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The tension in the bunker was - frustrating

Sam lay in the center of his bed staring at the ceiling. He’d gotten Jack tucked away into a room of his own, and Dean was closed in behind his own door. Sighing, Sam rolled onto his side to stare at the alarm clock. Well after 2am, and sleep didn’t seem to be coming for him that night. 

A damn shame, since the exhaustion was definitely there. 

Sam flipped back the sheets and blankets as he sat up in the dim room. He reached for the light and switched it on, blinking in the sudden brightness. Dean would laugh at him if he knew, but Sam kept a stash of herbal Sleepytime tea in the bottom of his nightstand. Retrieving one of the little sachets, he stood and left his room, padding down the hall in bare feet. 

Peeking into Jack’s room, he was pleased to see the boy curled up and sleeping soundly. A little burst of affection warmed his chest - Dean wouldn’t be happy, but Sam was already completely attached to Jack Kline. He wasn’t even sure why. Maybe it was similarity to himself; after all, once upon a time, certain people thought Sam was evil, that he would end the world. Maybe it was the similarity to Cas; Sam couldn’t help but see his friend in Jack’s mannerisms and the innocent way he tried to be like Dean. 

Sighing, Sam turned away from Jack’s room, staring at his brother’s closed door. 

Dean was drowning. Dean was drowning in a wave of grief so powerful he couldn’t even hope to swim upstream. Cas’s death was destroying his brother, whether Dean chose to acknowledge or not. 

Sam knew it was. He knew, because he’d been there before. When Jess had died, it had felt like Sam’s world had died with her. Sam didn’t know how to explain to his brother that his grief would be different this time - because the way he felt about Cas was different. Dean refused to acknowledge that part of himself, and now wasn’t the time for Sam to shove his brother into that particular truth. 

In the bunker’s kitchen, Sam brewed his tea and carried it back to his room. Just outside Dean’s door, he paused, ears picking up a soft sound from inside. He stepped closer to the door and his heart sank. 

Dean was crying. 

Not harsh, rough sobs. Soft cries, nearly muffled by the door. Sam could picture his brother, curled into a tight ball in the center of the bed with his arms wrapped tightly around a pillow. He lifted his hand to knock, freezing inches from the door as Dean sniffled. 

Sam’s need to comfort Dean was so strong, it burned in his chest - but he knew Dean wouldn’t want that right now. Dean would want to be left alone, and Sam’s offers of a hug and a listening ear would be completely rebuffed, and likely met with anger. 

Sighing softly, Sam wandered back to his own bedroom, settling in bed with his tea. He resolved to be there for Dean, just like Dean had been there for him. He’d be there when Dean was ready to talk.

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Okay so I have been trying to figure out why this song was released before others. I mean I thought she was going to go for a more meaningful song with depth cause we already got the fun/sassy/Dancy song with the first two. I thought the point of promo single is to show what the album has to offer? Why do you think she chose this?

well i might be wrong, but taylor always tells a story and not only with her albums but the way the tracks roll out.

look what you made me do was basically the alarm going off in the world’s ears… to say listen up bitches y’all done pissed me off and here is the thing i know what you said and you all suck and you wanna call me a snake fucking fine im gonna embrace being a snake so hard that your insult doesnt hurt anymore because me and my fans are all gonna be wearing snake merch how do you like that one… and things are different now and im not putting up with your shit or playing nice imma be honest AF..and im going to do things my way. In line with not doing any promo and sharing personal things on social media all that. And then also a, ‘hey im back’. So that was the alarm. The prologue to the story if you will.

But then i think that then ready for it is supposed to be the general introduction to the main plot story - to joe, to the fact that the album is gonna talk a lot about him, their love story, to the things that came to the table and then how she sees her future with him forever and ever and ever and ever 

and then with gorgeous, now she is backtracking and going okay kids, here is how the story actually started. 

and it will continue to unfold. 

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Soft couch sex with Anti is great and all, but him forcing you to bend over the arm of it, wrists are taped together while he teases you with his fingers. The dull edge of his knife pressed under your chin when he finally sinks his cock into you. Pulling you to stand up and hissing in your ear. "Better fucking listen to me, bad things could happen if you don't." But after hes so soft, mumbling how he couldn't ever hurt you like that, there's nothing to be afraid of when hes holding the knife

Man oh man do I love him, there has been a serious lack of the glitch bitch lately


The clock actually comes with an animation but… Tumblr doesn’t accepts gifs so… (also the one where I lost 20 frames drawn by me… The clock would tick and boum! cute Yoongi! Bunny ears!)

More Echo

I wrote more Echo because they’re my precious tired bat child and they need all of the love in the world ok? Okay cool.

