earth citizens


big dog, little dog

I absolutely love Leo and Ray’s relationship

  • Leo Snart is canonically bi/pan, and he flirts with everyone, and his boyfriend doesn’t mind one bit and I love it and them
  • Leo openly flirts with Sara and we see exactly zero jealousy from Ray
  • Leo encourages Ray to go back to Earth-1 so he can be with his family
  • Ray would give up going back to his Earth so he can stay with Leo
  • “These heroes would risk everything for the people they love, just like I would… for you.”
  • “You know I can’t say no when you look at me like that.” “That is why I look at you like that.”
  • “The only plan now is not to leave this Earth without me.”
  • “I will come home to you.”
  • Leo says he wants to stay on Earth-1 a little longer, and Ray accepts it because he trusts his partner
  • Leo goes in for a hug with Barry and Ray is just “yup, that’s my boy”
  • Ray attacks the nazis with his shine after being uncuffed and Leo is just “yup, that’s my boy”
  • Ray goes home to an Earth which is not his, Leo stays on one he’s never been to, and they are both good, because they trust each other and know the other can take care of himself
  • the way they look at each other!!
  • Leo is low-key freaking out because of the lack of plan, and Ray calms him and Leo turns into a fluffy mush
  • and Ray’s face after Leo tells him he would risk everything for him

I came for CaptainCanary, but I stayed for Leo Snart and Ray Terrill. I’m so glad we got to see two openly gay men playing openly lgbtq characters on tv in a strong, trusting relationship. I really hope we will get to see more of them.


“What’s the pink triangle for? What did you do?”

“I loved the wrong person.”

“You know I can’t say no when you look at me like that.”

That is why I look at you like that.”