I officially bow down to the artists working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Also, thanks to NASA for recognizing and celebrating the power of art like this. 

These STUNNING posters can all be downloaded directly from JPL (in hi-res). And their mere existence is reason enough for a new Wednesday theme: World Tour Wednesday. 

Stay tuned for some more awesome posters that are out of this world* and worth touring

- Summer

*too easy?


Dreamlike Paintings by Kari-Lise Alexander

To create such inspiring paintings, Kari-Lise Alexander draws her inspirations from her Scandinavian origins. Since her young age, she practices painting and try different kind of pictural techniques. Here is a selection of her portraits, depicting sensual and ethereal women, right in the middle of a flourishing nature

Investing in an innovative technology to transmit data from deep space

Sending a text message to a friend is fast and easy with today’s technology. But transmitting photos taken by a spacecraft millions of kilometres away from Earth is a whole new ball game!

Through the Space Technology Development Program, the Canadian Space Agency is providing funding to Aflare Systems of Brampton, Ontario, to demonstrate alternative satellite communication strategies. Just like a basketball player would hang on to the ball until he could safely pass it to a teammate, such a technology would ensure that information transmitted from deep space is eventually delivered and does not get lost when no immediate path to the destination exists.

Learn more here.

Credit: Canadian Space Agency’s Facebook Account