ears and scars

Healing Incantation

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Based on this song from the movie Tangled.

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Request: Hello babe! ❤ i was wondering if you could write buckyxreader where all of the avengers have movie friday and they watch Tangled(readers choice) and she and Buck are cuddling(they aren’t together but they love each other) and on Healing song, she start to singing to his ear and kiss his scars from metal arm and say something like im sorry it doesn’t work. All sweet and fluff. I hope you doing well ❤

Warnings: fluff and cuteness that will make your heart hurt.

Words: c. 950

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The opening credits had been paused for the last 20 minutes while everyone gathered their snacks and comforts and claimed their seats, because everyone had their own seats.

Yours and Bucky’s were a two seat recliner that you had sort of drifted to accidentally, when Bucky had first arrived at the tower, you had had been the only one sitting quietly whilst the others chattered and bickered over picking the movie, he had quietly asked if it would be alright to sit beside you and when you had smiled shyly and nodded, moving your selection of treats aside to accommodate him, he knew he had made the right decision.

The first time you had ended up cuddling had been completely accidental, you and Wanda had been away on a mission all week and despite your best arguments that you needed sleep, the team had insisted that you stay and watch the movie with them, and when Bucky regarded you shyly, silently hopeful and you found yourself not quite able to refuse.

But tiredness had taken over roughly half way through the movie and you hadn’t even noticed you’d drifted off curled into Bucky’s side until a loud crash on the screen woke you with a jolt and you found yourself cheek pressed against the soft cotton of Bucky’s shirt.

“Why didn’t you wake me,” you asked voice hoarse and barely above a whisper.

“You were tired,” he whispered back as if it was the most obvious answer in the world “and I didn’t mind.”

When you had gone to move Bucky had stilled you, “It’s alright, you’re not bothering me you can lay on me if you want to.”

You should have argued but your eyes were slipping closed in acceptance.

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Kurt Wagner x Reader - Mein Engel

Your mutation: Angel Wings
Word Count: 1154
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: One mention of sex, language

gif credit to claracivry  

“Shit.” you swore under your breath, erasing the small mistake you made on your sketch. Being the new girl wasn’t always fun and games; so far, no one had even spoken to you yet. You expected a school full of mutants to have a lot more people who stood out, but sadly almost everyone looked normal. There was one person who had caught your eye so far. On the other side of the field, at a table with his friends sat a blue boy. He had a tail, elf-like ears and scars in his skin. He was beautiful.

You shifted to stretch your wings out before they began to cramp. A few students glanced your way, staring at the huge, white wings on your back. This is why you had hoped that students here would all stand out, so maybe, for once, you could blend in. You shook your head and turned back to your sketch of the blue boy.

The sketch was almost finished and it was your best work you had done in a long time. You brought your head up to steal another look at the blue boy when you noticed he was staring right at you. Quickly, you ducked your head down, hoping that the boy hadn’t spotted you looking at him.

On the opposite side of the field, Kurt and the other X-Men sat together eating lunch and having small conversations. Kurt had drifted off into thought again; completely zoning out. He suddenly felt a nudge on his shoulder.

“Cute girl staring at Kurt at 12 o’clock.” Jubilee giggled, bringing her hand up to point at you.

“Damn. Kurt, you should go say something. She is hot as hell.” Peter whistled. Kurt looked over at you, meeting your eyes. You quickly glanced away, but Kurt couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

“Sie ist wunderschön. (She is beautiful)” Kurt whispered.

“Kurt, you went German on us again. What did you say?” Scott asked. Kurt shook his head, trying to pull his eyes away from you. He was enamored by how angelic you looked. Kurt felt like he had finally found his angel.

“Nothing. I vas just… thinking about something.” he mumbled, turning back to his meal.

“Go talk to her. Maybe you’ve finally found your angel.” Jean gave Kurt a soft smile. Kurt wondered had Jean had been able to so perfectly depict exactly what he was thinking.

“Kurt, I’m a telepath. Of course I know what you’re thinking. Go say hi.” Jean giggled, pushing Kurt out of his seat and in your direction. He took a deep breath and teleported to you.

You were just adding one more thing to your drawing when you heard a *BAMF* in front of you.

“Ah!” You squealed, slamming your sketchbook shut and scrambling to stand up. The blue boy stood in front of you, a nervous look on his face.

“I am so sorry! I vas not meaning to scare you.” he stuttered out. You stretched out your wings, fluttering them. It was a nervous habit you had.

“It’s fine. Um, hi. I’m (Y/N). I’m new here. Sorry if I, uh, freaked you out a bit earlier. I didn’t mean to stare. I know how awful it feels, feeling like someone is staring at you because you’re different. So, uh, if I made you feel like that I’m, um, sorry.” You said, rubbing the back of your neck anxiously.

