Introducing Supernova, new from our Spring/Summer collection. This 14g unisex design is composed of radiating details and a hollow center for incredible comfort and a glint of light. Superb in bare lobes, or will comfortably fit through your favorite eyelets. Unlike anything on this earth, and now available for pre-order on a first come, first served basis for our wholesale loves to pick up at the @safepiercing​ convention (or we can ship for any wholesalers who aren’t attending!), and shipping to our retail loves mid-Summer.


✨Diablo babes! This week we’ll be featuring electroplated favorites✨ Unlike traditional, handmade bezel & prong settings, we sometimes use elctro-forming to “set” stones. Electro-forming is the process of coating complex and natural shapes without expensive & difficult fabrication. In this process we Elctro-form a thin layer of copper around our stones which act as the “setting”. The copper is then gold or silver electroplated. Elctro-forming gives us the ability to offer an “economy” line that has the appearance of a higher end handmade item. Our very own @jimmybuddha is hands on when choosing quality stones that are a nearly perfect match, as well as with the electro-forming & plating process.

Body modification is beautiful

I believe that body modification is beautiful, but I can see how some people don’t understand it. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Randall Haskins I am 22 years old from a small town in North Carolina. I think it’s funny people always say small town as if there is a such thing as a big town, but anyways, I have 5 tattoos and a half-sleeve my ears are stretched to one inch and I also have my right tragus pierced. I love all my tattoos and my ears. For some reason people are very comfortable telling you they disapprove of your mods, as if to make it painfully clear that their opinion is a mere fact. Someone coming up to me and saying “ew look at your ears! How could you do that to yourself.?” is in a sense the same way I could look at an overweight person and say the exact same thing. What’s the point? I did it to me because that’s what I think is beautiful. I don’t have to explain or apologize to someone who doesn’t agree with it. Especially someone as rude as to call it ugly to your face. Close-minded pricks.