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screenshotted this picture from the trailer and you can barely see it but HE IS WEARING HIS EARTH DAY SHIRT FROM SEASON ONE AND IM SO HAPPY YOU CAN KINda see in this gif i found the the shirts are the same. idk why this was one of my favorite parts of s1 but i honestly love that shirt so freaking much. like, i’m going to find that shirt and wear it for the rest of my life

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What are your opinions on the environment? Also, special question for Lafayette- can I boop your hair poof?

Mulligan: *screaming while running down the street* SAVE THE FUCKING EARTH!!!!

Lafayette: *wearing an Earth day shirt* I love the Earth! It’s a beautiful planet. Also, you can boop my hair poof.

Laurens: sAVE THE SEA TURTLES!!!!! *aggressively crying*

Hamilton: …ehhh?

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Could you tell if there was a hole in Jaspers earth day shirt? There should be a hole right? I mean it's possible they sewed it up but like it's such an important detail I need to know haha.

I had to wait to for it to be online for a re-watch, so sorry for the wait nonster

but…this is in fact Jasper’s original earth day shirt from the pilot. I’m not entirely sure how he has it, seeing as how he didn’t have it on after he was strung up, and even then it would either be with grounders or back at the dropship…but let’s ignore that continuity error and look at the continuity success

it isn’t too visible, but there’s a spot of the shirt that is bunched a little

Zoom in and you can see it a little more clearly. It’s right around where the R in Earth and A in Day are

Get even closer and you can see some slight stitching

and what’s more it’s right in the spot where Jasper’s scar is

it’s monday. a crisp monday and i’m wearing my “make everyday earth day” shirt and comfy yoga pants. my warm oats and iced coffee made me pretty happy. i don’t have classes on monday’s so it’s a chance for me to just get some things done and get back in the grove of it all. teaching yoga tonight, and then more meetings… gotta stay aligned with my values and being a good human bean this week, gotta be kind to myself and remember to keep living my truth & doing things with good intentions. happy monday fellas and fellows. xoxo

Let’s be honest: at one point, we’ve all lain awake in the dead of night and asked the very same question…

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What date does Unity Day fall on? I'd like to know so I can party

Chronology questions have been asked a lot (usually in conjunction with ‘has Clarke had her birthday’). I finally was able to get the closest thing to an official timeline I can get from our script coordinator Ryan, who has to keep track of things like how many days/nights pass in an episode.

According to him, Season 1 was 29 days. The delinquents landed on Earth on September 13, 2149. Unity Day is October 1st.

So yes, Clarke has had her birthday. No, I don’t know what day it was and I can’t tell you whether it will be addressed or not this season.

FYI, for those playing at home, the bombs fell in 2052 (Hence Jasper’s ‘Earth Day 2052’ shirt in the pilot). Supposedly there’s a specific date, but I haven’t seen it, so I can’t say for sure…

that frickin. that college au. oh my god. oh MY god.

  • obi-wan confronting anakin about his “Sith Happens” shirt. anakin groaning and getting annoyed because he’s wearing it for ironic purposes, obviously

  • padme is this impossibly accomplished student who manages to get good grades while also getting herself deeply involved w community service. anakin has no fucking chance. “I am going to marry her,” he thinks to himself while she’s putting up posters about the importance of recycling.

    (obi-wan’s eyeballing him later bc anakin’s changed into an earth day shirt and casually walking past the quad several times, trying to get padme’s attention)

  • padme thinks anakin’s a dork but he’s smart and hilarious and she finds that really appealing. and so is his body. (come on it certainly wasn’t his smooth lines or anything. “you’ve grown more beautiful i mean much shorter for a senator i mean,” anakin’s body helped a lot let’s be real here)

  • she wants to focus on studying and whatnot and thinks it may be a Bad Idea to get mixed up w anakin (what with their differences in temperament, political views, and his tendency to hang out w Palpatine who just creeps her out). but they just keep meeting again and again and most of these occasions end in sloppy makeouts (every time she ends with “i shouldn’t have done that” and every time anakin’s like “i’m sorry, whenever i’m with you my mind is no longer my own. also am i the problem here, did you not like it, what could i have done to make that better for you”)

  • cue the frequent fanfiction tropes thrown in. (“oh no we’ve been locked in this broom closet and cannot come out!” anakin says. padme’s jiggling the doorknob bc half of her is like “this is an ideal situation” and the other half is like “no this is my least favorite fanfiction trope”). don’t try to tell me she doesn’t read fanfiction ok

  • obi-wan and anakin are always bickering, but anakin’s always with obi-wan during his office hours and he’s memorized how many bags of tea obi-wan goes through in a day (the answer is a lot)

  • other students come in to see obi-wan about a paper or something and they see him and anakin both yelling at the top of their lungs about something completely inane that happened two weeks ago. they’re like “uh professor?” and obi-wan turns red and clamps his mouth shut and tells anakin to come back later. and this happens on a daily basis. (anakin has his own chair installed in obi-wan’s office. students ask each other, “is he even in any of obi-wan’s classes?” “i think he was last semester… or was it last year?”)

  • i really need to stop

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Just a side note about the 'world ending' on 5/10/2052. I rewatched the pilot and saw Jasper wearing an Earth Day 2052 shirt. Didn't realize the significance till Jason pointed it out!

I literally rewatched the pilot yesterday, I can’t believe I didn’t notice it at all. You have a good eye! 

Now I’m just curious whether the Earth Day in 2052 was anything special or just another one that year. It is celebrated on April 22nd each year. The date in that video we see is May 10th and it was shot after the nuclear apocalypse so… does that mean it happened unexpectedly if they had time for something as “trivial” as Earth Day? I guess it’s safe to assume it happened sometime between April 22nd and May 10th 2052.

 I hope we get the answer in season 3. 

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