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100th Anniversary Special: Guardians of the Galaxy #1

(Marvel’s 100th Anniversary Special Interlocking Variant Covers)

Art by: Alexander Lozano


DATELINE—Dearborn, Michigan, January 7, 1983. The Henry Ford Community Center plays host to the Misfits’ Earth A.D. tour. Guitarist Doyle (top) cuts his usual striking figure while singer Glenn Danzig (bottom) engages the crowd. Earlier that day the Misfits taped a riotous appearance on a local cable access television show called “Why Be Something You’re Not?” which you may view in its entirety here because we live in the future. 

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Alright! I've got a Knight of Space, Witch of Time, Maid of Breath, and Rogue of Life. How's it looking?

Looking oh so fine, doll face.

Knight of Space-


We should just rename SBURB as “Everybody Loves the Knight of Space.”

Because that’s basically all it’s about.

The Knight is an upstanding citizen, stalwart companion, excellent friend, and a bit of a sneaky jerk.  They are very well-rounded skill-wise, but have a massive workload. 


Of course, the Knight has the teleportation abilities that all Space Heroes have.  However, the Knight is particularly adept at utilizing this ability in battle.  They can zip back and forth around the enemy, striking and teleporting in one smooth movement.  If used properly, this ability can make it almost impossible for opponents to land a direct hit on you.  Not only this, but the Knight can increase their momentum, speed, force, and density, making them very formidable opponents, even without their trademark “Flash Step” maneuver.

The Knight of Space also often utilizes the [Space Rave] ability as a distraction/dramatic entrance.  Oh man, that’s easily in my top ten favorite special abilities in Sburb.  It does exactly what you think it would.


The Knight has the unique disposition of exploiting their Aspect in ways that most other Heroes would never even consider.  Knights have a knack for bending the rules, and bending them well

Unfortunately, this mindset has a serious consequence. 

Oh geez, how do I put this…. Well, the first thing you have to understand is that Aspects are a lot more self-aware and intelligent than most people think.  They have unique personalities, and unique relationships with all the other Aspects.  And they are very sensitive.  Oh my gosh, they are such divas.  Aspects hate having their feelings hurt, and wow, they are vengeful.  Most Heroes have to forge an understanding with their Aspect’s personality, and learn more about what makes their Aspect tick.

Knights don’t do that in the slightest. 

The Knight learns how to exploit their Aspect like a conman in Vegas on a Tuesday, not how to connect with it.  Knights will cheat, steal, and blatantly exploit game-mechanics to further their own ends.

So the Aspect sulks.

It simply refuses to show up in the Session.  The Aspect does the bare minimum it can get away with in any given situation, and drags its feet when the Knight tries to command it.  In order to utilize their Aspect to the greatest degree, a Knight must fulfill a very unique role.  The Knight must earn their Aspect’s respect.  They have to make the Aspect so impressed that they can’t help but, at the very least, grudgingly respect the Knight.

This is especially unfortunate with a Knight of Space, given how important the Space Aspect is to a Session.  It should go without saying that if you want to make a healthy universe, you need Space’s cooperation.  At least Space isn’t quite as big a drama queen as, say, Light. 

Space has a bit of a zen thing going on.  At least, it tries to.  It’s not very good at being zen.  Probably because Space is constantly subjected to paradoxes, infinite loops, and various other things that mess with the poor, poor, fragile fabric of reality.  I mean, is it really necessary to turn the universe into your own personal M.C. Escher painting every time you need to solve a simple puzzle?  I’m talking to you, Void Heroes.

Anyway, Space tries to be calm, but has a biiiit of a short temper.  Most Sessions with a Knight of Space will be unusually small.  That means that you’ll have less distance between you and Skaia, and can get there very early.  Sounds great, right?  No.  If you activate The Reckoning too early, when the group isn’t even close to ready, you will get pulverized.

Its part of the reason Knights of Space have such a massive workload. They need to really win points with Space, gain trust and reconcile.  Space is a pushover, and she comes around once you get on her good side.  Be nice, and you’ll get a bit more time to prepare and make a very healthy Genesis Frog. 

Yeah, Aspects are basically Tsundere.

“Y-you’re such a baka, Knight-kun!”

Team Influence:

Shoe-in for team leader, right?  Wrong.  The last thing the Knight wants is another responsibility on their plate.  That dubious honor will likely go to the Maid of Breath.  The Knight is the team mommy, though.  This Space Hero will have to try and break through their stony façade to become a shoulder to cry on for the rest of the team.  Good luck with that, bro.

Also, this Knight is the long suffering target of the Witch of Time’s various pranks and tricks.  The Knight almost gives as good as he gets.

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Book Review: The Art of the B-Movie Poster

When a movie has no big stars or advertising budget to rely on, they often utilize eye-catching artwork to draw audiences to the theater. The Art of the B-Movie Poster collects over 1,000 such posters from the 1940s through the 1970s. Although most people have never even heard of the majority of the titles highlighted across the more than 300 pages, editor Adam Newell treats each one as if it’s a classic cinematic achievement.

The tome is divided into five convenient chapters: moral panic, action, horror, sci-fi, and sex. Each subject is then broken down into subcategories that receive a 2-4 page spread of art with a little blurb about the films featured. For example, the horror section - which, I’m happy to report, is the longest - highlights everything from Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee movies to Jaws rip-offs and Mexican horror.

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my world is built on rain
it falls from blue skies
and dampens my hair
turning strands into weapons
and warmth into weight

my soul shivers
it shakes as if the storm surrounding me
is the least of my worries

there is an earthquake inside my skin
i clash and fold and break
a planet unto myself
with a galaxy raging around me
full of stars brighter than i could ever glow

it’s a shame and a pity
being a planet
an earthquake
a human
no matter whether it’s a storm or a galaxy
i’m never good enough and endlessly shaking

—  comparisons of earth and sky, a.d.
13th Sign = Not Typical esoteric Astrology

I’ve been seeing a lot of that 13th sign debate again so I just wanted to put in my thoughts.
First things first, Astronomy and Astrology are two completely different things. Astronomy is to do with studying what’s going on in space meanwhile Astrology has to do with what’s happening on earth in relation to planetary energies and archetypes. 
I’ve also got a trust-y source from an author I read, Linda Goodman, and her thoughts on this on and off debate, 
“Astrologers use the signs of the zodiac, not the signs of constellations, when they talk about the positions of planets.
I only tell you this because there is an age-old debate about astrologers being one sign off– which astronomers bring up when they want to pick a fight. So if you just happen to be talking to an astronomer and you say, “I’m a Capricorn,” he or she will no doubt want to inform you that you were born under the constellation of Sagittarius. You can agree. You are both right, but about two different things.
Until about 200 A.D., the Earth was considered the centre of our solar system, rather than the sun. Then increased mathematical understandings brought new insights about the paths of the Earth and the Sun. Because the constellations are part of the fixed stars, their position in the new map of the heavens were affected by this shift: They ended up a sign away from their original positions.
 But astrology is based on the movement of the planets, so astrologers’ interpretations were unaffected by the discovery. The meaning of the signs of the zodiac remained unchanged.

So yes, it is possible to be born under the constellation Ophiuchus, but you are still the zodiac sign Scorpio or Sagittarius (which ever was interrupted).

Also astrology is highly based on the balance of nature and the number 12 is such an important number to our balance.

Hoped this helped those of you who were a little confused.