ears flopping

excellent idea:

werewolf girl who changes according to how much moon is showing

full moon? full wolf
waxing crescent? 70% furry
little dreamworks sliver? occasional tail wagging and wolfy ear flops

that time in the morning where you can still see the moon in the sky? a little fuzzier than normal and some soft awoos

Paperwork Hell

For csi-willows who requested 25 - “Stop giving me that look” with Hotch 😊

“Stop sulking.” Morgan said from behind you, flicking your ear as he passed, flopping down into his own desk across from yours. You glared at him before letting your head drop down onto your desk with a groan. You were not sulking. Okay, so maybe you were sulking but you had every right to be.

Two weeks ago, in a completely non-work related accident, you broke the hamate bone in your left hand. Hotch decided that he didn’t want you in the field until he was “Comfortable” with your ability to shoot a gun using both hands. So while the rest of your team ran around Central California on a case, you’d sat here hauled up in this Hell hole going through heaps of backed up paperwork. For the first week Garcia had been your only saving grace, but she too became grouchy with all your sulking.

“Hotch better let you back on the field soon, I heard Garcia’s trying to send your transfer papers into the CIA.” Morgan continued and you peeked up from your desk long enough to stick your tongue out before letting it drop again with another thud.

“I’ve been here doing your paperwork for nearly two weeks. I’m not helping.” You stated stubbornly glaring holes into the papers the littered your desk. “Derek Morgan, you have, the messiest handwriting I’ve ever had the misfortune of trying to decipher. I mean do you even try? I’m sure a drunk toddler’s scrawl would be more leg-”

“(Y/N), come here.” Hotch called, and you didn’t have to look to know it was from the doorway to his office. Groaning again you lifted your head and pulled yourself into a standing position. Derek laughed giving you the stereotypical ‘oooo’ kids got when they were called to the office in school. And in a mature fashion you returned it by chucking the orange from your lunch at his head.

Morgan’s laughter followed you up to Hotch’s office where you finally blocked it out by shutting the door.

“Come on, sit.” Hotch gestured to the chair, eyes not leaving the stack of papers he was signing off on. You plopped into the chair and crossed your arms, watching him and waiting for him to say or do something. Acknowledge your existence. After several moments of silence, only broken up by the occasional scribble from Hotch, or the dramatic sigh from you Aaron broke the quiet, still not looking up. “Stop giving me that look.”

“What look?” You asked innocently, which caused him to look up at you finally, rolling his eyes.

“That ‘ you shot my puppy ‘ look.”

“You shot Gunnar?” You asked with a sharp gasp, hand flying to cover your heart. Hotch gave you a dry look.

“You know what I mean.”

“I’m bored, and my crazy overprotective boyfriend won’t let me leave this building where paperwork goes to die.”

“Who decided to be stubborn and walk when I told them I’d pull the car around? Who slipped on ice and hurt herself?” Aaron asked giving you an amused look.

“I’m fine and you know it. You’re just making excuses for keeping me here, you’re trying to drive me insane.”

“I think you’ve been doing most of the driving, dear. Garcia is begging for you to be taken back.” You huffed, jutting your bottom lip out in a pout, causing Hotch to lean over the desk and use his thumb to smooth your lip back down.

“Now now, stop with that look too, let me see the wrist.” He murmured, pulling back far enough to inspect the brace the hospital put on, “Still hurt?”


“Liar. It’s still bruised, and a little puffy. It’s not your dominant hand.” He poked at your wrist above the brace and moved your fingers below it, “I’ll take you down to the range after work and see how it looks, okay?” You grinned happily nodding you head and leaning over to kiss his cheek, causing him to break into a rare smile. Aaron ran a finger over your grinning lips and nodded his head, “Okay, you can keep giving me that look.” 

If you watch the Faun in motion, you’ll see it blink and wiggle its ears. That’s mechanical, and it was like having to work on your computer with your head stuck in a bee’s nest. “My vision was through the tear ducts of this mask. So I could basically see through two toilet rolls all day. There were mechanics built into my head, servos and motors and batteries. [They operated] eyebrow movement, eyelid movement, and the ears flopping around, there’s a lot of [Editor’s note: At this point, Dougie made a buzzing noise that sounded like a fax machine vomiting up a smaller fax machine] in your ears all day long. And you’ve got to listen to dialogue cues over [it]. Couldn’t hear, couldn’t see. When you’re up on stilts, you’re not confident with your steps. The horns were extremely heavy, because that’s where they tucked all the batteries. Add to that reams of Spanish dialogue, a language I don’t speak. So the memorization process was grueling on top of the five-hour application process and performance issues that came with that.”

