen as the mother. Earth and water are the elements of the female power. Life. Birth. Spring and summer. The moon and the night stars. Black and silver. These were her emblems.

However, the herders and the hunting people from the great steppe worshiped the sky not the Earth. The sun, the dome of the sky. Lightning and storms. Autumn and winter. The male power of fire and air the power of the ever present winds of the flat plain. The power of the father. These peoples were fierce and used to the killing. Their implements were implements of death the bow, the sword,and the lance. Horse people. Blue and gold. Sky and sun. There were their emblems.

The horse people raided, conquered the settled people. They set themselves up as lords and took by force all that the people of the mother had acquired. They threw down Asherah and Isis and enthroned their sky God, their mountain dwelling god of storms. El and Yahweh. Zeus and Odin.

Now things are changing. The beginning of the end were the wars of colonization. The empires grew fat on the blood of the conquered. Then in jealous rage they turned upon one another in the wars we call WWI and WWII. These wars broke the back of the old regime. Kings fell. Democracy rose. Empires fell and the former subject peoples grew in power and became independent once again.

The process is still going on in the Middle East. Fundamentalist Islam is cracking at the foundation. Women like Malala stand against the evil tide. In India women march against rape and their men march with them. In America women now compete on equal footing with men. In South and Central America women stand in front of soldiers and demand to know where their husbands and sons have gone. The soldiers do not fire. They too have mothers and wives. They tremble.

The old days are dying. In one hundred years the old patriarchy will be dead and buried and a new age will take hold. The new age of the mother. The age of birth, of healing and of peace. People will look back on the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries as ages of barbarism. Children will look at pictures of the bombed cities and the dead of war and ask why and parents will have no answer.

She rises!!!


D1-29 by Mark Kolanowski
Via Flickr:
Spaceship Earth as seen from Epcot’s World Showcase in the last moments of daylight.


This holiday gives me a reason to share some videos from my favorite projects in the national parks. Here’s a clip from the “More than Just Parks” project in Great Smoky Mountains National Park - a project that tries to explore these amazing landscapes in depth, using timelapse and zoom videography.


The Vestiges of Achernar

Epilogue to the Shade Incursion @tackysnaps and I have been writing.

The cataclysm wracks Sornieth to its foundations.  Shockwaves rip across the earth from the force of the impact and the currents of the ocean shift wildly as feral winds kick up over the frothing sea.  The cause of the mass destruction is anyone’s guess - and truly, no one will ever know - but the fallout of the impact is immediate and devastating.  Faults begin to wrench apart, the oceans spilling into the cracks and evaporating in the places where the atmosphere is sheared apart, waves bulging and sinking tumultuously with the displaced ocean floor.  Sand dunes vanish as fault lines suddenly appear deep beneath their surface, splitting the desert apart and leaving the shattered landscape in ruins.  The volcano of the Great Furnace erupts violently.  Aftershocks of brutal intensity awaken surrounding volcanoes that had lain dormant for thousands of years and suddenly they are heaving great gouts of ash and smoke into the air.  The sky is blotted out over the Ashfall wastes and the sun is eclipsed entirely by the caustic plumes, plunging the surviving dragons into darkness.  Fire and the glow of flowing lava serve as their lights, their heat torturous for its addition to the scalded landscape.

Apocalypse is the only word any can put to this sudden widespread havoc.

Sornieth never recovers.

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Whoa, I totally drove a caravan of geology students past this ranch a week ago while heading to Yellowstone. This looks like a for sale ad for a ranch just north of Yellowstone Park, in Montana. No idea if it’s still available or not, but the video tour is still up! This is basically the landscape I’ve been trekking students around for the last month.