ears ready to listen

“What’s your type?”
I’ve never actually thought about it.
I fall in love with moments.
The way the light catches their eyes when they tell me their story.
Maybe that’s why they call me selfish.
My pansexuality must just be my greed.
I want to experience all forms of love.
No matter the gender or type….
I don’t know how to love just one type.
But if I had to find a common theme.
I think it would go like this.
With boys I’ve noticed this:
Their smiles. Soft and warm.
They don’t invite me in but instead project the love outward.
They’re quiet. I do most of the talking.
Without saying a word they can draw every story I have out of me.
Like a snake charmer, the soft uncommonly heard sound of their voice draws me in and their eyes full of wonder make me stay.
With girls it’s a little something like this:
Their laugh gets me.
The soft melody just causes my heart to burst.
My cheeks redden and I can’t think.
Girls are fiery. They rule the world and they know it.
Their hands could hold my future if they wanted to-
The softness of their palms could keep me safe for years.
Her song could lull me into a coma-like sleep filled with dreams of her smile.
Girls who love girls know just how to love me.
Speak softly but with purpose.
Whisper to me the sweet nothings I have been so afraid to tell you because I’m afraid you might not be thinking them too.
Hold me tightly with those hands.
Keep me safe in your laughter.
For those in between it’s simple-
I don’t have an actual real type: sporty, nerdy, bookish, poetic, or shy.
Any one of them would be fine by me.
As long as their words can capture me for hours; even if it’s just one phrase.
As long as their eyes can tell me the stories of their past because I’d love to listen.
As long as their ears are ready to listen to the miles and miles of stories I have to share with them.
I don’t think I have a type.
But if I had to pick,
I think my type would be someone like you.
—  Hey, You Asked What My Type Is;L.L.
Mila and Yuri HC’s (platonic)

Despite it all, Mila is definitely Yuri’s family during the times where he cannot go home to his grandpa. 

She’s the one who drops in on him with takeout on the days she knows he’s too tired from practice to eat. 

She’s the one who ices his wounds and buys him aspirin

She’s the one who buys him cool souvenirs when she travels places for photoshoots/interviews or competitions

Although Yuri finds Mila’s teasing annoying, he misses it when she is away and tries to hide how excited he is when she comes back

Mila is one of the few people Yuri feels comfortable talking about his personal issues with because she has been a constant in his life and he trusts her.

They know everything about each other and each go to the other for advice. They’re also painfully honest with one another and they’ll speak the truth to one another even if it is hard. 

Mila was the first person who encouraged Yuri to grow out his hair because she thought it would look beautiful.

Mila tries to go to all of Yuri’s competitions. When she really can’t make it, she’ll open a beer, sit where the wifi signal is the strongest, open her laptop and cheer embarrassingly loud for Yuri.

Yuri trashes Mila a lot but will fight anyone who speaks badly of Mila. She’s his older sister only HE can complain about. 

Yuri is skeptical of all of Mila’s love interests because he’s scared that they’ll break her heart. 

Mila always calls Yuri first when a relationship doesn’t work out. Although Yuri will complain to no end, he’ll show up at her place with comfort food and ears ready to listen without fail. 

NYC Sunrise

Harry’s eyes opened, to a small ray of light coming through his window. He looked around his spacious NYC home. It was simple, but beautiful, just as he liked it. For the most part the decor was gray or white, a pop of color thrown in some places to make it feel more homey. Harry slowly sat up in the bed, looking out his window to see a beautiful NYC sunrise. He looked to his side feeling a slight movement, it was you. Memories from the night before flooded his mind.

“Harry!” You moan, tugging on his hair as he thrusts into you. He smiled, liking the way his name sounded when you said it. He couldn’t help but moan either, because you felt so bloody good. The thrusts were slow but deep. You could feel every inch of him and he could feel every inch of you. This was your first time together, and it was absolutely magical.

A smile graced over Harry’s beautiful pink lips, as he remembers every event from last night. Every moan, every word, every single pleasurable feeling that had ran through his body. He looked over to you again, the covers had fallen from your chest, your upper half was exposed. But that’s not what he was looking at, I mean yes your body was beautiful, but your face. He couldn’t help but admire you, seeing your eyebrows scrunch up as you slept. Your lips fall into a slight pout and your eyes flutter lightly. He notices your problem area is creating in your words “more mountains” he chuckles at the thought, knowing once you look in the mirror you’d be frustrated about it. You still were absolutely beautiful to him, imperfections and all. Harry started running his hand up and down your arm, almost as if he was tickling you. You shift again do your legs are bent, and another memory from last night invades his mind.

You were moaning and whimpering, feeling his tongue on you, his fingers in you. The pleasure was overwhelming, he made you feel absolutely incredible. He loved the way you tasted, couldn’t get enough. Your hips started bucking up into his face, he knew you were close. So he licked harder, moved his fingers harder, he held your thighs, almost as a notion that you could let go. And you did, it was the most powerful, pleasurable orgasm you had ever felt. You moaned his name over and over again.

