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Marvel Zombies Vs. Army of Darkness #3

(Carmine Infantino’s Superman Vs. the Amazing Spider-Man Homage)

Art by: Arthur Suydam

What kind of SteveTony are you?

Civil war denial Stevetonies: “tralalala what Civil War? U mean CIVIL MARRIAGE AMIRITE”

Civil war made me ship it Stevetonies: live for the drama

Rare ‘verse Stevetonies: “hey everyone please read my earth 2149 stony zombies fanfic cheers”

Chaotic evil Stevetonies: excel in the realm of the non fix it, murders us and are happy about it

Parental Stevetonies: refers to stevetony as my SONS my smol and my big son. always makes reclists and makes sure to promote other stevetonies

Identity porn Stevetonies: “u don’t really love me you LOVE THE IDEA OF ME” ships Stevetony for the pining

Size difference Stevetonies: pre-serum steve? YES. chibi shoujo smol tony? YES.

Superhusband Stevetonies: post hug and fly domesticity gifs and fanart with the caption “SO MARRIED” or “CANON HUSBANDS”

Dorito & Bob Stevetonies: posts Chrevans and RDJ fanboying each other and ALL THE KISS GIFS. And RDJ’s facebook posts.

Secret Spy Stevetonies: RDJ’s spies who regularly show Bob all the Stony fanart from tumblr for him to post on facebook. Maybe RDJ himself

Tsumtsum Stevetonies: collects all the marvel stony merch & fan goods. ALL. Even boxes of cereal, underwear, and civil war themed bandaids

Veteran Stevetonies: writes meta about Stevetony throughout the years. Was around during Tales of Suspense. Read the ship manifesto and cried about it.

Soul mate Stevetonies: ships them in all multiverses and iterations. Has a soft spot for capwolf

SuperIronCaptainStarkRogersAmericaHusbands4lyf Stevetonies: has a Stony themed username

I was reading the Marvel Zombies TV Tropes page, and:

 As Linkara noted, for a world scoured of all life by the Marvel Zombies, later series show Earth-2149 has a surprising number of hidden human survivors. Marvel Zombies: Halloween shows that  Mephisto secretly protects the survivors in order to have a population of souls to later corrupt. “

I’ve read Marvel Zombies: Halloween and I’m not sure it actually takes place on Earth-2149 (the Marvel Zombies world/Malcolm’s world) There’s at least one or two other worlds with the Marvel zombies because them wiping out Earth’s population in the first Marvel Zombies series meant the writers had to take them elsewhere for the sequels.

But if it is…then that means…





fyeahjohnmurphy  asked:

What date does Unity Day fall on? I'd like to know so I can party

Chronology questions have been asked a lot (usually in conjunction with ‘has Clarke had her birthday’). I finally was able to get the closest thing to an official timeline I can get from our script coordinator Ryan, who has to keep track of things like how many days/nights pass in an episode.

According to him, Season 1 was 29 days. The delinquents landed on Earth on September 13, 2149. Unity Day is October 1st.

So yes, Clarke has had her birthday. No, I don’t know what day it was and I can’t tell you whether it will be addressed or not this season.

FYI, for those playing at home, the bombs fell in 2052 (Hence Jasper’s ‘Earth Day 2052’ shirt in the pilot). Supposedly there’s a specific date, but I haven’t seen it, so I can’t say for sure…

Official disabled Marvel AUs

Earth-TRN311 insane
Earth- 9142 paralyzed
Earth- 92272 insane

Black Panther
Earth- 1610 mute

Captain America
Earth- 3010 amputee
Earth- 14850 amputee

Earth- 295 insane
Earth- 987 amputee

Earth- 2182 amputee
Earth- 9591 blind

Doctor Doom
Earth-1191 dementia, paralyzed

Doctor Strange
Earth- 938 amputee
Earth- 42777 amputee

Earth- 371 amputee
Earth- 95099 amputee

Earth- 982 blind
Earth- 1610 depression
Earth- 9511 blind
Earth- 807128 blind

Earth- 982 insane

Iron Man
Earth- 1610 tumors
Earth- 9997 hypochondriac
Earth- 55921 tumors
Earth- 94831 amputee

Jean Grey
Earth- 1031 paralyzed
Earth- 5521 insane

Earth- 295 paralyzed
Earth-1610 insane, amputee

Mary Jane Watson
Earth- 9997 cancer

Earth- 9591 DID

Earth- 9997 dementia

Earth- 9997 amputee

Peter Parker
Earth- 15 sociopath
Earth- 2149 amputee
Earth- 11209 blind
Earth- 81029 insane
Earth- 91600 insane
Earth- 98311 insane

Quintavius Quire
Earth- 4400 insane

Reed Richards
Earth- 2149 insane
Earth- 9997 amputee

Earth- 3515 amputee

Earth- 2182 paralyzed
Earth- 2149 amputee
Earth- 11080 amputee
Earth- 81211 paralyzed
Earth- 92272 paralyzed
Earth- 96099 amputee

anonymous asked:

Oh damn all 6 members of the Zombie Galacti are surrounding you now. I sure hope that they didn't discover your multiverse teleporter! Its seems Giant Man wishes to speak to you. Now he's suspicious about the so called "cure" with their blood samples. Don't make them angry remember they have their own powers plus Cosmic Power too. Crap if they could learn how to open up portals to other realities, all fleshing in those universes will be eaten! Tell me is Hank the scariest one?

“By the way, Hank isn’t that scary… i think people just SIZE him up too quickly.”

anonymous asked:

Why is Giant Man angry? Redwing Wolverine, Power Man, and the Hulk suddenly appeared in front of you. Oh shit don't tell me they found out about your teleporter! Redwing if you make any sudden movements they're going to tear you apart. My guess is that they've received orders from Giant Man himself. Perhaps Hank wants to speak to you about something. Guard those blood samples with your life. One more question: I know you're a robot but are you experiencing fear right now?

“Uh… back to Giant man… it’s because hunger is kind of what makes the zombies… well, mindless and violent. I guess the steak wasn’t enough to keep him off his hunger side.I think the same goes for these guys too. ”