Plus, you’ve gotta be nice, because no matter how much crap you’re wearing, taking it out on a 12-year-old would still be a jerk move.

When CGI Won’t Cut It: 6 Realities Of Being A Movie Monster

Wolf vs Dog

Prompt: Can you an imagine where Derek is in full shift and he is very protective of the reader but Derek love to cuddle with reader in full shift form.

Characters: Derek x Reader, Lydia, a dog

Word count: ~ 1800 words

Warnings: none, maybe swearing

A/N: Lydia comes over with a dog. Full-shifted Derek isn’t very amused.

Something nudged against your leg, making you pull it up to lie on the couch. You resumed reading your book, coming near the climax when something nudged your arm.

With a groan you lowered your book, peering over it at the large, black wolf sitting next to the couch.

“I’m reading Der…”

Derek let out a whine, his ears flopping down. You held back a coo and shifted your legs to make room on the couch. With an excited yip Derek jumped onto the couch, turning in a circle around himself before settling his furry head on your lap.

Giggling you ran your hand over his head, scratching behind his ear. The first time you had touched Derek while he was in full shift you had been cautious, but you soon got used to it.

Derek pushed his head harder against your hand, a pleased rumble making his body vibrate.

“I bet if we had a dog you wouldn’t let him on the couch…” you wondered out loud, still stroking his fur.

The wolf on your lap lifted his head to look at you and you were sure you saw him rolling his eyes.

“What? It’s true! I really would like a cat, but I guess that’s not going to happen. You’ll probably chase the poor thing through the whole loft and scar it for life!”

Derek growled at the word cat and now it was your time to roll your eyes.

“Just be a good boy and let me read,” you instructed and lifted your book back up.

Derek as a full shifted wolf was even warmer than usual. You enjoyed feeling the heat on your lap while you stroked Derek’s fur and he soon fell asleep under you ministration.

A knock on the door made you look up again from your now almost finished book and Derek immediately lifted his head, growling lowly.

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ok my dog tried to leave me via digging a tunnel??? but i forgive him because look at his ears flop everywhere 



Eggsy jogged down the corridor, J.B clutched to his chest tightly, little soft ears flopping all over the place with speed. He flinched when one hit him in the face, but kept running, finally reaching the door to the main control room. Eggsy twisted the doorknob quickly, slipping inside the room silently. Yet still, with all his careful tactics, all eyes in the room turned toward him. The conversation fell silent, Merlin rolling his eyes and turning back toward the PowerPoint.

“What was it this time, Eggsy?” He asked,interrupting the boys answer “I don’t really care agent, that was rhetorical. Sit down”

“As I was saying” Merlin drawled as he watched Eggsy saunter down next to Roxy, smiling happily “This is the supposed next target, Miss
(Y/n) (Y/ln). Twenty years old, daughter to one of the richest men alive. She will be atending a ball tonight, the perfect time for the kidnapping to take place. Your mission is simple, make sure that doesn’t happen”

“Naturally, Roxy and Eggsy will go in posed as guests-”

“Uh, why?” Eggsy asked, studying the picture of the girl on the PowerPoint. Her (E/c) eyes shined with happiness, mouth pulled into a content smile. She held a young child in her arms, swinging him from his elbows. In a way, she reminded him of himself when he played with his little sister.

“Well, you are roughly the same age as her, meaning it will be easier for you to approach the target without being suspected” Merlin answered.

Eggsy nodded in agreement and motioned for the man to continue with the plan.

“Roxy will befriend her whilst you look for danger. The other agents will be posted at various exits if we need to make a quick escape. Got it, good. Dismissed”

Eggsy readjusted the sleeves of his suit, scanning the room for the target. She was easy to spot, dancing gracefully with her younger brother on her feet.

Her dress was made of beautiful black lace that ran up and down her arms and chest tightly, but puffed out slightly when it reached her waist. It was reasonably short, falling to just above her knees, showing off her high heeled black boots that looked very hard to walk in, let alone dance. Her (Y/hc) hair was down in loose waves, nails painted black. Stunning.