Harry was pulled out of his thoughts to the sound of you groaning about how bright the light was.
“Good mornin’ gorgeous!” you burry your face into the pillow and mumble
“I’m tired” he laughs lightly at your muffled, groggy voice. He runs his finger down your spine making you shiver and goosebumps arise on your skin.
“ ‘mon love, I’ll make yah breakfast.” Your head almost immediately pops up
“Really?” You say excitement lacing your voice. He chuckles at your reaction.
“Yes really!” You whine a little before asking
“Do I have to put clothes on?” He laughs again, he knew you didn’t like wearing clothes, just as he did.
“No, yah don’t pet.” Harry moved his legs to the side of the bed, getting up and walking to your side. He reaches his hand out for you.
“Let’s go darling!” You take his hand, and use his body to get yourself out of the bed. He never let’s go of your hand as you both make your way downstairs to the kitchen. Harry starts getting all the ingredients out, but you couldn’t help but stare at him. You were greedy when it came to him, your eyes were always hungry to look at him, your ears always ready to listen to his voice. He never turned around, just kept preparing breakfast. “Just gonna keep starin’ pet?” He said turning around so he was facing you. You felt quite cheeky this morning.
“I think we should have a reenactment from last night, right here on the counter.” He smirked at you, he was now standing right in front of you.
“ I think that can be arranged.”

Jay Park Reaction to: You Smiling When You’re About to Cry

Anon: Ay ay ayyy. I was waiting until your request were open and they finally are and I’m so so excited. Can you do jay park’s reaction to you smiling when you’re about to cry? ( like the one you did for winner? )

a/n: ay ayyy ok so I had this done ages ago but forgot about it so it was just sitting in my drafts, collecting dust for a while. aha (: oops (: (: my bad (: sorry, anon!

Jay Park: Doesn’t want to push you into anything. If you’re not ready to talk, then that’s fine. But he does wish you trusted him more. He’ll let you know he’s here for you, when you need him, but in a lighthearted way so as to not upset you even more.

“Ayyy, babe, have I ever told you how good I am at listening? I’m a world class listener. These ears were made for it. They’re ready for you when you need ‘em.”

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“I figured out that I’m better off not explaining how and why I do the things that I do. If people can only read the surface of what you are, and that’s all they want to see, let them see just what they need to see. Everything more is just something to keep and share only with the people that desire and are ready to receive that information. Words wasted on ears that do not listen and eyes that do not see are just seeds thrown on rocky ground. Prepare your ground first and then ask for the seeds.” 

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What do you think of Duke bonding with the rest of the fam immediately? Like he gets along with everyone the moment he starts living at the manor (maybe it takes more time to bond with Jason and Damian tho) and after a few years Bruce adopts him

Let’s be honest, it is high time there was another adoption in the manor. I think after even a few months of Bruce sitting over there, clutching the adoption papers under his desk in brooding silence, he might cave and ask Duke about it.

But I am so soooo on board with Duke bonding easily with everyone in the batfam. 

He and Damian already went through their little period of suspicion and came out of it getting along. Duke is like the “cool older brother figure” to Damian in many ways… even if he’s the noob and Damian is a prideful little thing, Duke is way too chill. He just doesn’t care about Damian’s little insults and haughtiness because he sees him for who he is: a kid that has had a tough childhood and really just needs to escape from it sometimes. And Duke gives him that chance to escape by taking him to the movies and trying to educate him in geek culture. 

I think Tim and Duke would become best buds in light of certain share interests. They’re both very awkward, analytical, and huge nerds. So it’s a match made in friendship/sibling heaven. Tim shows Duke the ropes, and they may or may not have attempted to re-enact the Yoda and Luke Dagobah Jedi training scene from The Empire Strikes Back. (Tim’s Yoda voice is impressive, boy embarrassing.) 

Honestly, because Duke is so calm and just genuinely interested in people and relationships, I think he makes it easy for even the hardest people to get to know him. 

He jokes easily with Oracle over the comms. He’s not afraid to poke fun at Batman but get serious when it counts. He indulges Dick’s need to be a drama queen and complain about stuff, listening with a ready ear and even putting up with his terrible puns. He and Cass exchange high-fives whenever they meet, and have made a secret handshake. Steph and he have waffle-eating competitions. Alfred and he play chess and other word games together every Wednesday night. Jason and he race each other on their bikes… (and maybe team-up and get into fights with jerks). 

I’m just absolutely here for Duke being integrated into the batfam and their family life. I’m here for Duke Thomas becoming Duke Thomas-Wayne. Because it is way past time.  

