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Thigh-high socks, a floral shirt, dangling earrings

forbidden ds9 au in which vic fountaine is the simulation of a soulful indie singer from 2010s and the crew takes breaks from war horrors at coachella every weekend - for @reflectedeve


by Emily Dickinson

Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne'er succeed.
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need.

Not one of all the purple host
Who took the flag to-day
Can tell the definition,
So clear, of victory,

As he, defeated, dying,
On whose forbidden ear
The distant strains of triumph
Break, agonized and clear!

EXO reacts to; getting turned on whilst you're gaming.

Okay, so I may have gone into slightly too much detail about the games, I spend a lot of my time at the minute playing Dragon Age & Bioshock, so that’s why… but to make it up to you guys:

WARNING: NSFW- SMUT (See, I told you I’d make it up to you guys!)

Also, I realise not all of you will get the references to all these games; so I’ve put links to the trailers below :) (Also, they’re amazing and I definitely suggest playing them if you ever get the chance!) ANOTHER WARNING: THEY CONTAIN SOME HORROR

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Bioshock 2
Dark Souls
Portal 2: Co-Op


On the rare occasion SM decided to give Xiumin a day off, you almost always came down with a sudden flu, it was such a curious thing; and of course after calling your workplace and coughing down the phone to tell them that you would put on a brave face and tackle through your work hours, you were shocked to find that you weren’t needed in today. You’d been told to rest up for as long as you needed to, and to take a couple of days off. Though, what was even stranger was that as soon as you hung up, settled down in between Xiumin’s legs and cuddled into your impromptu blanket fort, you miraculously seemed to make a full recovery! And now what with your work going to the trouble to make other plans, you couldn’t possibly ring up again to disrupt them. It looked like you would have to spend the day with your boyfriend playing video games. It’s funny how things work out isn’t it? (oh look, I think I see a pig flying past the window…)

As the morning carried on its lazy pace, Xiumin casually stroked your arm as he sat up in bed, resting on the headboard with you making your base of operations in between his legs. You were both facing the wall mounted TV, he watched amused as you were repeatedly dying whilst fighting a High Dragon in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Currently, the arena was set- your party were full health, mana and stamina, the Ferelden Frostback down to 25% health when suddenly it swoops up onto a higher platform and you get surrounded by Dragonlings. You sit up straight- prepared for this stage of the battle, your breath quickening and you become engulfed with flames and your healer falls. You gasp as you try to dodge out the way, feeling Xiumin suddenly stop stroking you arm, the muscles in his legs tightening as his attention is drawn onto you now. You start to panic as your warrior and archer fall- you’re the last in the arena. You use a ranged attack and take out all the Dragonlings and reach the High Dragon. You cringe as your health starts to plummet- but so does the Dragons. 20%, 17%… 6%.

“Yes… yes… c'mon baby, you know you wanna give in… YES… YES!” Your voice drags out as you coo at the screen, jiggling up and down as your excitement grows. Little did you know your movements were causing a rather unfortunate… incident as your ground your behind against Xiumin’s crotch.

Xiumin bites his lip, watching you from behind. Your character’s health drops and “Your journey has ended…” appears as the screen turns red.

“NO!” You cry, falling forward on the bed, pushing your backside out as you stretch your arms out and dramatically drop your head onto the bed, Xiumin groans as the pressure on his crotch is released. He grabs your torso, kneeling up and grinding himself against your rear, pulling you up against him. You yelp in surprise feeling his erection dig into you.

“I know the perfect way to regenerate your stamina, Y/N…” He whispers huskily in your ear. You gasp and rest your hands against his, glancing sideways.

“What’s gotten into you?”

He smirks, nibbling your ear, whispering all the forbidden things he wants to do to you. Your breath hitches as he starts grinding himself harder into your behind, biting your lip as you feel a familiar ache for him. You let out a slight moan as he strokes your stomach under his borrowed shirt, leaning your head back onto his shoulder. You almost give in, but then your game loaded up at the beginning of your fight. You tear yourself away and grab your controller to start playing.

“After I beat this Dragon! Okay, Baobei?”

He huffs, letting you go and slinks back down against the headrest, looking utterly defeated. Turned down for a Dragon? You’d pay for that later.


You step out of the steaming shower, squeezing the excess water out of your hair over the drain. You grab a towel off the rail and wrap it around yourself, securing it by folding one edge under the other; grabbing another towel you rub it on your scalp for a few minutes and shake your head. You walk over to the mirror and jump at the hair monster in front of you, giggling and pulling faces at yourself in the mirror.

“Uh, honey…? What are you doing? DIE DIE DIE!” Baekhyun’s voice echoes through the house, making your eyes widen in confusion. You peek around the bathroom door and look down the stairs towards the living room.

“Uh, honey…?” You mimic him, as you pull on your underwear, stepping out of the bathroom.

“This game is BULLSHIT.” He yells and you hear a thud as he drops the controller on the sofa. You slip on your bathrobe and potter down the stairs, still towel drying your hair. He meets you at the doorway to the living room, pouting and rests his head on your shoulder.

