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You guys know how much I love BatCat and how I love this panel. Finally, we see our ship as a happily married couple, enjoying a sensual and healthy sex life, finding a safe haven in each other’s arms.

But let me pick this panel apart just for one second because, all sexiness and fulfilled shipper hopes aside, I still have some questions.

1. The Batman cowl is a nice detail. They’re either into role-play (as expected) or went straight from the cave up to their room (probably kissing and undressing in the process). Knowing that Bruce has no problem with walking around the mansion in costume later (he enters Helena’s room still wearing the uniform), it could be either… But I wanna know which one! ;-)

2. Why is Selina still wearing a top?! Wouldn’t she tear it off in the throes of passion? Or have Bruce rip it open?

3. What the flippity flop did they do?! What was their last position when they’ve ended up lying like this?!

4. Just how large is that bed that they both can lie like this?

5. BRUCE HAS TWO LEFT HANDS!!! No, really, look!

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Favorites moments at Bruce,Selina and Helena as a Family

Worlds’ Finest #0

We just did not get enough of the Wayne family in New 52, but here’s a precious moment of Bruce and Selina having a brief marital squabble over their parenting styles. Poor Bruce. I just imagine him being constantly ganged up on by two tall, strong willed ladies and never being able to get a word in. 

Secret Origins #7 “Huntress”

That time Bruce and Selina left in the middle of their child’s bedtime story to go get busy. 

Worlds’ Finest Annual #1

Ah yes, father-daughter talks

Worlds’ Finest #30

Catwoman being a total mom and forgetting to use Robin’s alias while fighting crime. There’s another great moment when Catwoman and Robin fall into a trap and Batman is none too pleased that someone is threatening his family.