Prince 💋🎶

When Andrew Lincoln says Prince is his favorite music artist that says so much about him…think about it………. Darling Nicky….“I knew a girl named Nikki, I guess U could say she was a sex fiend/I met her in a hotel lobby, masturbating with a magazine” Eh, that’s not too nasty…but now➡️➡️➡️ Let’s Pretend We’re Married…“Look here, Marsha, I’m not saying this just 2 be nasty/I sincerely wanna f**k the taste out of your mouth” Just.think.about.that.💭💭💭 and that’s just what my non-existent memory and a Google search could find…go lookup some Prince lyrics and imagine Andy listening to that in those ear buds getting ready for a Richonne scene…yeah I think we know what that something else was…

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Naegiri Fanfic Prompt - Headphones

Person 1 gets mad at Person 2 because they think 2 is ignoring them, but 2 is just wearing noise cancelling headphones.

“What do you think sounds good for dinner tonight?” Kyoko asked, leaning on the island in their kitchen.

Makoto Naegi was sitting on the couch in the adjoining living room, staring down at a tablet PC. From where Kyoko was standing, she could only tell that he was playing some sort of game involving brightly colored gemstones of some kind. She could see the right side of his face from her location.

When he didn’t answer, Kyoko smiled at him in amusement. “Earth to Naegi,” she called out, raising her voice slightly louder this time. “Can you hear me, or are you distracted by shiny objects?”

Makoto continued tapping the jewels on his screen without so much as a glance in her direction.

Kyoko frowned in irritation. “Really? You’re giving me the silent treatment?” She sighed in exasperation. “How very adult of you.”

Over on the couch, Makoto scratched the back of his head with his left hand, then returned both hands to his game.

“You know, my grandfather used to do this to me,” she told him. “Not Fuhito — my maternal grandfather.” Kyoko narrowed her eyes at the man on the couch. “It used to make me so angry that I started grinding my teeth. So please, spare my dental work and tell me what’s on your mind.”

Makoto closed his eyes for a second and leaned his head to the left, stretching his neck with a subtle pop. As soon as he felt the release, he moved his head back into its upright position again.

“Is this related to the dog conversation?” Kyoko prodded, undeterred. She folded her arms. “You do realize that it’s not my fault that I’m allergic, right?”

Makoto scowled at the screen in front of him.

“Is that all the response I’m going to get?” Kyoko asked, her volume growing.

Makoto’s expression quickly transformed into a confident smirk, but he still kept his eyes locked on the tablet.

“Seriously?Kyoko huffed. “You’re acting like a child right now.”

She walked around the kitchen’s island and headed towards the couch with a determined glare on her face, ready to confront him head-on.

Before she could get in front of him, Makoto glanced over to see her approaching and smiled sincerely, then looked back at the tablet so he could pause something.

“Kyoko, you’ve gotta try these!” he said happily as he looked back to her. He reached his right hand towards the nearest ear, pulling out a translucent earbud.

Kyoko froze in place just a few steps away. Her mouth opened slightly, but no sound came out.

“The ninth division found these when they were looking for useful tech in the Towa buildings,” Makoto explained with excitement. “They’re wireless and practically invisible, but they cancel out sound like one of those big earmuff sets! I feel like I’m in the middle of a live concert with-“

He cut himself off when he saw Kyoko blushing in embarassment. “Um, did I… say something… dirty?” he asked nervously.

Kyoko blinked at him once. “Ahh,“ she began uncertainly. Then she blinked again. “I mean, no,” she finally responded. “You’re… that is, everything’s fine, Makoto.”

Makoto jumped up and stepped over to her, putting his hands on her hips. “You’re gorgeous when you’re flustered,” he cooed happily. “But… why are you flustered?”

“I can’t imagine,” Kyoko fibbed, allowing a small sheepish grin to play across her lips.

Makoto reached up with his right hand and lovingly brushed her lavender hair behind her left ear.

“Then… are you ready to listen to something?” he asked, still smiling at her. He held up the translucent earbud in his right hand.

“Okay,” she answered. “I’m ready.” Kyoko closed her eyes expectantly, still smiling a little to herself over her own foolishness.

Makoto pulled Kyoko up against him and leaned his head forward. Then, he gently blew warm air into her left ear. She inhaled sharply as she felt the air on the back of her neck standing on end and a pleasant shock traveling down her spine.

Kyoko shuddered and grinned broadly. “Not what I expected,” she whispered to him, clearly pleased.

“Sorry,” Makoto whispered back insincerely. “Couldn’t resist.”

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Can I please hc with main three with their reactions to Guardienne back story - she don't have a family because someone murdered her parents?

Here you go, Anon! I hope you enjoy~


  • Hearing the truth behind your past makes Val frown, noting the similarity to his own past, many unwanted memories rushing back to him.
  • Despite that, he’s happy you felt comfortable enough to tell him about your past, tells you so, a rare smile gracing his face.
  • He’s always there for you if you ever want to talk about the event, ready to lend a listening ear.