“I’ve run into a Big Sister in Bioshock 2… you know you love me?” He looks up at you with pleading eyes. You roll your own and sigh jokingly.

“Oh go on then.” You smile and gesture for him to go past you so he can use the shower. He grins triumphantly and pecks your lips and he walks past you. Tapping your behind his the back of his hand as he does so. “Thanks, Jagi!” You plonk yourself down on the sofa, studying the screen as you pick up the controller. It couldn’t be that difficult, could it?

It could. After 10 minutes of pure blind rage you slip off your bathrobe- sweating from your animated frustration jiggles- and slide of the sofa; sitting cross-legged in front of the TV. You load in a Vita-Chamber and ready yourself. You hear the warning screeches of the Big Sister approaching. You step out and head to the clearing. You place down rivet traps and get ready as the last warning is given and your screen shakes, white vignette appearing and signalling her arrival. It’s quick this time, your traps working perfectly; you step out from your hiding spot behind a pillar and fire wildly in her direction, the red health bar quickly disappears and you howl in victory. You jump up and start dancing in circles, shaking your hips and chanting.


Little did you know, Baekhyun had been watching the whole routine from the doorway, water dripping from his damp hair, he eyes up your scantily clad body with a lust-filled gaze of intent. He charges forward and tackles you onto the sofa. He pins you down and hovers inches away from your mouth, breathing shallowly over you. He smirks as he takes the controller from your hands, setting it aside and drags his hand down your torso, playing with the waistband of your boy-shorts.

“Thank you for getting me passed her.”

You feel your body shudder at the closeness, noticing every part of him, your skin feeling electrified. You stutter:

“N-no problem.” His smirk widens at your flustered state and he continues,

“And for the show… want your reward now?” He closes his eyes, not waiting for your answer, knowing fully well what it would be and he kisses you, his hand wandering inside your underwear.


Jongdae has never been more amused at breakfast time. He’s sat on your bed happily eating his yogurt watching you suffer as you repeatedly die on the same part of Dark Souls. You’re sat at the end of the bed, a stern look of concentration on your face as you respawn at a fire pit all the way back at the beginning of the game at the Firelink Shrine. You shuffle from side to side, groaning and having a mini hissy fit, causing Jongdae to laugh loudly from the other end of the bed. You snap your head around and glare at him.

“Laugh it up, Kim! Laugh it up!” You sneer sarcastically at him, resulting in him laughing hard. You turn back around sulkily, sighing and continuing your death routine.

Jongdae stretched out his leg, prodding a sock covered toe to your back gently.

“Love me~?” He whined at you.

You scoffed and died again, this time, your groan took on an exasperated sigh that reminded him of one of his favourite sounds that you make, secretly hoping you’d keep losing the game if you were going to make that sound again. Sighing as wait for “YOU DIED” to fade from the screen, you pull up the strap of your oversized vest top and readjust yourself on the end up the bed so that you’re kneeling to get a better view of the TV screen.

Jongdae slowly carries on eating, licking the spoon as he admires the way loose strands of your hair fell from your high bun atop your head and rested on your neck. He tilts his head and watches you. You groan and dramatically fall back onto the bed, you head landing between Jongdaes legs, as you give up the endless death match. You chest heaves as you sigh and pout up at him.

“I hate this game.” You say expecting him to laugh at you- but he’s not. Instead, he’s staring, very intently at your cleavage, licking yogurt off his lips. He smirks suddenly and flick yogurt off his spoon and onto your chest. You squeak and go to sit up, but he holds your shoulders down and you gape up at him in shock.

“What the hell are you doing?!” You squeal, he grins and leans over you, licking the yogurt off your chest slowly. You close your eyes and hold your breath, not knowing how to react. He pulls away, keeping one hand on your shoulder and poking your nose with the other.

“You shouldn’t make those noises and present yourself like this to me if you can’t handle to consequences, Y/N”


It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, you and Chanyeol are cuddled up on the sofa playing Portal 2 co-op (Multiplayer). It started out all fun and games, working together and all that jazz, and then it started getting a little stale to you; so you thought you’d have some fun. Whenever Chanyeol put a portal down, you’d wait until he’d left that area and put your portal down over the top of it, essentially getting rid of his, and fleeing the area before he noticed. He scowled as he put his other portal down, not understanding why he could go through it. You sniggered silently, hoping he couldn’t feel your laughs vibrate through the sofa. He tried again, you messed with him again and you chuckled again, this time becoming slightly more audible than before. He glanced at you sideways, giving you a suspicious look.

“What are you doing?” You look at him, feigning hurt.

“Me?! I’m not doing anything, I’m only here to support you!” He squints at you and turns back to the screen, looking at your half and seeing you flee the scene of the crime, a red portal in place of his blue. He stares at you accusingly and grabs your chin, wiggling your face in between his long fingers, you smile sweetly, giggling as he gently directs your face back towards the screen.

“Don’t be cheeky, Jagiya.” You chuckle again and silently plot more ways to confuse him.

