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If you could re-write the ending of A:TLA, how would you approach canon Zutara? How would you resolve Aang's infatuation with Katara and the subsequent romance between Katara and Zuko?

Zuko and Katara’s relationship honestly does not need that much help to be canon. The build-up is all right there in the show, and it’s very well paced. And actually, when you think about it, the build-up for a Kαtααng break-up is also right there in the show. It would take such minor tweaking to make this whole thing work.

There is a prime opportunity for Kαtααng to start breaking up at the end of Season 2. When Aang realizes he is too attached to Katara and has to let her go, that can be the beginning of him realizing his attraction to her is too self-centered. For example, in “The Awakening,” he could apologize for abandoning Katara when she and Hakoda were having issues of their own. Then in “The Headband,” after Katara kisses him on the cheek, we get Aang’s happy reaction shot as always…but then a moment of doubt as she starts putting away the bundle of clothes that allowed her to pass herself off as his mother. In “The Avatar and the Firelord,” instead of Roku saying things like “I was persistent” and “being the Avatar doesn’t hurt your chances with the ladies,” he could emphasize how Ta Min and he didn’t get along at first, but became a perfect match due to the way they balanced each other. (Hey, here’s a thought: instead of Roku’s male earthbending teacher Sud, whose model is based on the original boy!Toph, why couldn’t we have his eartbending teacher be a lady, perhaps foreshadowing Taang? By combining Sud and Ta Min, it would also show the difference between a divided world with four separate nations and the more unified world of the past.)

“The Runaway” would then come at the perfect time for Aang to get a full dose of Katara being motherly toward him. Next comes “Nightmares and Daydreams” two episodes later. I have previously demonstrated how Katara provided emotional support for Aang in a whopping nine scenes in that one episode, and instead of a purely happy ending where Aang gets to sleep, we could show him sound asleep and Katara purely exhausted from all the work she’s been doing to help him. 

During the “Day of Black Sun,” Katara didn’t get a lot of development compared to Aang and Zuko. So I would take advantage of her “healing Hakoda” subplot a little more. Emphasize that she has drained herself so much taking care of Aang that she is finding it difficult to help out when she is needed the most. Maybe she would have to fight and heal if they ran into some trouble, and she might think she is handling it, but then can’t slice open enough airships at the end to keep the adults out of prison. We would still get the Kαtααng kiss in Part 1 with Katara’s ambivalent reaction, which would lead nicely into…

“The Western Air Temple.” After the invasion fails, Aang reverts to his Season 1 self, and starts flying off again when Katara needs him. This wouldn’t need to be touched upon–it just emphasizes the running theme throughout Season 3. Everything else can pretty much stay the same until “The Southern Raiders.” Now this episode is one that I would have liked to see Elizabeth Ehasz’s original script for, before Bryke felt so threatened by the Zutara relationship that they tried to have her write Zutara as worse than it was originally conceived. (They pretty much failed anyway, but still, she should have just been given free reign on the project.) Maybe Katara could promise to help Zuko find his own mother after the war? That would be a sweet bookend, foreshadowing a furtherance to their relationship.

After “Southern Raiders” comes “Ember Island Players,” and I would have had the episode opening with Katara and Sokka spending some quality time together, maybe Katara taking Sokka shopping instead of Suki to make up for her “you didn’t love her the way I did” remark. She could ask Sokka some pointed questions about his relationship with Suki, which would not only give Sukka more development, but also lead Sokka to wonder if there is someone she is thinking about dating. It also leads to some worry on this part, because the kinds of questions she’s asking are all about what’s good for the person she might be interested in, rather than what works for her. Cue Aang’s tirade and the “unexpected” kiss, and Katara refusing to talk to him after.