  • Immediately sympathises, careful not to pity you, but makes sure you know he strongly empathises with you.
  • After learning about your past, Nevra watches you a little more closely, watching you to insure you didn’t have any long lasting trauma from the event you might’ve conveniently failed to mention.


  • Is stunned into silence, the brutality of your dark history stealing the words from his lips.
  • His instinctive reaction is to crack a joke to lighten the atmosphere but he’s pretty sure now is not the time for that and instead offers his condolences.
  • He’s a lot more careful about parent jokes now, having no interest in seriously upsetting you anymore than he usually does.
Happy Pledis (A Produce 101 Season 2 Fanfic)


Produce 101 has been a life changing experience for Samuel and the Nu’est boys. Though Samuel was shocked to see them enter on the first day, he is still happy to be able to spend the past 3 months with his beloved hyungs. However, over these past 3 months the Nu’est boys have gained quite a bit of popularity amongst the other trainees. Though Samuel always tries to play it cool, still, he can’t help but be just a little bit jealous. One day, his jealousy got to him just a little bit too much.

PS: This is set before the eliminations, because I cannot accept the reality that…. well everyone who got eliminated is gone.

It was just another day at the 101 dormitories. The day after tomorrow was the long awaited concept evaluation performance, and the boys were taking a short break after lunch. The cameras were off, mics were kept, it was just the boys, with their half eaten bento boxes chilling out in the common area. Everything was as it has always been, except for little Samuel Kim.

While everyone was busy chatting away Samuel was huddled in the corner observing. Who was he observing? Well his Nu’est hyungs of course. Jonghyun was busy joking around with Hyunbin and Moonbok. Minki was goofing around with Daehwi, Jihoon and Jinyoung. Minhyun was busy running away from Seonho while chilling out with Jaehwan and Sewoon. As for Dongho, well, let’s just say he was busy. (Lee) Woojin and Seonho (who had given up on trying to catch Minhyun) were busy cuddling up to him, while Daniel struggled to get his attention to discuss the afternoon’s practice schedule. Donghyun was sitting on the floor playing with his phone while leaning onto Dongho’s right thigh. And poor Guanlin was desperately trying to pull Dongho to one side to help him with his Korean homework. Being a single dad was hard. 

Anyway, needless to say the Nu’est boys were insanely popular among the trainees. I mean, who could blame them. They were caring hyungs, who always had wise industry advise to help the kids out. They never hesitated to help those who asked, and they were always ready to be a listening ear. They were the anchors for many of the trainees. Samuel was happy for them. But as he curled up in his corner a small green flame in his heart began to burn brighter and brighter.

You see, it has been a couple of years since he left Pledis, but in those few years he was in there he developed a strong bond with the Nu’est boys. In fact, all of the Seventeen trainees adored and admired them- Little Samuel was no different. He remembers the days when he used to play around with Dongho. He remembers the days when he would chase after Jonghyun to dance with him. He remembers the English conversations he had with Aron. He remembers his amazement at Minki’s beauty. He remembers his adoration for Minhyun’s mum-like qualities. Truth be told, he missed his Nu’est hyungs terribly. So, when he saw them on the first filming day he was shocked, but at the same time he was happy to finally be able to reunite with them. Finally, he didn’t need to fight with 16 boys to get his hyung’s attention! Little did he know…. he had to fight with 93 other boys this time (or at least 30 at this stage).

Samuel always feigned nonchalance at the Nu’est boys new found popularity among the trainees. But, at this sight before him, his jealousy began to gnaw at his heart.

“Those are my hyungs…” Samuel pouted. 

He tried to distract himself by listening to music, but he simply could not peel his eyes away from this happy family scene before him. Eventually, after hopelessly flipping through close to a 100 songs on his cellphone, he decided “enough is enough”.

With determination, he unplugged his phone, kept his ear phones and got out of his corner. With resolute steps he marched forward. His destination was right before him, onward he went. Within a few seconds he had reached his target, and with his thin (stick-like) arms he snaked his arms around a pair of wide shoulders- it was Dongho’s. He planted his cheek on Dongho’s back, slightly pushing off Woojin and Seonho- he was determined to take up as much space as possible. 

The appearance of a new pair of arms gave Dongho quite a shock. “Oh my goodness, who do we have here?” Dongho asked as he felt for the identity of his new adoptee. 

“Hyung… it’s me..” Samuel sheepishly replied.

“Oh, Muel-ah, do you need anything?” Dongho asked, a little concerned. Samuel rarely acted like this.

“No…” Samuel murmured in reply.

“Then why are you clinging onto hyung like this?”

“Just because…”

“ke ke ke, I see…” Dongho chuckled. He sensed Samuel’s jealousy and proceeded to politely brush off Woojin, Seonho, Daniel, Donghyun and Guanlin. “Muel’s a little upset you see” he whispered.

“I can hear you know, and no I’m not upset” Samuel retorted indignantly.