The hunger is what wakes Echo from their peaceful slumber. They start by waking when their ears twitch and then their eyelids trembling. They yawn loudly, slowly pushing up. They click their tongue and are glad to find no one else in the room. That would make hunting plenty more easy. Or, at least, they hope so. They don’t yet fully know how they’re supposed to eat; though they have a feeling they do.

They stand up. Sniffing mindlessly at the air while clicking their tongue, wobbling a little as their jacket falls around them, nearly tangling in their legs as they begin to walk. Their ears twitch as they listen for the clicks they continue to make, hunger keeping their thoughts on one thing: food. They pause in front of what they know is a window, ears twitching once more at the dull sound of footsteps nearby on the outside of the glass. Their next meal. They would die anyway. They slowly open and pull themself out onto the balcony just outside of the window, cape flowing behind them like the wisp of death’s cloak.

They click their tongue and find that their target is coming nearer to the balcony they are perched on and so they leap off the side, landing directly in fron their traget. The target gasps as they land, their left leg breaking just beneath the knee from the fall. They don’t even notice as they dart forward, tackling their target to the ground, biting down on his neck, slapping a hand over his hand before he could scream. They sink their fang like teeth into his neck skin, already able to taste the warm blood seeping from the vein they had punctured into their mouth. They lap at it, swallowing it quickly as it continues to pour from the punctured area. They are hunched over for a good minute or two, continuing to suck the blood of their target as his movements grow more and more sluggish until they cease altogether.

Echo then licks the blood from their lips and stands best they can with a still broken leg. They look up when they hear more footsteps and smell a slightly familiar scent. They tilt their head as a gasp from a familiar sounding voice echos down the alley and footsteps quickly draw nearer. They click their tongue and are surprised to find that it is Marvin running towards them, falling to his knees to look over their victim.

The magician’s eyes flash up at them and they can tell that he’s glaring at them. He shoots straight up and jabs a finger into their chest and they can smell his anger. “What the hell, Host?! What the hell, Robbie?!” oh, right, the magician doesn’t know their name yet, they recollect lazily. They yawn and rub at their eyes, frowning when a finger pops out of socket. “Y- you just-”

“My name is…” they yawn again, jaw popping from how wide their jaws open with the long breath. They shake their head and halfway close their blind eyes, wrapping themself in their comfy jacket as a cool breeze actually bothers them. “My name iss… Echo, y’know?”

“I don’t care about your name right now!” Marvin shouts and they flinch, ears drooping down at the loudness of his voice. They frown. Why is he so ma, anyway? “You just killed a man like we had just finished training Robbie not to do! I knew this was a bad idea! Unfuse, now-!”

Echo holds up a crooked hand, shaking their head as they fully process this. “No…” they said and they can literally hear Marvin’s eye twitching beneath his mask. “The man… was supposed to die… We know that…”

Marvin is silent a few seconds and Echo turns, growing disinterested in the conversation. They ignore the footsteps as the magician quickly follows behind, not needing to go too fast as they are very slow with a broken leg, dragging it along behind them. “How the hell could you possibly know that?” Marvin demands and they have to roll their eyes despite themself.

“Sssimple,” Echo replied, clicking their tongue to try and find the balcony they had leapt from. “The Hosst’sss future sssight allow us to ssssee whenever a sssoul isss meant to die… ssso then we can eat.” They can hear Marvin shudder is slight fear as they jump, catching the side of the balcony as they jump pretty high. They’re already growing tired again after so much exertion. They pull themself up as Marvin appears beside them. They ignore him, heading back to the couch.

“Wait, you two can’t just stay fused,” Marvin protests as they lay back out, resting their head on the armrest, eyes already closing. It’s not like they need to be closed, though. They just like to to keep them from drying.

“Yup,” Echo replied with a yawn and turns over. “I sssleeep again now…. Sssh…” And before Marvin could say anything else, Echo was already asleep once more.


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Give Me

Give me a place I could pour my tears,

Continuous like running rivers.

An ear to listen to my darkest fears,

And a hand to muffle my shivers.

Give me a chamber beneath the ground, 

And a blanket of loose soil and mud.

Give me some peace from the screaming sounds,

Infesting my head like raging floods.

Give me release,

In the form of joy,

Or of decease.

Give me some rest,

Just give me peace.

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Some people are like that; they just give too much, love too much, even the ones who don’t deserve it. They are the ones who are always there for you, day or night. They are ready to give you their shoulder if you ever feel tired and need someone to lean on or a listening ear if the voices inside your head are making getting out of control but they are often the most lonely people because it’s hard for them to find someone who has the same sense of understanding as them, so they suffer all alone because they know they feel too much and nobody would get it.
—  heaart-talk