“It is alright. I am Kurt. I know what it is like to be new. And you did not freak me out. I am sure you understand what is like to get stares. Not because of your, uh, wings. Because you are j-just so, uh, wunderschön. (beautiful)” Kurt ducked his head, avoiding your eyes. The two of you had settled into a silence, exchanging smiles with one another.

“Vould you, uh, like me to show you around the mansion?” Kurt suggested. You hadn’t seen much of the mansion yet, and seeing it with this handsome blue boy was a dream. You gave him a smile and nodded your head.

“YEAH KURT! GET SOME!” You heard someone yell across the field. Kurt’s cheeks turned a light shade of purple.

“That is Peter. He is… annoying to say the least.” Kurt chuckled. Kurt began to show you all around the mansion; every room was something different and it was all beautiful.

“Come over here, (Y/N). I have to show you something, but you must promise me that you vill not tell anyone.” Kurt gave you a small smile, leading you over to a wooden panel in the hallway. He pressed his hand on it and a passageway folded open. Kurt quickly looked over both shoulders and ducked inside, pulling you in after him.

“Wow. Out of everything I’ve seen in the mansion, this is the coolest.” You said. It was a small hallway that entered to what looked like a panic room, but had been decorated to Kurt’s liking.

“I spend time here vhenever I feel like I need to get avay. Now you know how to get here, so if you ever feel like you need to get avay from everything, just come here.” Kurt’s face lit up with the first real smile you had seen on his face all day.

“This is so cool Kurt. Thank you so much for showing me around.” You gave him a hug and felt him tense up.

“Are you okay?” you asked, stepping back.

“I-I am sorry. I am, uh, not very used to people touching me. It is something I vill get accustomed to, I am sure. You just, um, caught me off guard.” He mumbled.

“I’m so sorry, Kurt. I should have asked first.” You apologized. How stupid could you be? You had gotten too caught up in the moment.

“No! No, it is fine. Here, quickly, vrap your hand around my waist.” He gestured for you to come close. You began to ask why, but within a flash, a feeling like falling and a *BAMF* the two of you were out on the field again.

“That was so cool, Kurt!” you exclaimed. His mutation was far better than yours was. Being able to teleport?!

“Thank you.” Kurt said, a small blush growing on his cheeks.

“Thanks for showing me around today. We should hang out sometime.” you smiled, sheepishly.

“Kann ich küsse dich auf die wange? (Can I kiss you on the cheek?)” Kurt asked, slipping into German.

“I’m sorry, what?” You giggled. His German accent was very attractive.

“I asked if um, I could kiss you? On the cheek, of course.” You began to blush and gave him a nod. The blue boy leaned in, giving you a small kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you, Kurt. For everything.” You smiled at him.

“No problem, mein engel. (my angel)” He gave you a full smile; one that made his face light up.

You and the blue boy would definitely be seeing more of each other.

Thank you all so much for reading! I worked really hard on this imagine and I’m super proud of it. I’m absolutely in love with Kurt’s character and I hope you all like him too <3

The day Mussolini defeated an antifascist in a swordfight.  Claudio Treves, notorious antifascist journalist known for usage of aggressive and offensive terms in his articles against Benito or his ideals, challenged the Duce on 29 March 1915 in a swordfight;  Benito obviously accepted. Eyewitnesses talked about a bloody furious fight, 25 minutes divided in 8 consecutive assaults, no holds barred: Treves accused multiple cuts on the forehead, arm, armpit and contusions all over his chest, while Benito got his ear scarred.

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When I think about it, nothing physically traumatic has happened to Weiss and Ruby yet (disregarding Weiss' ear scar). Blake was stabbed and Yang lost her arm, but Ruby and Weiss were unscathed (physically not mentally). It makes me wonder if anything is going to happen to them in Volume 5. That "Ruby loses an eye" theory is still around, but I really don't want that to happen. Do you think Volume 5 will be similar to Volume 3 in regards to physically hurting team RWBY?

I think volume 5 will be more like volume 2. If this show really does work in sort of three volume arcs (1-3 = The Beacon Years) then we’re going to be settled in Mistral for a while. Certainly the end of V3 added the needed element of danger to RWBY, which made the series shift from fun huntresses killing monsters to a dangerous world where people can actually die. 

That being said, I don’t think we need to physically wreck every member of the team to make them grow as people/huntresses. Blake was stabbed, but her emotional damage of believing that she can’t care about people because they’ll just get hurt is far more traumatic for her than any physical scars and that’s part of her process of growing. 

Yang’s injury was important in helping her to understand that she can’t throw herself at every enemy and hope her semblance takes the hit and protects her. 

Also if you make a habit of brutally injuring everyone (or killing off everyone which is why I’m so glad no one died in V5) then it kinda loses it’s impact and importance.

So not to say that RWBY won’t suffer anymore physical damage down the road, but I don’t think it’s anything that will happen soon.