“Yeah, yeah. Minhyun ah! Samuel needs some love!” Dongho shouted over.

To this, Minhyun, Jonghyun and Minki all broke away from their conversations and rushed over. “What’s the matter?” the 3 boys asked in unison, a little worried.

“Nothing, he just misses being a baby,” Dongho chuckled.

“Hyung! I’m not a baby!” Samuel protested.

“Right, right… Well you will always be our little baby brother,” Minhyun chuckled as he rubbed Samuel’s head.

“Awwww, was Samuel jealous?” Minki teased.

“I’m not!” Samuel protested again.

“Hahahahhaa, don’t worry Samuel, we all love you. Now can you let go of Dongho, people are staring,” Jonghyun remarked with a slight smile.

Embarrassed, Samuel quickly let go of Dongho and stared at his feet. His hyungs always saw right through him. The Nu’est boys collectively gave a chuckle and started to chat away with Samuel. Quickly getting over his humiliation, Samuel began chirping along with the conversation. Finally, he had all his hyungs attention. It reminded him of his Pledis days, when they were one Happy Pledis family~

ML Angst Week: Day 3: Family / Friends

Sabine sighed as she closed the trapdoor to her daughter’s room behind her. Her heart squeezed painfully in her chest, as yet another lie was bared before her eyes.

“I’m tired, going to bed mama. I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow,” Marinette had said, kissing her mother’s cheek and disappearing upstairs, as she did every single night.

And as she did every single night, her mother had followed her minutes later to check up on her daughter.

Honestly, Sabine didn’t know what she had been expecting when she had climbed those dreaded stairs, but in all honesty, she shouldn’t surprised.

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Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 6: Pushing the Limits

Sam Winchester x Reader

1100 Words

Summary: After getting taken in by Sam, the Reader is getting used to living a human life and not giving anything away.

Catch Up: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5

After breakfast, the three men split up. Sam went and got his laptop, setting it up at the table, while Bobby went into the study, answering phones, and flipping through different books. Dean, on the other hand, went to the front door, ready to head outside, but he turned and looked at you. You were standing in the middle of the kitchen, your hands in your pockets, as you tried to figure out what it was you should be doing. You weren’t being a very good human so far, and you knew if you didn’t work harder at it, Dean might end up catching on.

“Hey Y/N, if you’re not doing anything, why don’t you come out and help me. I could use an extra hand.” He asked you, surprising you, and it looked like it surprised Sam too, because he looked up from his laptop, glancing between you and his brother. You looked at Sam, silently asking for his permission, which he raised an eyebrow at before nodding.

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arkos for the ship meme

arkos….. a pure, pure ship indeed

  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter: okay, we all know pyrrha would make a great hunter. her swordsmanship is legendary. she’s widely famous for being one of the best huntresses of her age– she’s fast, she’s cunning, and she’s talented. many look up to her in awe, wishing for the same ease she has with wielding weapons smoothly and effectively. she can’t kill the werewolf she met though. jaune was his name. he was a bit of a runt, he was clumsy, and in all honesty, he didn’t really know how to werewolf very well. but around him, she could be herself. perhaps not all werewolves are evil.
  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman: pyrrha’s totally the mermaid, and jaune’s the lucky fisherman who happened to stumble upon what he had only heard described in ancient sailor lore that everyone dismissed as fantasy.  mermaids are never seen unless they want to be seen. and pyrrha just happened to want to know the new fisherman who had just begun his new job at the seashore. he didn’t seem to be able to catch fish very well, but he had a ton of potential. she decided to give him a hand– she ended up scaring the poor guy to death, but it was easy enough to strike up a friendship
  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar: pyrrha’s definitely the witch and jaune’s definitely the familiar. pyrrha’s gifted with a whole ton of power. she’s pretty famous– after all, she could perform a lot of spells grown magic users struggled with when she was but a child. everyone thinks she’s too good for them– except for her familiar, jaune. jaune sees pyrrha for who she is– a kind and helpful witch, and his best friend. he could learn a lot from her, and pyrrha’s more than willing to help him grow.
  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict: haha i think pyrrha would be the barista and jaune would be the coffee addict. he spends a lot of time trying to impress important people in his life and failing… so he turns to coffee. coffee is jaun’s alcohol. it spikes him with energy, which means that he could get things done in a surge of wild energy. plus, it tastes good. even better, pyrrha the barista works at his favorite coffee shop. she knows how to make a very good coffee, and she’s a willing ear, ready to listen to him and help in any way she could.
  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA: pyrrha’s the professor and jaune’s the TA. pyrrha definitely knows her stuff– she’d be able to teach a class well. and she’d also be able to teach jaune. he’s a little new at the profession, and is still learning the details. so naturally, pyrrha wants to help him. he’s the only one who doesn’t look at her ph.d and immediately start kissing up to her. he views her as a normal person, and that’s what she really appreciates more than anything.
  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss): haha pyrrha’s the knight and jaune’s the prince. jaune’s the naive prince who’s just trying his best, but who happens to be perfect target for people who want to take advantage of his power and influence coughsCARDINcoughs. pyrrha’s the loyal knight, sworn to protect him from whatever dangers befalls him as the prince. this includes assassins and thieves. teaching cardin a lesson wasn’t in the job description, but she doesn’t mind. teaching jaune proper swordsmanship also wasn’t in the description, and this she also definitely doesn’t mind.
  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent: pyrrha’s the teacher and jaune’s the single parent. rip jaune life’s dealt you a bunch of short draws from the lot. balancing taking care of rowdy kids with a work environment where your superiors absolutely love taking advantage of you isn’t easy. it’s not too bad though– pyrrha’s a teacher, and she’s a though teacher at that. she’s always willing to listen, and always willing to help. it feels good not holding up all of your weight by yourself for once.
  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor: jaune’s the writer and pyrrha’s the editor. i can see jaune trying out this profession cause he thought it was cool– but finding that it was also pretty hard. writing’s not just a hobby. it’s an art. and he has yet to master it, but he loves it. he has so much to say, so much to describe. but again, he’s a newbie. pyrrha’s his editor, and she’s a fantastic one– she’s very well known in the writing community. many people wonder why she chose to work with a writer who was just starting out rather than applying for a position with some more established individuals. she’d be able to get a job very easily. pyrrha, however, prefers working with someone who doesn’t see her as a tool, a stepping stone for popularity. she prefers someone like jaune, who simply appreciates all the help and guidance she’s giving him.
James Potter Imagine 1