Eggsy shook his heads quickly, snapping out of his daze when the song finished. He watched as (Y/n) picked up her little brother, kissing his cheeks before passing him to his nanny - a Kingsmen agent in disguise, to make sure nothing happened to the youngest (Y/ln) child - before walking toward the bar to get a drink.

“Roxy-” Eggsy started.

“On it” she replied quickly, moving to stand next to the girl as she ordered.

“Oh my god, I love your shoes!” She squealed like an excited child “where did you get them?”

(Y/n) smiled lightly and turned to tell her. Eggsy lost interested and focused on his part of the mission. He looked around, noticing a few shady charcters all grouped together. They were all older gentlemen, reasonably buff, laughing merrily. They would have seemed like any other party guests, but every so often they would turn and look at (Y/n) with interest as if waiting for something.

Eggsy tried moving closer to them so he could stop them if need be, but Merlin’s voice in his ear stopped him.

“Target is on the move, please tell me it’s one of you twits walking with her”

Eggsy turned his head to the right and cursed quietly. It wasn’t. (Y/n) was talking to a man in his early twenties, giggling and blushing like crazy. The pair had moved away from the bar and were reasonably close to a door, one that would lead onto the many rooms the guests would be staying in that night. He offered her his hand and she shook it politely, smiling.

“Where’s Roxy?” Eggsy asked, scanning for the blonde. But she was no where to be seen. It was if she’d just vanished into thin air.

“Agent Lancelot?” Merlin asked. No response, only crackling.

“Roxy?” Eggsy tried this time, moving closer to (Y/n). There was a sick feeling in his stomach. Everything was already going wrong.

“She’s gone. I’ll try to contact her or locate her at least. In the mean time, follow the target, don’t let her get away”

Eggsy nodded, watching as the pair moved toward the door. The man held it open for her, motioning for him to follow. (Y/n) smiled and obliged. Eggsy sprinted toward the pair, weaving in and out of people as best he could. He caught the door just before it closed, slipping away unnoticed.

He followed the two of them down the corridor and was about to leap into action when they entered another room, the door locking behind them. He swore quietly, explaining his situation to Merlin quietly.

“How many in the room?” He asked.

“At least ten” Merlin responded, reading the thermal emissions of the room.

“That’s funny. Only two went in” Eggsy chuckled “and I have the sneaking suspicion the rest aren’t party guests”

“They’re putting their plan into action now” Merlin agreed.

“What do we do?”

“I’ll hack into the rooms security cameras and project it onto your glasses. I’m working on unlocking the door. Wait until the right moment to bust in, you’ll need backup. Plus they may let some crucial information slip if we wait a moment”

Eggsy focused on the projection on his glasses, hands tightening around his umbrella.

“So then I said to let the poor bugger go” the man ended his story, his back to (Y/n) as he poured her a drink.

“As they should have, hunting animals like that is just cruel” (Y/n) sighed, readjusting her position on her chair.

“I couldn’t agree more” the man nodded, sending her a soft smile over his shoulder.

“It’s so refreshing to meet someone who you see eye to eye with” (Y/n) added, gladly taking the drink from him as he turned around. But as she did so  her pointed finger slipped into the cup, falling into the alcohol.

“Oh” she chuckled, quickly pulling it out and shaking it dry “I must be more tipsy than I realise”

The man chuckled at her blushing cheeks, finding her embarrassment quiet amusing.

“To good health” he chimed, raising his glass.

“To good health” she repeated, lifting her glass to her lips. But something out of the corner or her eye made her stop.

The nail polish on the finger - the one that ‘fell’ into her drink - was slowly losing it’s dark colour, turning a bright pink.

“Huh” she chuckled “Well isn’t that strange”.

(Y/n) moved her mouth away from the rim, crossing her arms over her chest.

“So tell me, how many doses of rohypnol did you put in this?” She asked, slowly pouring the drink out onto the carpet. Her attitude had changed from a love-struck giggling woman to an unnervingly calm interrogator.

The man stared at her with his mouth opening and shutting quickly, completely confused.