Then we have the part in the finale where Aang storms off, again, never to be seen until after Ozai is defeated. I think this makes Aang look pretty bad, actually, added to the fact that he never even thinks that his friends might be worried about him. I would have him send Momo away, not right before the battle, but after he wakes up on the island, in order to deliver a letter to the GAang (he could snatch up the baby Ozai scroll in his rage and then have it with him on the island to further his moral dilemma, then ultimately send it back to the GAang). It wouldn’t reveal Aang’s location, so the GAang would still have to track him down, but it would explain that there is something he has to do before the Firelord is defeated. It would also tell Katara that he is sorry and has to respect her wishes–a parallel of Zuko’s breakup letter to Mai. Aang and Katara both realize that they can’t put each other’s wellbeing over the wellbeing of the world, or their own wellbeing, respectively, and being attached to each other that way is a mistake. 

“Sozin’s Comet” is full of Zutara moments–Zuko putting a hand on Katara’s shoulder to calm her down after Aang runs off, Katara encouraging Zuko to join in the group hugs, Zuko choosing Katara to fight by his side, Katara encouraging him when he is worried about his uncle’s forgiveness, Zuko taking the lightning bolt for Katara, etc. etc. It really needs very little work in that direction. One thing I would change is the final dialogue between Zuko and Iroh, where Iroh instead promises to support Zuko and be at his side as Firelord–provided he gets his own tea shop! (And when Katara says, “Good luck, General Iroh!”, Iroh could reply with “Good luck, everyone,” then with a meaningful look at Katara, “and thank you,” showing that he knows she helped Zuko get up the courage to apologize to his uncle.)

I would have the ending Mαiko scene take a different path, with Zuko overjoyed to see Mai alive and thanking her for the sacrifice she made for him, and her replying, “Yeah. That’s just it, Zuko. I made the sacrifice for you, but not for myself. This whole time, I haven’t thought much about what I really want from life.” She looks around at the walls of the palace. “All I know is that I just escaped from prison, and going right back into the one that trapped me as a child is not going to happen.” Then she pauses. “When you knew Azula was going to take me down, you didn’t go back for me.” She holds up a hand as Zuko starts to apologize. “It’s not your fault–I saw the people with you. You were choosing your new life over your old one.” She looks at the scar on Zuko’s chest. “You still are. And now I have to do the same.” She kisses him good-bye and says she’ll see him again, and when he asks how, she’ll just give a secretive smile–and pull out a throwing star shaped like a White Lotus when no one is looking. 

During Zuko’s coronation, I would have Katara smile at both of them, not just Aang. Instead of that teaser scene with Zuko sounding more like his Season 1 self during his Ozai questioning, I would have cut that scene and left more time for the end GAang reunion. We could see Aang and his new self-confidence being more capable of keeping up with Toph, and then a scene where Zuko awkwardly comes up to Katara, rubbing the back of his neck, and asking whether the offer to help find his mother is still open. She says yes, and just presses her lips to his for a tiny moment–not a sweeping romantic kiss, but a promise of things to come.  Then when they are all together, I would bring the GAang out in order of appearance–Sokka and Katara, then Aang (keeping the Aang and Katara hug), then Zuko, Suki, and Toph. And why a sunset, I wonder? Maybe it could be a sunrise instead–them watching a new dawn together.

Fighting back

Ever since she was a little girl she had witnessed multiple times how the people around her disappeared taken away by the fire nation and sometimes never returned. When she was three she witnessed how her neighbor was taken, she had gone out but was pushed inside by her mother, that didn’t stop her from watching through the window how the kind man was taken away. He never came back.

By the time MC was eight in her way to school she saw how they were trying to take a girl away, the girl defended herself using earthbending and placing a wall between her and the soldiers. The next day she didn’t saw the girl again. That girl came back two weeks later she was visible bruised and could barely walk.

Less than a year later she started to show aptitudes to earthbending, she remembered how her mother started to cry in the kitchen table how she managed to lift a rock by herself. Her brother urged her to tell him if anyone had seen her, she quickly refused still shocked by her mother cries, she thought it was a good thing, it would give her the power to fight against the fire nation and protect her home.