.01) white lies- jimin(m)

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(m)- mature | 556 words | a Wings drabble- Park Jimin | (x)


High ones.

Stilettos, clicking along the tiled hallway.

The long antenna of her portable cellphone sticks from bundles of wonderfully thick hair, lips round and blood red as she forms sentences. Those words have left her lips a thousand times, in a thousand lifetimes, in a thousand different realities.

“I had a boy once,” she’d whispered in his ear, “he had scars on his back in the shape of wings… and when I gave him the highest peak of orgasmic pleasure, each perfectly white feather unfurled and fell to the ground… it was raining innocence. Raining purity and turning it black.”

The amazement in his eyes, the licking of his lips, the drying of his throat. Take me, he pleaded with his bursting irises, his twitching fingers, his shaking legs, steal my innocence. Take my purity. Purge me of every good thing I know until I am nothing. Make me nothing.

It is said we desire for things we do not know, and how does an intelligent, prized boy know of nothing? What does he understand of degradation, of lust, of hurt, or of love? The thought of nothing is as intriguing to him as the thought of solving an unknown math equation.

Step One- Identify the problem.

Step Two- Plan out solutions on how to solve the problem.

Step Three- Exact which solutions will most efficiently reach you to the answer.

Step Four- Do everything in your power to complete the problem and gain a better knowledge of what you didn’t previously understand.

A well laid out rubric. An absolute plan, fail proof. In retrospect, death doesn’t count as failure does it?

“Show me,” she whispered to him, “what can you do for me? What kind of wings do you have carved into your shoulder blades?”

“I don’t have wings,” he states. Factual. True. Straight to the point.

“Everyone has wings my sweet boy,” a stroke of one long fingernail beneath his soft chin, “the problem is you don’t know how to use them yet.”

“Then show me,” step one in motion, “show me how to use them.”

Lying beneath a sea of trees, dripping tears of evergreen from barky waterlines. She lays him down, she kisses his neck, his nose, his cheeks,


his name, a lie.

“What do you really want from me?”

his breath, a stalemate.

“I want to know what love is.”

her sweet smile, a punishment.

“There is a difference between love and infatuation.”

Leaves crinkle, bodies touch, her hand wrapped firmly around his hard, throbbing length with fierce determination. Like water from a well, like juice from a straw, each pump carries every drop of innocence from his body one by one. Moans, her whispering in his ear,

“Tell me.

Tell me where you’re hiding your wings.”

“I don’t,” panting, moaning, sweating, pleading, “I don’t have any.”

A pause, a fracture in her pace, a swallow, a desperate phrase,

“You just need to learn how to fall so you can fly.”

Around and around, wind ripping through his hair, precipitation tearing through his soul, a boy drops from the high tiers of heaven to the molten dirt of Earth’s core. Milky white covers his chest, painting the leaves beneath his heaving chest, coloring her lips, her hair.

A fall, a stab in the heart with the end of a high stiletto,

innocence is black and white.

White to black.

Let the feathers fall.

I’m not sure where this came from, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless(plus Happy Early Birthday to this plum) !

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Suuuper quick doodle of Ves’ daddo, Sevrond Tellis! Whom she maaaay have resurrected from being 5 years dead… Despite missing an arm, and ear and being scarred as all heck, he’s an optimist and a very caring pops. I like that contrast between him and Ves, cuz she’s been so bitter and cynical and un-trusting of everyone. Now that he’s back I’m wondering how she will change! 

This was the power she accepted from a dragon spirit (to be able to resurrect anyone from any stage of death), that made her look like she’d been touched by death. Despite being unhappy with her looks, she would 10/10 do it again in a heartbeat. 

Listen to me. 
You are approximately 37.5 trillion cells all working together. for billions of years, the “how-to” has lived within you. You are a product of the smallest atoms and particles–things literally made of stardust. These pieces of you make up the entire universe. You are part of the universe. You are your own universe. You are the universe.

there is so much to you. You are beyond fat. You are a body. You are a soul. You are a mind, a heart, a gut, a hand, a set of eyes, a pair of ears, and every mark and scar and stretch that is unique to you. You are a product of everyone you’ve ever loved, every place you’ve been to, every book you’ve read, every song you’ve listened to, every heart you’ve touched, and every minute in between. You are something.

something bold. something fearless. something kind. something brave. something all things beautiful. something good. something infinite. something free. something whole. something magical.

there are words within you, stories waiting to be told, lives waiting to be touched by you, words waiting to be said, and a mark waiting to be left on this world by you.

the best part of this is that you’ll grow. you’ll grow in each and every way day by day. you are here, waiting to be someone you’ve not yet become. you will grow into a changing world, a better world. you’ll grow in your mind and soul and everything you touch will become stronger.  You are ever changing, evolving into something bigger than yourself. You are here. 

there is so much about you from the way your hair looks first thing in the morning to the way your eyes light up at the sound of your best friend's voice to the way your fists clench after a boy says that he thinks girls are lesser to every movement you make in between. there is so much of you. you are brave.

you look at all of this, and you focus on your fat?
why? tell me why.

