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Hi there! I want to transition to vegetarian and I'm doing pretty well with that, however, I would love to transition to vegan but I feel like I wouldn't know what to eat!? I really enjoy savory foods for my main courses and I see that you eat a lot of fruit but I don't think I could ever eat that as a main meal. I hope this doesn't come off as rude, I just really need advice. Thank you so much, I truly admire your lifestyle!

good for you!!!! yay!!! you won’t regret this lifestyle change!!!

oh believe me i love my savory food too! i always have a savory dinner and occasionally a savory lunch or savory snacks. there are so many amazing non-fruit vegan foods! heres some meals/snacks i can think of off hand:

-Hummus with crackers, bread, or veggies

-Sandwiches (avocado, hummus, tomato, onion, greens, sprouts, mustard, etc)

-Soup (veggie soup, bean chili, mushroom soup, miso soup, minestrone, sweet potato, etc)

-Rice & beans

-Burritos! (i get rice, beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, hot sauce)

-Potatoes + veggies w mushroom or onion gravy

-Pasta w pepper, onions, tomato sauce, nutrional yeast

-Toast w avocado, lime juice, black pepper

-Pizza/flatbread (go cheesless! just load on the veggies and tomato sauce!)

-Rice w tomato sauce

-Vermicelli (rice noodles - so good!)

-Salads (they can be so interesting and exciting just get creative with things like squash, fruit, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, various dressings, etc)

-Curry (potato, rice & veggies curry w coconut milk instead of dairy)

-Baba ganoush, falafel, tabbouli


And these are just off the top of my head! When you keep your eyes open, you’ll be surprised how many vegan options there are! earth balance even makes vegan mac & cheese, popcorn and cheese-it type crackers. many potato chips are vegan too (just check the labels!). Theres no shortage of savory vegan junk food when you just really need it =)


Sierra Nevada Mountains - Sunset Mac & Cheese

On our recent backpacking trip into the Sierra Nevada Mountains we stopped at our favorite dinner location along the way. A nice quiet spot in the Alabama Hills looking up at the beautiful crags of Mt. Whitney, the tallest peak in the lower 48 states. When the sun started to set we were in for a breathtaking surprise of insanely beautiful color. Awestruck.

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you do realize that calling ppl carnist is classist right? there are people who literally can't afford anything except cheap meat, and there are people who cant live off of a vegan diet. i don't want to be rude, but that post you made was completely contradictory.

Hi there! 

I see your point and people often believe veganism to be expensive when it is one of the cheapest lifestyles out there. 

Check out these master posts showing just how cheap veganism can be. There may be some overlap in their links but they’ve done an awesome job collecting resources. 

Post 1

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People often think vegans go for those expensive cheese and meat replacements but the truth is … us low income vegans use food stamps, shop at 99cent/$1 stores. You can buy produce, canned goods, frozen goods, soy milk, snacks (and even score some neat items like Earth Balance Mac n Cheese) at the 99 Cents store! So please don’t erase us low income vegans! 

Vegans come from every country, background and income level. This post touches on my opinion on some thoughts on those “Whole Foods” vegans.

Again, please do not erase low income vegans. 

Thanks for stopping by, hope you’re well!

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hey bean:) what are some of your fav vegan staples/replacements or foods youve gotten since going vegan? like from wholefoods etc? for instance that alfredo sauce on yr snap looked veryy good

yes!! earth balance butter and vanilla almond milk(any really, but dont get any with added sugar!!) are both the things i probably use most in recipes and w food in general. If you have a sweet tooth the donuts, el pastry cookie dough are both SO good. Trader joes has good vegan cookies but get the oatmeal chocolate chip ones with coconut, theyre 100% better than the plain ones. chao creamy original cheese is good on sandwiches and chopped over things but dont melt it, i dont like it melted. Earth balance mac and cheese is bomb. If youre getting icecream go for either cashew or cocont, almond milk icecream isnt creamy at all and i dont really like it. My fav for icecream is coconut bliss their flavors are the best

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Hi! For vegan mac and cheese, cashews are often used, but I'm allergic to them.. Do you think I could substitute them with almonds or other nuts? P.s. I really love your blog! :)

I’m not sure, I tried to find some recipes but only really found cashews. Could always experiment and try! You can try this recipe, I use it once in a while it’s mac n cheese made with nutritional yeast. I change up the recipe I bit like I don’t use the mustard and add lemon pepper, it’s good. Here’s another. Can also try a cauliflower based one. If you’re gonna use vegan cheese I’d recommend Follow your heart or Daiya. Fyh has more of a mellow taste and daiya is a bit strong (Daiya actually makes mac n cheese now, here). Earth balance makes one too. Happy you like c:

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Hey, this is a bit of a weird question but I'm from England and coming to the US next month and i wanted to know if there are any vegan substitutes you would recommend trying... Like for example i really want to try loads of vegan ice cream flavours we don't have in England and also the so delicious pizza mac and cheese which looks amazing! Basically anything delicious and unhealthy and vegan haha, do you have any recommendations? Love your blog btw <3

Hey! well i’m not really sure what you guys don’t have that we do. I made this post if you wanna check it out, has a lot of alternative things. My favorite products are Beyond meat, they make amazing stuff. Gardein, Tofurky hot pockets!! and Field Roast especially the chao cheese. There’s so many good vegan ice creams, I’ve never had one I was like disgusted by, but So Delicious is my fave, purely decadent was too but it’s been discontinued, but was made by the same company that produces So Delicious, I believe. I usually make my own pizza (really good with Follow Your Heart mozzarella) but this pizza is pretty good, and daiya makes some also. Earth balance, daiya and amy’s make mac and cheese! Check out Earth balances’ snacks, they’re like all my faves, I love the cheese puffs. They make cheese-its and all kinds of stuff. Also! can look up where you’re going to be staying here and find some restaurants/cafes! Yard House is a cool spot, they have lots of vegan options, like gardein!