earth cellar

To Ground Yourself After Magical Work

This is just an example on a way to do this. You do not have to do it this way.😊 To ground yourself after a spell, ritual or a particularly potent magical circle, use simple symbolism. Sit on the ground, placing your hands in direct contact with the earth. Let the excess energy pour out of you while repeating this statement three times or as much as needed.

“From nature shared, we reciprocate, let this energy disseminate.”

Continue relaxing until you feel the buzz in the air passing and your senses returning to normal. It also helps to eat some simple foods like raw vegetables.
This also works for people who feel the need to keep their feet on the ground. If an outdoor location is not available, go to an area close to the earth, like a cellar or sun porch. You can also just visualize yourself outside, see yourself as a tree or other plant with deep strong roots, and/or listen to nature sounds, then use the same incantation.