(Naja nigricollis) black necked spitting cobra
Venom primarily cytotoxic, causing serious local tissue damage. Large specimens can “spit” venom as far as 3 m, usually aiming at intruders’ eyes (or heads). Venom does not affect unbroken skin, but can cause great pain & possible tissue destruction in the eyes

Earth 🌏

I am mostly Earth in my chart and I just want to input a couple thoughts on what that’s like…being Earth dominant is very much like a tree in a forest that grows slowly up and plants roots into the soil. Other animals and things are supported and live off the tree, making a safe home there. The tree can flourish if in the right conditions or shrivel up and die. The tree’s solid material ensures all marks of time, burns, scratches, people marking their initials into the bark…all of it is kept in the body’s memory. Virgo, Cap and Taurus are all imbued with a protective spirit kept afloat by an ancient heart. Being Earth dom can be very exhausting because so much is expected just by existing, by the nature of our personalities and yet we also feel the reflex to fulfill the need to create security for others as well as ourselves. Earth is a life-giver in a different way than the water signs in that it is strongly related to food, the harvest and feeding others. As an Earth dom person, I am often concerned with the practical realities and how I can manifest various outcomes. I feel sadness, anxiety, happiness, excitement deeply in my body and the maintenance of my physical being remains at the surface of my thoughts. Being an Earth sign means taking a unique place in astrology, where we do not operate by a language of reactive emotions; nor do we go by the instincts of fire or the variable streams of communication whipped by air signs. Earth is something slower and almost unseen. The time lapses of nature bring to mind how Earth signs go at their own pace, their own mechanics and magic hidden below any external persona, kept only for themselves. Earth signs are naturally thoughtful, having witnessed much and holding an automatic knowledge of the life cycle and understanding there is a time and place for all things.