earth day


After drafting yesterday’s #TPT post, Summer & I independently went on Land of Nod sprees (sometimes it’s like we share a brain!). This All Solar Systems Go quilt and matching bedding is out-of-this-world adorable! Sure the planet sizes and their orbits aren’t accurately scaled (that would be a big, empty quilt!), but the other details (1 AU in miles, two moons for Mars, many moons for Jupiter & Saturn) and the gender-neutral marketing are enough to win us over.

Watch this space for more deep space decor!

Emily & Summer


Yay! I made five Doodles for Earth Day, featuring five different biomes of the earth! You get a random one when you visit, but just refresh to see another. I had SO much fun painting these, drawing inspiration from nature and travel, and got to draw some of my favorite animals to boot. I go a little more in depth in a blog post on the official site.

Happy Earth Day! 💚