-Listen carefully MC- her father spoke to her over her mother’s cries –No matter what you need to hide those powers, no one should ever know what you can do. Understood? - He nagged and she nodded

-But why? - She wondered as she stared at him confused

-Do you want them to take you away? Do you want to be far from your family?- MC lowered her head at the question letting her father know the answer as he made his way to her mother in an attempt to convince her that everything was going to be alright and that MC would stay with them.

MC wished things hadn’t turned worst.

Her abilities became harder to control each passing day. One time in her house she was fighting with her brother and the water her mother had in a vessel suddenly trembled and the water started to drop by the edges. Neither of them realized this. One night she went camping with a couple of her friends, one of them left a candle on because she hated to sleep without one so they went to sleep, she woke up because of a nightmare to only realize that the tent was on fire and that they needed to get out quickly. One day she was running to school until she tripped with a stone in the road she hoped she would fall with her face straight to the ground but instead she landed amost gracefully on her feet; she was unable to explain those things.

In secrecy MC disappeared in the middle of the night and went to train as far as she could so no one would see her, she felt bad for disobeying her parents but she wanted to be stronger so she could fight.

A few days after her sixteenth birthday a loud knock in the door surprised them, it was her brother the one who stood up and went to open the door only to be faced with a soldier from the fire nation that asked for someone that could do eartbending. MC stood up as fast as she could unsure of how she should react

-There’s no one like that in this house- the brother answered serious trying to close the door to the guards

-That must be a mistake because we received a report that an earthbender lived in this house- the soldier fought back.

MC’s mother urged her to run away through the window but she couldn’t move,

-I told you there is no one like that at this house- Her brother tried to stop them.

MC’s mother pulled her sleeve to take her out of her shocked state while her father urged her to go out through the window. She couldn’t understand what was happening; she always made sure to take all of the precautions she could so she wouldn’t be caught, she took the bag her mother gave her with food and a few clothes and jumped through the window that the soldiers were unable to see. She wasted no time to run as far as her feet would take her. She didn’t look back, she knew that if she did she would go back to fight the guards and her family didn’t need to be arrested by the fire nation for holding a earthbender in secrecy, who knew what horrors they would do to them.

She rested for a few minutes before continuing her way to nowhere thinking about the possibility of getting into a boat and running away to somewhere else, for once, she was thankful to live in the outskirts of a town near the port, by foot the port was an hour away from her home and it still wasn’t dark. MC held her bag close nervous for the sudden ocean of people in front of her.

The fire nation’s soldiers walked amongst the people as they waited to be assigned to a mission or parting to the job that they were already told to do. She started to look up in hopes to find a place that would give her a roof and food in exchange for a job; she was so distraught by the buildings and the people around her that she didn’t notice when she bumped into a figure, she stumbled backwards without falling trying her best to maintain her balance, it wasn’t too hard to achieve it and she stared at the person with who she had bumped.

Hello. Well this is little mystic messenger avatar au I wrote inspired by @vo-dcc draw, here the things are going to be a little different from the series because I wanted to give it a different timeline that I’ll explain eventually. As you may have noticed I’m awfull at titles.

Well, I hope you like it :)

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if you think about it, Kya's got to be at least 60 years old. she's past her physical prime and probably doesn't have that much energy compared to Ming Hua or Katara in ATLA. that and also she grew up in a time of peace and may not have had as much combat experience as an outlaw terrorist group would have...

past her physical prime…

It’s not energy it’s skill. At the end of the day Kya isn’t as skilled as Ming-Hua, which is what I’ve been saying. Ming-Hua is kind of like Toph. She doesn’t just use water to fight, like most waterbenders, it’s a part of who she is. She uses it to function everyday. Just like Toph who doesn’t only use eartbending to fight but uses it to “see”. Because they use their bending abilities so much…it becomes apart of who they are…as a result their skill is off the charts.