earth ball

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This is how I feel about Twitter ending Vine.


Winona Ryder 1986 / 2015

a calming, unifying meditation

-the placid reach -

pick a color, vibrant soul

any color you want, just pick it.

hold it in your head,

see it as a beautiful stone in the middle of your temple.

watch it glow and envelop you

realize that this color has a smell,

a taste,

a feeling.

It is either a cool rush

or a hot prickle

or maybe something completely foreign.

feel that for a minute as you come to center. 

view yourself inside of this bubble of vibrant color

sitting there in peace and comfort

pull away from the image

step back

fly upwards and watch your small self become a seed of vibrant energy

you can see through the roofs of all the houses

as you fly up up and away

you see there are several beautiful seeds of every color

and they all have smells and tastes and feelings

eventually you are so far you can see the planet

the smorgasboard of light

is like a partylight

but the seeds of light are getting brighter

and bigger

they are sensing and growing

they are feeling their connectedness

and it makes them shine brighter,

just like you.

soon the earth is a vibrant ball of neon light

it’s not overwhelming though the vibration is high

you are surrounded in the embrace

of the divine energy

which composes you 

and every other beautiful light seed.

feel the vibration soar through your chakras 

and into your soul star

you are everything

and everything is you.

your pain is not your own

and you are at peace.


hear the bright tone of the universe as it hums in unison with your desires

you will win all that you desire

At some point between the earth being a ball of lava and when it gets consumed by it’s dying star, a species of bipedal apes became self aware, and then immediately destroyed each other for literally no reason :)