earth defene

The Chronological Superman 1959:
The annual “birthday” issue rolls around again (Superman vol.1 No.132 ), and this time Batman and Robin give Superman a computer program which can tell him what his life would have been like had Krypton never exploded. Excepting the birth of his younger brother Zal, and that a former teacher of his gains super-powers and fights Kryptonian crime as Futureman (in the company of a likewise powered-up Krypto, actually), things work out in the end that he still dons his familiar red and blue garb, still ends up on Earth as its defener, still hooks up with Lois Lane.

Coincidence is piled upon coincidence to make these stories work (as much as they do, anyway), but it’s still a plot to which the comics will often return. Had all of the events which led Superman to become Superman never occurred, he’d still be Superman – that acts as a promise to the young readers of the titles that there is rhyme and reason in the universe, a purpose for everything which happens an a benevolent force somewhere in the cosmos ensuring that everything will work out for the best in the long run. This reassurance probably has a lot to do with the popularity of superheroes among youngsters trying to make sense of a large, confusing world as their own capacity to understand it grows and changes.