earse me

// You know, I get sad for the stupidest shit.

I had a friend from High School. We were pretty close, not the closest, but close.

After we started college, I don’t know what happened to him if he decided to change careers or something, but I almost never see him anymore. Not even at friend get togethers and such. I’ll just occationally see him on Overwatch or league or stuff.

And today…. today I got to play with him for the first time in a while. I don’t know if he thought I was too bad, if he was pressured by the other person that was playing with him that was constantly harrassing me about how bad I was, but he just kicked me and earsed me from his friends list.

So thats it huh? Thats what 18 years of friendship gets me. 

A solid boot in my ass and a complete elimination, not even doubting for a second in dropping me…… good to know.


Ah, I don’t even care, I freaking love Kid Cudi.