earth day half training

They gave out weird water bottles and coconut water, and I don’t know what to do with them, apparently.

Ran to the race (1.2 miles to packet pick up), and after the race I ran home (1 mile).

I forgot about the whole chip time versus gun time thing while I was running past the mile splits.  I went from running the first mile way too fast to running the second mile at what seemed like a pretty good non-race pace for me, trying to remind myself that I still had to run at least 5 miles after the race.

Pretty sure I PRed.  Woops.  Here are my gun-time splits (ish):

Mile 1: 10:15

Mile 2: 10:30

Mile 3: 9:42

Mile .1: ?

So that’s 30:27 for the three miles, and I am fairly certain that I came in under 31:47 (which was my last PR) for the whole thing.

5.3 miles in the books, and now I put on another layer (it’s quite chilly out there), drink some water, watch the parade a bit from my porch, and head out for another 4-5 miles.

See you on the other side!

I would show you my sweat stains from this morning’s bike session, but that would be impossible.  Why? Because my pit stains bled into my under-boob sweat, which bled into my belly sweat, which bled into my back sweat.

Not a dry stitch on my top!  I’m soaked through.  Sometimes I impress myself with my ability to secrete water and urea.

So instead I shall show you my, “HEY! Maybe I almost have some arm muscle?” shot.


16.90 miles.

16.9 mph.

Still no love for the bike.  I caught myself feeling treadmill envy today, and I HATE treadmills.  C'est la vie.


Downside: I’m on crutches.

Upside: No stress fracture! Or so they think (you can never really be 100% about these things).

Downside: I’m missing my long run this weekend… and a lot of other runs.

Upside: I have a referral to see to a sports medicine specialist.

Downside: They can’t see me until Wednesday.

Upside: I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to run my half in three weeks.

Downside: I’m almost certainly going to miss my first 10k.

Upside: Crutches mean I’ll be getting a lot of upper body work done.

Downside: I won’t be able to record the awesome entry into shortmom’s contest that I had planned.  It was seriously going to be epic.

Upside: Now I have an excuse not to go to that terrible double-decker double kegger tonight!

I will run my half in two weeks.

Gotta keep up my endurance, and since I can’t run, that means two hours on a stationary bike.  In a sweltering gym.  On a gorgeous day.  Watching other people run.


30.96 miles.

15.48 mph.

I used to really like biking as cross-training, but I think I’m growing to abhor it.  Most of this hatred comes from my ass.  So sore.

It’s really hard to motivate yourself to go out the door for a run when you’ve just finished a race, but such is life.  If you want to run longer and run faster, the only thing you can do is train hard, putting forth the miles and the effort as needed.  In the end, it’s rarely as bad as you build it up to be in your head, and it almost always leaves you feeling happy, strong, and accomplished.  That’s one of the things that I love about running.

I quitted my house and promptly ran into my friend Graham, who was bummed to have missed this morning’s race and cheered me on anyway, and then my friend Max, who WOO-WOOed me and drunkenly put some festive beads around my neck.  Then I ran my 5 miles (because 10 miles just makes me feel all warm inside in a way that 9 miles can’t), beads bouncing around all the way.

I must say, the encouragement and support of friends (both “real-life” and “internet” varieties) makes all the difference in the world.  Thank you all!

Official race results still aren’t in, but I’m going to go ahead and call it a PR (because unless race directors are capable of time travel, it is), so today I’ve banked a 5k PR and 10.3 total miles.  Pretty decent awesome for a 200+ pound girl anyone.

GPOYW: Structured Binary Fartlek, FTW!

I’ve never done a fartlek workout before, and since I don’t trust myself to divvy up the running/recoveries as I feel comfortable (it’d be all recoveries…), I did a structured fartlek.  Since I’m indecisive to the max, I translated my name into binary and used that to structure my workout.

0 = 30 second recovery at 4.0

1 = 1 minute run at 6.5

For a total of 24 minutes running, and 2.6 miles covered.  As always, walking recoveries removed from mileage.

The stationary bike: my new best friend.

Got my sweat on this morning. I’m not as sweaty as a run would leave me, but I’ll take what I can get.


11.71 miles.

15.61 mph.

Also, I’ve decided to replace my long run this weekend with a couple of hours on the bike.  My lungs and legs will thank me in a couple of weeks when I [hopefully] attempt my half marathon, but my ass will be screaming bloody murder.  Those seats must have been made in the fiery pits of Hell.

Sidenote: The treadmills were packed at the gym today.  What are you doing indoors?? It’s gorgeous outside!

Rabbit, rabbit!

I woke up with absolutely no motivation.  I seriously contemplated skipping my run.  It’s silly, because today is a day just like any other day I’ve experienced over the past two months, but the fact that it’s a “first” gets to me.  It’s like I’m being forced to start over? I don’t know.

Anyway, two hours later, I got myself out of bed by setting up a plan for my next half, which is in seven weeks.  Seeing my workouts all neatly planned from now until mid-April helped to lace up and get out the door.

4.4 miles.


11:22 pace.

Slow, but it’s still super icy out there, my calves are still screaming, and seeing as though I wasn’t going to run at all, I’d call this one a win.