A few minutes pass and you both finally finish the puzzle, you get to the doors that let you pass to the next level. He positions his character on one of two buttons that trigger the door to open and waits for you to do the same. You smirk and decide to continuously fall off the platform to your death. You see him staring at you with raised eyebrows in your peripheral vision, but you refuse to look at him.

“Jagiya.” He says in a warning tone.

“Yes, Oppa?”

“Stop it.”

“Stop what?”

“You know exactly what.” Your smirk widens as you giggle silently, watching him grow more and more impatient with every death. You turn to look at him, egging him on.

“Make me.”

He licks his lips, the corner of his mouth turning up, accepting your challenge. He puts his controller down and throws himself onto you, using his arms to cage you. You squeal, but still don’t let go of the controller, still controlling your character to run straight off the platform.

He looks from you to the screen, and back at you incredulously. Shaking his head he kisses square on the lips roughly, making your mind swim in the heady feeling. He grinds his hips onto yours making you moan out slightly, you feel your grip of the controller loosen and hear it land on the floor. He pulls away and looks at it smugly, though it seems like he’s lost interest now as he ducks down and sucks the sensitive spot on your neck, grazing his teeth and marking the kiss, you dig your fingers into the fabric of his shirt making him smirk against your skin.

He pulls away, standing up and throws you over his shoulder, you squeal and giggle as he runs upstairs with you.

I hope you guys liked this! If you want to request more scenarios/reactions like this then remember to choose 4 members! If you want all 12 but a shorter reaction then put a star along with your request in the ask box!

Enjoy and feedback would be loved!

Admin Mimi

Anonymous said to ouranselite411: I dare all the host members to say who they would kiss in the club and why! Even Kyoya! Please...

“I’d kiss Haru-chan! Haru-chan is really cute, don’t you think, Takashi?”


*sighs* "If I must, I have to agree with Honey-senpai. Haruhi’s likely the best option given how freely commoners give out kisses. At least there wouldn’t be room for misinterpretation." 

"Wait a minute, just what are you-”

“Now, now, gentlemen. We all know that Haruhi’s first kiss was at the first dance party of the year. However, I too think that-”


“Ah, yes, with Suzushima’s fiancée. Now I remember.”

“There’s no need to be so defensive…”

“…a little kiss is harmless.

Of course, you know I’d only kiss someone I loved, Kaoru." 


“What about you, Haruhi? Who would you choose? If you answer, I’ll cut your debt by two percent.”

“Well, I guess if I had to, maybe…”


"What’s this? Do my ears deceive me? Is a forbidden love confession among these handsome young men finally coming to pass?

Am I about to bear witness to this glorious moment?! Six dashing young men vying for the commoner’s affections? Which one will Haruhi choose? Where will this moment lead?”

“Technically, Renge is a member of the host club…”

“…since she is the manager." 

"What?! No! That’s not what I was going to-”

“Alas, he chooses the fair maiden? How broken-hearted must these young men be?

Come, Haruhi! Let’s leave them so they can’t dwell on false hope!”

“NO! HARUHI!!!" 

[to be continued]


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Am I the only one who thinks that sometimes at night, Alec will be whispering into Magnus’ ears all these forbidden desires and kinks and just be all dominating and sexy, leaving Magnus a blushing, blubbering mess. And when the warlock see all of Alec’s friends smirking at him for being the more sexually active one and the flirt and he just glances at them thinking “you have no idea”

Like seriously

Those things are very flashy.
  • Saotome: Homura Akemi, what are those things in your ears?
  • Homura: Um, earrings?
  • Saotome: Exactly! Earrings and other piercings are forbidden inside the school! I'm afraid I'm going to confiscate them.
  • Homura: WHAT?!
  • Homura: N-No, you can't!
  • Saotome: Don't worry, I'll give them back after school.
  • Homura: That's not- I can't-
  • Saotome: Do you want detention, Homura Akemi?!
  • Homura: ...Do I get to keep my earrings if I do?
  • Saotome: HOMURA!
  • Homura: You can't take them, they're very important!
  • Saotome: Oh really, and why is that?
  • Homura: They're uh-...
  • Homura: A... family heirloom. Yes. My great-grandmother gave it to my grandmother, who gave it to my mother, who gave it to me.
  • Saotome: Well, you shouldn't of taken it to school then anyway. Come up, give it to me.
  • Homura: Wait! It's also... Uh...
  • Homura: The thing about these earrings is that....
  • Saotome: Is that...?
  • Homura: They're a symbol of my love.
  • Saotome: ........What?
  • Homura: I-
  • Saotome: No no, I heard enough. I understand that young girls such as yourself are at that age where you become interested in boys-
  • Homura: I'm not interested in boys.
  • Saotome: Now now, no need to be shy~
  • Homura: No really, I'm not-
  • Saotome: But you still can't go around with such flashy jewelery trying to attract attention, you know?
  • Homura: So what if I just take them off and we forget this whole thing ever happened?
  • Saotome: Nope, still got to confiscate them.
  • Homura: Urk-! ....Well, I'm sure nothing too bad will happen if I'm not holding them for a LITTLE while......
  • Homura: ((Takes off earrings and gives them to Saotome))
  • Homura: SHIT

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