🌟 🎧 Celestial Astral Travel Sound Resources 🌟 🎧

thought i’d share with you the sound generator prefixes i use when practicing astral travel involving the planets of our system, among other celestials

⊙ Sun    ☾ Moon       ☿ Mercury    ♀ Venus    ⊕ Earth    ♂ Mars  ♃ Jupiter     ♄ Saturn     ♅ Uranus    ♆ Neptune      ♇ Pluto

🌌Nebula    ✨Meteor   💫Solar Wind   🌐The Void / Vaccum ⚫Black Hole       ⭐ Asteroid       🌠 Comet     🌟Star Cluster     💥 Supernova     🚀 Interstellar Dust      🔭 Aurora

Just go ahead now and take three deep breaths. You are about to undergo a fantastic voyage both deep inside yourself and far into the reaches of the Solar System.

The Flickering by @flippermood

“This fleeting warmth between two ice, that we are.” -Eduardo Galeano

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I am currently staying at an organic, completely sustainable ranch in San Carlos, Costa Rica. They produce their own food, medicine, and energy. Walking these sacred grounds, sleeping in an eco lodge, and being immersed in a 100% positive environment has completely opened my eyes to the possibility of humanity healing into a sustainable way of living. Sat nam. Be the change! Reduce, reuse, do everything you can to keep mama clean ✨