earth day half training

I would show you my sweat stains from this morning’s bike session, but that would be impossible.  Why? Because my pit stains bled into my under-boob sweat, which bled into my belly sweat, which bled into my back sweat.

Not a dry stitch on my top!  I’m soaked through.  Sometimes I impress myself with my ability to secrete water and urea.

So instead I shall show you my, “HEY! Maybe I almost have some arm muscle?” shot.


16.90 miles.

16.9 mph.

Still no love for the bike.  I caught myself feeling treadmill envy today, and I HATE treadmills.  C'est la vie.

I will run my half in two weeks.

Gotta keep up my endurance, and since I can’t run, that means two hours on a stationary bike.  In a sweltering gym.  On a gorgeous day.  Watching other people run.


30.96 miles.

15.48 mph.

I used to really like biking as cross-training, but I think I’m growing to abhor it.  Most of this hatred comes from my ass.  So sore.

The stationary bike: my new best friend.

Got my sweat on this morning. I’m not as sweaty as a run would leave me, but I’ll take what I can get.


11.71 miles.

15.61 mph.

Also, I’ve decided to replace my long run this weekend with a couple of hours on the bike.  My lungs and legs will thank me in a couple of weeks when I [hopefully] attempt my half marathon, but my ass will be screaming bloody murder.  Those seats must have been made in the fiery pits of Hell.

Sidenote: The treadmills were packed at the gym today.  What are you doing indoors?? It’s gorgeous outside!