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frostbite883  asked:

TumblrFrostbite: How many black DC chars do you know?

off the top of my head w/ no googling: icon, rocket, static, thunder, lightning, black lightning, the yelly guy from the legion of superheroes, bronze tiger, john stewart, cyborg, bumblebee, mal duncan, joto, vixen, amazing man, empress, aqualad, XS, sometimes firestorm, crimson avenger, mr terrific, lucius fox and his daughter(?) who is a batgirl(?), amanda waller, nu’bia, phillipus, batwing, kid flash(wallace west), steel, natasha irons, jakeem thunder, coldcast, black manta, nu52 earth 2 superman val-zod(?maybe his name), the new powergirl, spectre (that one time, i forget the name of the host), the 2nd mr miracle, bloodwynd, 

gonna stop here