earth day tips

Always remember:

you are a witch. You are not controlled by the universe, but rather, you are in control of the universe. You are a child of the universe and as a witch you are as one with the universe. Your magick, your intent and your belief in that intent, is more powerful than anything in the cosmos. Goddesses and Gods don’t listen to you, aid you, and enter your circle to witness your rites because They’re bored; They come to you when you call Them because They know you hold an unmatched, unbridled power and are humbled and honored when you seek Them to help strengthen and empower your already Universe-altering magick. You are a healer among the wounded. You are a seeker among the lost. You are awake among the sleeping. You are a force to be reckoned with.

You are a witch.


In honor of Earth Day, here’s a sustainability pasta pro-tip from Danielle Nierenberg, President of Food Tank: The next time you make pasta, don’t waste your used cooking water by pouring it down the drain. Instead, let it cool, and use it to water your plants. The starchy H2O will give them a beneficial nutrient boost and help them grow. Just be sure to avoid using cooking water that has been salted or seasoned.


This Earth Day, let’s skip all the talk and go for the easy swaps – the things you can really do right now to better the planet, both today and for the entire year to come.

Not only will these five easy Earth Day habits make your home a more eco-friendly place, but they’ll likely save you money, too. Be green, save green, and make a pact to start these five game-changing practices … TODAY. 

Read on here for more easy tips. 

25 earth day tips to save the planet:
  • go vegan.
  • go vegan.
  • go vegan.
  • go vegan.
  • go vegan.
  • go vegan.
  • go vegan.
  • go vegan.
  • go vegan.
  • go vegan.
  • go vegan.
  • go vegan.
  • go vegan. go vegan. go vegan. go vegan.
  • hey, have you considered going vegan?
  • yes? go vegan.
  • no? you should think about it, and then go vegan.
  • go vegan.
  • you could go vegan.
  • save water, go vegan.
  • save the soil, go vegan,
  • cut greenhouse gas emissions, go vegan.
  • improve air quality, go vegan.
  • go vegan.
  • go vegan.
Tip for the modern witch

Cleansing of sacred tools, be it wands, athames, crystals, etc., can be done in a variety of ways from using the beautiful and humbling energy of the full moon to using one of the five sacred elements (earth, water, fire, air, and spirit). Let’s talk about cleansing with water for a second. I made this realization the other day and had to share in case anyone else found it as useful and I did!

First thing to know is that using regular water won’t cleanse a thing. It will make it wet. That is, until you’ve blessed it and even charged it with a non-soluble crystal or in the light of the full moon. Some items, such as particular crystals, can NOT be cleansed with water without risk of being destroyed (selenite, calcite, etc.).

But for those things that can be cleansed of negative and residual energies with holy water, a lot of times we read that we must sprinkle the water on the item, or maybe even dunk it. To me, this seems highly tedious. Especially if it’s something I have to dry off later. As a busy witch who utilizes various methods from traditional to modern, I wanted to offer this effective modern witch tip for cleansing via water.

If you have a diffuser/humidifier at your disposal, get yourself some charged/blessed holy water and place it in the diffuser. When you turn it on, pass your item through the mist counterclockwise (if you’re in the northern hemisphere) three times, so it knows to release any residual and negative energy. If you’re a Young Living essential oil user, add a couple drops of Purification for an extra POW of magickal cleansing. The combination of the blessed water and the herbal properties of Purification oil will leave your item as a blank slate for you to consecrate and bless with your intent.

It’s a simple and effective way to cleanse your tools without having to get them very wet, and you will ritually cleanse yourself from the inside out as well, as you breathe in the healing, cleansing mist.

I hope you find this #witchtip helpful!

Blessed be the witches! 🌒🌕🌘

Killian Elkstone
Seeker, Coven of the Raven Moon

Because of Earth Day, here are some tips for saving the earth

- Stop using trees for everything! For storing leftovers, try a ziploc bag instead of hollowing out a tree.

- Water is a precious resource. Try holding onto it instead of pissing and crying it all out.

- Cut down on fossil fuels. Next time you’re craving for to glug a big cup of fossil fuels, try a gin and tonic instead!

- Reuse condoms.