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alright there weren’t really any specifics so imma just… write!

a/n: my patronus is a grizzly bear so I used that, but you can insert yours if you wish!


You felt something collide with you and milliseconds later, found yourself laying on the ground groaning in pain.

“Bloody hell, James!” You heard a boy shout, “There’s a new hot girl and your gonna kill her on her first day?”

You looked up at the black haired boy that seemed to being scolding his friend, a pale boy with round glasses and messy hair. 

He grimaced, “Oops.”

You rolled your eyes and got up, scoffing, “Yeah, ‘oops.’”

He gave you a grin, “Well, you’re fine, right? Besides, nothing wrong with bumping into the hottest Gryffindor.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what the hell a ‘Gryffindoof’ is, but if your the hottest one I can’t even begin to imagine how hideous the others are.”

“Gryffindor,” James corrected, “And nice one.”

You gave a short laugh, “You act like I wasn’t genuinely trying to insult you.”

“You were?”

“Why is that such a shock? You seem irritable enough.”

The other boy with curly black hair who had been silently laughing, was now in hysterics, “Mate, just drop it before she punches you.”

You couldn’t help but smile at the fact that you had made the other one laugh. 

He collected himself before holding out a hand to you, shoving a still-in-shock James to the side, “Sirius, charming, and you are?”

“Y/n, charmed, of course.”

“American, are we?”

“It seems so. Is that good or bad?”

“Surprising. But kind of hot.”

You laughed, “Thanks. I just moved from the American school.” 

“The Americans have a school as well? What do you think of that James?”

He turned and slapped his friend on the back, who had the same smirk from before back on his face, “I didn’t think there were any American wizards, to be honest.”

You laughed and gave a confused look, “What, you just thought they were all British?”

“I don’t know, maybe.”

“Alright, well I should probably find a place to sit, so-”

“Sit with us!” James shouted, causing you to almost jump, “I- uh I mean, like, you can sit with us, i-if you want to. Yeah.”

You raised your eyebrow as Sirius patted James’s shoulder, “Very smooth,” then he turned to you, “Come on.”

He led the way to the compartment where he walked in and sat next to a tall boy with several scars on his face and another short, rather plump one. You were stuck sitting on the other side with that conceded know-it-all James. 

“This is Moony,” Sirius said, pointing the the taller boy, “and Wormtail,” he added, gesturing to the shorter one.

The taller boy rolled his eyes at Sirius before extending his hand to you, “Actually, the name’s Remus, and that’s Peter.”

You shook Remus hand and waved to Peter, who gave a small smile before turning to look out the window.

“So,” Remus said, “Are you new? Kind of odd for someone new to show up in fifth year.”

“Yeah, actually I just moved from America-”

“Moony, she’s American!” Sirius whispered to Remus excitedly.

Remus sighed and smiled, “Yeah, I got that, thanks.”

“Yeah, well, I moved here to Hogwarts sent me a letter, I guess they do that to all the wizard citizens of the UK.”

“Yeah. What house do you think you’ll be in?”

“Oh, is that what James was bragging about earlier?”

Remus laughed, “That wouldn’t surprise me.”

“You know,” James sassily added, “I wasn’t bragging.”