“Nothing?” She tilted her head to the side “oh what a shame”

She threw the glass quickly at him, spinning round on her heels just as a secret door behind her opened, the burly men from earlier charging in. Her hand slid to her thigh and she pulled out a gun, shooting two of them in the face. She ducked behind her chair, reloading as they fired at her, waiting until one brave soul came too close. She shoved the chair into his stomach, making him topple over. Quickly she jumped over the mess. Grabbing the gun of one surprised man, she used it to smack him in the face with it before turning to face a man to her right. She kicked him in the chest, making him back up a few paces before elbowing him in the face, knocking him out cold.

She turned round to face the remaining two, snarling viciously. One ran - diving out a window, unluckily meeting his end by a Kingsmen agent waiting for him- but the biggest stayed, taunting her forward.

“Come on then, little girl” he hissed, making a 'come at me’ motion with his fingers.

(Y/n) straightened her posture, clicking her heels together. Out sprung a small dagger which she caught in mid air, grinning madly.

She lunged toward him, aiming for his throat. He blocked it quickly, and punched at her stomach. She grunted with the impact, and Eggsy was sure he heard a snapping noise. But she ignored this and lunged again, this time nicking his arm with her weapon just as her other hand boxed him straight in the nose. As he stumbled back in shock, (Y/n) kicked him with all her might, sending him right through a nearby wall and into the next room.

(Y/n) sighed, dusting herself down as debris fell around her. Flipping her (Y/hc) out of her face, she walked toward the man who had offered her the drink, pulling at his tie.

“So David, why are you trying to kidnap me?” She asked, playing with her knife in a threatening way.

“Eggsy-” Merlin started, slightly worried about the guy. He had been strangely silent throughout the full fight.

“On it” he responded quickly, opening the door. He immediately froze when a knife was thrown at him, dodging to the left just to avoid it.

“That one was a warning” (Y/n) hissed, grabbing one of the fallen men’s guns and aiming it at him.

Eggsy put his hands up quickly, a look of terror on his face.

“Miss (Y/n)” Merlin’s voice echoed around the room, making the girl stiffen "We are here to help”

“Who are you?” She asked, looking around for the source of the voice.

“Oxford not Brogues” Eggsy tried, watching as her eyes light up with surprise.

“A Kingsman Agent” she chuckled “of course” she turned her head to the security camera “I thought I told you already Merlin that I’m not interested in joining your little club”

“That’s not why we’re here Guinevere” Merlin responded.

“Don’t call me that you -” she hissed quietly, about to say something a bit rude. But a muffled yell interrupted her.

She frowned, walking slowly toward a cupboard and opening it. Out fell Roxy, gagged and bound and thrashing wildly.

“So why are you here?” (Y/n) directed her question to no one in particular “I’m guessing it’s not just to check up on your favourite rogue agent”

“We were sent here to protect you” Eggsy answered, watching as she untied Roxy, helping the poor girl to her feet.

“Well, as you can see I have it covered” (Y/n) smirked before strutting out the room. Eggsy watched as she walked down the hall, hips swaying, heels clicking on the polished floors.

Roxy rolled her eyes at his hypnotised glance, struggling toward the door.

“Men” she muttered before following after (Y/n), Eggsy closely behind.

The Goblin and the cow(s).

[ I had meant to write this during the Diablo 20th anniversary but considering it’s at least in the same year, it counts. When you have a Goblin that likes cows, it’s only natural that things get written.]

Gem studded ears flopped merrily as their owner strutted down the streets of Dalaran. The clip-clop of gold covered hooves followed close by his side: His miniature cow Hamilton drawing the look of curious bystanders. “Haaa-mmy, look at this gorgeous day!”

It mattered little to the goblin, that Dalaran was indeed floating over an demon covered Isle, or that most of his inhabitants were fighting a war. This was his day, and trivial things like that were pushed to the side.

An old tauren woman stepped into his path causing him to bump into her and Hamilton to bump into Binny. An indigent moo showed the feisty bovine’s displeasure. She peered down and revealed eyes clouded with white. “Oh, pardon me. I was just trying to find the market. Can you be a good lad and point it out to me?”

He brushed himself off and then gave her a sincere but lopsided grin. “Of course!” It was then that the glint of something caught his eye. He knew that sparkle any where and it made him painfully curious as to what she was carrying.

