earth chorus

I’m opening the window and turning down the music to listen to the rain.

Why is that sound so satisfying? Sky touching earth in a slurpy chorus. Trees, grass, and bushes imbibing merrily.

Raindrops seem happy to me. Like red bull sponsored sky divers.

And the air gets so heavy; it’s down to chill all day.

Since we’ve had a lovely rain, I thought I’d share something rain related that makes me smile.

That wonderful smell that comes with a new rain is called petrichor. It loosely means the blood of the gods from the earth.

During dry periods, some plants release oils that soak into the soil and rocks. These oils tell their seeds not to sprout yet. The plants are protecting their babies until the conditions are right to grow.

When the rain comes, these oils are released, along with earthy bacteria and ozone from lightning. These aromas are petrichor. You are smelling lightning, earth, and the chorus of new life!

If that’s not enough to make you smile, consider this. There is no obvious reason for humans to react so pleasantly to plant oils, bacteria, and lightning, but we do. Scientists believe this is because our ancestors were much more affected by the fickle whims of weather, and stood to starve during dry periods. That smell told them that life was returning, that the crops would grow, that everything would be okay.

The smell of rain stirs in us an ancestral, generic memory of safety, sustenance, and peace. A great primordial sigh of relief. No wonder it’s so relaxing. ^_^

Squid Melody [Blue Version]
The Living Tombstone
Squid Melody [Blue Version]

Verse 1
“I can’t believe what I’m feeling when I’m right near
Your vibrant colors makes the sadness disappear
Such is love, makes me happy we’re both artists
We changed the world together, more than we first started,”

“Let’s paint the world with the colors of the rainbow
Make vivid images to look outside our windows
So take your brush, don’t be afraid to show your talent
Spread your designs and drown the earth with your palette”

Chorus x2
“Your drawings look like heaven to me
Such piece of art makes a lovely gift to see
I hope one day we will share memories
You paint the world and I’ll play my melodies”

“Like every artist we have ups and downs
Our closest friends can’t always just bring us around
So just remember and listen to what I said
Create as much art as you can before you will drop dead”

Verse 2
“Don’t be afraid to try a different angle
Sometimes ideas can come from looking at examples
I’ll be your guide, follow me on an adventure
We’ll conquer minds and amaze the world together”

“Splash every color and spray in every shading
Assault their senses with the art that you’re persuading
You won’t believe that your job is almost over
It’s kind of sad that it could have been much longer”

Chorus x2

So I dig the big band arrangements of old tunes in the new MST3K. But I can’t quite identify all of them. I’ve spotted Creepy Girl, United Servo Academy Chorus, To Earth, and Tom’s Canada song.

Any others?

It's home (but no homo).

RvB Fanfiction

Prompt from stairswarning

also if youre taking prompts, grimmons where after the war, grif and simmons move in together, insisting that its ‘no homo’ and slowly realize that its full homo

Pairing: Grimmons, with referenced Docnut.

Rating: T for teen.  

Notes: The title is not for definite I could think what else to call it. If any one has any suggestion please share them!

Chapter 1- A pinky promise. 

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Isn’t it just beautiful? You can dream juste by listening and watching this video! <3



In October 2012, NASA satellites recorded mysterious radio waves emanating from Earth. These radio waves known as “Chorus,” were given an audio rendering. This is what they heard”

DIRECTED BY Christopher Scott EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Jon M. Chu Hieu Ho EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Christina Ferguson Ryan Landels DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Jeffrey Waldron EDITED BY David Javier


Earth Chorus



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how much crashing and burning the day we (inevitably) find out phan is real?

the phandom gonna crash and burn so hard we gonna hit the core of the earth with a chorus of “I told you so"s