“Yeah right,” you shot back, “you may as well have covered yourself in glitter and got a sign that said, ‘I’m Conceded!’”

“Oh yeah?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Well you may as well have… have…”

“Ha! You can’t even think of anything!”

“Well that doesn’t even matter because you’re annoying!”

“Oh, wow,” you said sarcastically, “Nice one, I’m crushed.”

“Oh, shut up!”

“You shut up!”

“No, you shut-”

“Can you both shut up?” Sirius interrupted, falling to hide his laugher. 

Remus smirked at Sirius and then back and forth between you and James knowingly.

“You see it, don’t you?” He commented to Sirius.

“Of course! I’m not bloody blind!”

“See what?” James asked with his arms crossed. 

“Oh, nothing….” Sirius grinned. 

“What?” you pressed on.

“It’s really nothing,” Remus added with a smirk.

“It’s obviously some-”

The train came to a stop and you became air born, landing sprawled across James’s lap. 

Sirius and Remus began laughing as a blushing James remained frozen, arms around you as a reflex. 

“Ugh, let go of me,” you said blushing, brushing off the flutter in your stomach as train sickness. You may have gotten off on the wrong foot but he was rather cute. 


By Christmas time you had become best friends with the Marauders, making fun of their name but ultimately becoming as much apart of the group as any of the others. Sirius kept up the little flirting game with you while you and Remus had become the best of friends. James and you kept up your little bickering game, but you all knew that you two would do anything for each other. Peter was always asking you for help and advice, and you were every happy to help with whatever he needed. 

You decided not to tell the others you were an animagus, something your parents made you endure and learn how to become for whatever godforsaken reason, but from what it seemed, they had their secrets too, going off without explanation at least once a month. You’d hoped they would come around to telling you what was up, but after half a year of being best friends, they still hadn’t fully opened up to you, and you were beginning to feel hurt. One day, you decided to follow them. 

Since you had only learned to become and animagus a year before and you were still only a teenager, your form was still a little cub, but you could move around just as well even if you weren’t menacing. 

You waited until after classes when the three boys began sneaking off and slipped into your bear form and followed them.

“-the full moons not till tomorrow,” you heard Remus say.

“Yes, but we have to talk,” Sirius said.

“Should we get y/n?” James questioned, making you smile.

“No, this is about her!” Sirius saying that made you even more suspicious. Had you done something wrong? 

You continued following them to… the Shrieking Shack?? No one was supposed to go there. You paused for a moment before remembering you were an animal. A bear, for hell’s sake! Sure, you were a little cub but you could handle anything! With new found confidence you followed the boys into the Shrieking Shack, remaining unnoticed. You sat behind the door, one ear flicking near the doorknob, ready to listen.

“What is this about?” Remus asked, sitting down next to Sirius. 

“And what’s Y/n got to do with it?” 

“Well,” he began, “I wanted to talk about Remus’s furry little problem-”

“We don’t have to worry about it until tomorrow!” Remus wounded irritated.

“Yes, and I know it’s not my decision, but I think we should tell her.”

Remus groaned, “Look. We just became friends with her! And I don’t want to scare her off, James would kill me.”

“Hey!” James interjected.

“Come on, Prongs. We all know you’re in love with her.”

You gasped and stood up, forgetting you were still a cub, causing you to loose balance and roll forwards, knocking open the door. To the boys, it looked as though a small bear cub had spontaneously rolled in.

“What the-?” James stood up. 

“A bear!” Remus shouted, more surprised than anything.

“How the hell did that get in here?” Sirius questioned.

“Bear seems kind of stupid if you ask me,” James said, “what kind of bear would just roll on into a room of people?”

You got up on your four paws and gave James the evil-eye.

Sirius laughed, “he looks like he heard you.”

“It’s kind of cute,” Remus said, “hey little guy,” he put on a baby voice and crouched down towards you. 

You figured maybe you could have a little fun with this.

You rushed towards Remus and jumped on him, licking his face. Whatever this ‘furry little problem’ was, you really did hope he was okay. 

James and Sirius laughed. 

“Wait,” James said, “I wanna play with it!”

James sat on the floor and patted the ground, “Come here! Come here!”

You blushed remembering what had been said before. Did he really feel the same way about you? Your thoughts were interrupted as you were being picked up. James cradled you in his arms and rubbed your stomach. You lifted up your paw and booped his nose, making all the marauder’s laugh.

“God,” James said, “I wish-”

“-Y/n was here,” said Sirius, exasperated, “We know! You say that about every five minutes she’s away.”

James blused.

“I do believe you said that last night at about one when we were all trying to fall asleep,” Remus added.

“’s not my fault I miss her,” James mumbled, still blushing.

You wriggled out of his lap and ran out the door and through the halls. You decided you had to talk to him, it just couldn’t wait any longer. Now that you kew he felt the same way, you could run outside, change back to human, then act like you saw them heading over here and pretend like you came to check on them. The second your paws hit the snow outside the door you turned back into a human and turned back around to head inside, until your bumped into someone. 