“You just go straight and then make a left.” The glimmer of something rare perhaps? It caught his eye again and he wiggled his ears in frustration. He was a polite goblin. He was a good goblin. Centori told him that he had no choice in the matter. She wouldn’t be there to bail him out.

“Uh, pardon me, Ma’am but are you trying to sell something?” His ears waggled again and Hamilton gave a low, bored moo. Binny swatted at him before putting on his much more charming smile.

The woman looked down at him, a smile playing at the edges of her lips, but it never fully bloomed. “ Maybe, maybe, yes. An aging woman such as myself needs to eat! So regretfully I must part with this.”

She pulled from her bag what appeared to be a small walking stick. Odd for a creature of her size to have, but what was even more unusual was the perfectly modeled Tauren head for a handle, eyes set with star rubies.

He needed it. He yearned for it. He had to act cool as a cucumber.

“How much?” While his tone was casual, the desire burned in his eyes. The old woman turned it over, making sure to show off the rubies properly. “ For you? A hundred gold.”

Binny almost ripped off his belt giving her the heavy pouch that was set to be delivered to the bank. He liked money but he liked gems more. He would ask for a raise sometime. The old woman let out a low chuckle and accepted the purse, jingling it a bit before bowing her head. “Enjoy Binny.”

He was too enraptured to say much more to her. The glint of the rubies had captivated him and set his heart a flutter. Did his heart normally beat this fast? The city was pretty high up but he felt suddenly hot. Did she say his name? Confusion gripped him as he twirled the staff before keeling over. Hamilton huffed but then sat on his chest, like good cows do.

When he woke up, his head was pounding like the drummer of the E.T.C was performing a solo in his brain. “Gods. Too much excitement.”

He however didn’t notice a very large cow, standing on two legs, hovering over him. The benevolent heffer didn’t move and stayed silent. It was only polite really. There were rules and startling little green men seemed decidedly against them.

It was in that moment, that Binny peered up, and screamed before promptly passing back out. The elder cow shook his head and then prodded the little creature with his staff. After a few moments of the incessant poking, he stirred once more. This time, he peeked one eye open, and when the sight of the bipedal cow greeted him, it was a (very) little less shocking. “Uh, Have I gone insane?”

It was a fair question, and those around all agreed. It was the cow closest to him that finally spoke in a low and rumbling voice. “You are here quite by accident. In fact, there will be a lot of paperwork, a non disclosure agreement, and several threats to issue before you can leave. We apologize for all of it but those are the rules.”

Binny blinked and then looked around. There were so many cows. They were all standing on two feet and several looked to be playing badminton. While he had many questions, he couldn’t help but be impressed at the fact that racquets were being held by hooves.

There were more important issues at hand though. He was too young to be going crazy. Perhaps he had hit his head when he fell. He liked cows a lot and so naturally he would hallucinate such a wild scenario. Even the part with paperwork! A goblin through and through.

“What I can tell you is that you have not in fact, reached the cow level.” Another cow joined him with an arm full of paperwork and a pen. “You will sign here, here and here. If you do not then we will have to escort you to the great pasture. It will be quick and painless even regrettable but we have a lot to protect here.”

“The great pasture… do you mean?” He made a gesture with his finger slicing across his throat. The elder cow nodded solemnly and then pointed to the paper work. It took Binny all of five minutes to get through it. He didn’t want to become fertilizer.

The two consulted the paperwork, speaking quietly to themselves before the Elder spoke again. “Binny, you are to never speak of this place. Do not come back here. It does not exist. The cow level does not exist.”

With a great whack of his staff, the goblin was knocked off his feet.

Binny woke once again on the hard ground but this time he could barely breath. Hamilton licked his face and slid off of him. “I don’t know what happened Hammy but thanks for protecting me.”

A funny thought came to his mind and he stared at the miniature cow for a moment. “The cow level doesn’t exist?”

Hamilton shook his head knowingly which caused a great deal of consternation for Binny.

Heart's Day - Lionheart

Mini ficlets for heart’s day! Lionwolf for @fenedhislasa

Originally posted by kotganju

A year had passed. The inquisition had been disbanded in the same night that the Inquisitor had lost her arm. No longer Commander Rutherford, nor knight-anything Cullen sat and watched the sun set over the fields of his farm. 