“Oh, shit…” you said, looking up at James, hoping he didn’t see what had just happened.


You smiled, relieved. He didn’t see.

“Oh no,” James ran his hands through his hair, “Wait- you’re an animagus? Why didn’t you say so? Oh my god! You were the bear? That means you heard….”

“No, no, James, it’s fine, really! I was there and I heard- but I wanted to tell you that I also-” your confidence completely went away, “t-that I…” 

He looked at you expectantly.

You took a deep breath.

“I… love you.”

He laughed. Your heart broke.

You looked down.

“I-I understand if you-”

Lips collided with yours and you were caught by surprise when your feet left the ground. James set you down and looked into your eyes. 

“I love you too.”

You smiled and put your forehead to his chest. 

“Asshole,” you said looking back up at him, “You scared me for a moment! I thought you didn’t feel the same.”

“That impossible. Besides, you were the cutest little bear cub I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh, god,” you blushed, embarrassed. You were still a little cub.

“I’m serious! It’s bloody adorable. Plus, there’s something you should know…”

James stepped back and next thing you knew there was a beautiful stag in front of you. 

“James?” You questioned, still surprised.

The stag jumped towards you and put its head under your hand, forcing you to pet it. You laughed, “Oh god, you’re so needy.”

Laughing, James returned to human form, “Ha ha.”

“I suppose we should go and see everyone else…”

“Come on then,” James grabbed your hand and led the way.

You entered the room to Sirius and Remus in a heated debate about who knows what. 

“I did it!” James proclaimed, holding up your hand.

“Woah woah woah, not so fast,” you interrupted, “I did confess to you first.”

“I did it!” James repeated.

You rolled your eyes and he looked over at you lovingly.

“Finally!” Sirius shouted. 

“Oh and get a bloody load of this, guys,” James said, taking a step away form you. You caught onto what he was getting at and changed into your animagus for a few seconds before switching back.

“That’s great!” Remus said.

“That was you?” Sirius asked, “No wonder the bear was so obsessed with James.” 

You rolled your eyes once more.

“Well,” Remus took a deep breath, “I guess since your an animagus I can’t make any more excuses. There’s something I should tell you… It’s why we all sneak off sometimes. I guess you’ve noticed since you followed us..” he gave you a scolding look for a second and you smiled guiltily, making Sirius and James laugh, “but I understand if you don’t want to be friends. I’m… a werewolf.”

He grimed and looked ready for a punch to the gut. 

You laughed, “What are you waiting for? Me to beat you up? Remus, I’ll always be your friend and I’ll always be here for you. This doesn’t change anything. You’re still my best friend, and an amazing person.”

Remus let out a shaky breath and you ran over to hug him. 

“Thank you, y/n,” he told you.

You pulled back, “Well now that we’ve gotten that out, Sirius, what’s ur animagus?”

“Ah,” Sirius jumped up excitedly, “I’m a (beautiful) black dog.”

You laughed, “Oh, I’m sure.”

You looked over at James, this was going to be a great Christmas. 


I don’t really like how this one turned out, LMK what you think! to the anon that requested, I’ll be happy to write something better/more specific for you! it’s a lot easier to write a good imagine with a prompt or idea. 

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i remember when i listened to the balloon party when it came out however many years ago i really hated sci’s song, hurricane dial, because i thought it sounded like a lot of discordant noise and sounds and stuff thrown together. but then maybe a year or two later, i’d listened to it again and i was like. this is actually really good … and i’m listening to it now and honestly it’s still pretty solid to my casual listener ears.

2012 me just was not fucking ready. it was too advanced for younger dave

This is a special gift for a very good friend of mine, @brocksnuckel. I know yesterday wasn’t a very good day for her, and @bananabuslover and I both thought that a little surprise might help make her feel better. The BBS Space AU technically isn’t romantic, but I think, for just this one occasion, it’s alright to make a small exception. So, please take this Vanoo doodle for the space AU as my way of saying that I love you, Caora, and that we’re always here for you, even if you think we’re not. I’m not expecting for this to make your problems go away, but I hope that this will at the very least make you smile just a bit. I hope things get better for you, and if you ever want to talk, don’t be afraid to ask. I’ll always have an ear ready to listen, and I may not be able to do much, but I’ll help in whatever way I can to make sure that you’re happy. Please enjoy this drawing that was MADE for YOU, and I love you. ❤️❤️❤️

I care. I care so much it tears me apart.
I care about my family, strangers, anyone who needs help - which is every single person. It’s exhausting, but I wouldn’t trade it.
All I want to do with my life is be a listening ear, always ready to give a hug, advice, or a helping hand.
I will never, ever understand how some can spend their lives living solely for themselves. That’s totally foreign to me, and void of any true satisfaction.