By Cullen’s feet, the rescued Mabari snored, belly up and ears flopped back against the porch’s wooden slats. The dog grunted awake, rolling onto it’s feet and lifting into sudden alertness. Letting out a huff of breath, the mabari turned not towards the road but to the inside of the farmhouse.

Cullen frowned, setting aside the small bit of wood he’d been whittling away at but kept the knife in hand. He’d learned the habit from Bla- from Ranier. Tom Ranier. Maker, had no one in the Inquisition been who they said they were?
“What is it?” He asked the mabari, who was standing at full alert, nose at the door. The big dog let out another low wuff of breath, then looked up at Cullen, the stub of his tail wagging once.

Reaching for the door with his free hand, Cullen pushed it open cautiously, eyes scanning the dark interior of the small house. The interior was still as he’d left it. The small table in the centre held notes and maps, the hearth beyond was left to glowing coals and the ladder up to his bed was in place.

The mabari shoulderd past him, trotting over to the ladder, sniffing up and down the rungs before sitting down at the base of it and whining.

The blasted dog could climb the ladder whenever there was a thunderstorm, but pretended that now it was helpless to get up to the loft now? Cullen shoot the dog an unimpressed look before starting to climb up the ladder.

He stopped as he saw what had been left on the bed. A  package, wrapped in a shaggy grey pelt. Heart thudding, Cullen crept forward, crouching by the bed and peering at the bundle. Gingerly unwrapping the fur, he found a beautifully painted chessboard. The pieces were of Elven make, he was sure of it. But the ‘white’ army was carved to be the Inquisition while the other were… elves in armor that reminded him of those from the temple of Mythal.

Resting on top of the board itself was a small note, written in elegant, clean script.

'We play on a larger field now, I’m afraid. You are still my favourite opponent, and I hope you win, my friend.


Cullen sat on the edge of the mattress, the note in one hand, and the carefully crafted king of the Wolves in the other. A work-callused thumb ran over the many eyes of the dread wolf and the once-commander thought back to a stolen moment in the War room.

Originally posted by eyes-like-glowing-embers

Energetic barking at the farmhouse door alerted Cullen that he had a visitor. But it wouldn’t be who he hoped would walk through the door. No, that man was far too cautious to risk any confrontation. Even if… even if it wouldn’t be as hostile as he might fear. 

Loathe to set down either the note or the wolf-king, he tucked them both into the pocket of his doublet.

“CULLEN!” shrieked a familiar voice. “YOUR DOG! HELP. PLEASE.”

“Shit,” he said, leaping to his feet and hurrying down the ladder. He hadn’t expected the inquis- Lavellan. If he’d known she was coming he’d have kept the dog collared. Hell, he hadn’t expected anyone.

Jogging outside, he saw the once Inquisitor up a tree, pale as the silver of her hair, and eyes wide as she stared down at the happy mabari.

Hero of Thedas, and the only one who might possibly understand what he was feeling right now. Well, from the terror on her face, maybe 'right now’ wasn’t the correct moment to discuss feelings.

“Come away now, pup,” Cullen said, trying and failing to swallow his laughter.

How could his heart feel both buoyed and tight at the same time?

“Not funny,” the inquisitor said, huddled on her branch. “Help. Please?”

“No ma'am,” he laughed, holding out a hand to help her down. “Not funny at all. How did you get up there without-” he stopped, unsure if he should mention the empty air where once had been the source of her power.

“Terror and spite,” she muttered, hopping down and brushing herself off for show. “I… I need to talk to you and letters aren’t reliable for this. Put on some tea?” she suggested, and eyed the mabari warily. “Can he stay outside?”

“Of course.”

It wasn’t until they were inside, sitting at the table that she pulled out a small figure from out pouch and placed it on the table. It’s twin rested in his doublet, suddenly heavy.

He swallowed.

“We don’t have much time,” Lavellan whispered. “We need to save him. We have to. Even after everything. Especially after everything.” She sighed, scrubbing her hand over her face.

Looking up at her, he thought about lying. Saying he hadn’t heard anything.

“Cullen, I need your help, and I know you care about him as much as I do,” she said, eyes pinning him in place.

He nodded, pulling out the figure from his doublet and placed it on the table by hers.

“Of course,” he said. “Back to work, then?” They could save him, he told himself. If anyone could, it would be the two of them. Solas was worth saving, and Cullen would wade through entire armies if he had to.