You are so deserving of love. You are worthy for all that you have and all that you are. You are so much, your entity cannot be contained in a single word that’s only three letters long and used to describe only one part of you.

You are beyond your fat.


Okay, so I’m open for commissions again. This time I decided to narrow my offer to thing I love painting most, namely portraits x) If you’re interested just send me a note on DA or an e-mail. I prefer to avoid tumblr messages, since I had a lot of problems with them in the past.

About additional charges - it’s more of common sense than any kind of math. If you have a character with elven ears, braided hair, single scar on their face and some simple ornament, like a necklace for example - it’s totally fine, I count such as simple design. But if you have an OC with two pairs of horns, a complicated pattern of scars or warpaint covering most of their face and elven-like jeweled tiara, then It’ll simply take more time and effort to paint them x)

The Golden Heart of Paris

You all spent the weeks after act 1 asking for me to write a Paris fic. So I wrote you a Hollstein Paris fic. It’s my most commented on fic this week.

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Once Carmilla gets her arms around Laura again, it takes her hours to make them let go. Laura had poofed out of existence and Carmilla had spent days trying to figure out how to get her back. Now that she’s here, Carmilla can’t seem to let go. So Laura falls asleep still locked in Carmilla’s embrace with her hands lightly curled against Carmilla’s chest.

In the shadow of the library, Carmilla lets her fingers glide over Laura’s skin. Smoothing her hair. Exposing the smell of lavender that somehow always lives tucked behind Laura’s ear. Tracing the thin scar across her chest.

Carmilla’s mother is still out there, looking for her sacrifice at the sixth gate, but it’s hard to care when Laura is tucked up against her skin.

Her heartbeat is strong under Carmilla’s palm and her sleepy breathing makes the same silly little hitch at the end of every exhale. One day, she’d like to write a sonata to their beat.


Signs as Fall Out Boy lyrics

Aries: “I’ll raise you like a phoenix”

Taurus: “May the bridges I have burned light my way back home”

Gemini: “Been looking forward to the future but my eyesight is going bad”

Cancer: “Am I more than you bargained for yet?”

Leo: “Take our tears, put em on ice, cause I swear I’d burn the city down to show you the light”

Virgo: “The only thing you’ll ever get is this curse on your lips; I hope they taste of me forever”

Libra: “I’m the lonelier version of you I just don’t know where I went wrong”

Scorpio: “I am your worst, I am your worst nightmare”

Sagittarius: “The best of us can find happiness in misery”

Capricorn: “So wear me like a locket around your throat”

Aquarius: “I’m all ears and I’m all scars”

Pisces: “We might’ve said goodbyes just a little too soon”


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FACE SHAPE: oval, strong jawline
CHEEKS: well shaped and usually a bit flushed
CHEEKBONES:  high, not otherwise notable
LIPS: rough and chapped
SKIN COLOR: fairly pale
SKIN TYPE: generally kind of rough
EYE SHAPE: almond
EYE COLOR:  grey-green with golden flecks closer to the iris
EYEBROW SHAPE:  thick but groomed
EYEBROW COLOR:  dark brown
EYELASHES:  long and thick. like ridiculously thick.
NOSE SHAPE: strong
HAIR TEXTURE:   slightly softer than average, doesn’t hold product all that well.
HAIR COLOR:   dark brown

EARS:  not particularly notable, scarring from impulse an impulse piercing he got in prison from another inmate


SHOULDERS:  average width, generally curled slightly inward
ARMS:  visible veins, like the kind that are really prominent. self harm scars on his biceps
STOMACH AREA:   not exactly a six pack, but he’s slim and fit
LOVEHANDLES?:  minimal, unless he’s wearing pants that are too small
CHEST/BREASTS:  not much to speak of, slight pecs
NIPPLES:  the left one is larger, a short of brownish-pink shade.
BACK:  freckles towards his shoulders
HAND SIZE:  large with long fingers. “yaoi hands”


HIPS: average, noticeable hip bones
BOTTOM:  well shaped :^) he looks good in dress pants
THIGHS: heavily scarred from self harm, to the point of the skin being twisted by scars
CALVES:  average
LEG LENGTH: pretty long


BODY HAIR: dark and coarse, but well groomed in the pubic and chest areas
SCENT:  cigarette smoke and pine
HAND NAILS: bitten
TOENAILS: probably should be cut more often
VOICE:  baritone, usually rough
HEIGHT: 6′0″
WEIGHT: 187lb
PIERCINGS:  nothing anymore
TATTOOS:  none yet, but he’s planning for one
SHOE SIZE:   10.5 US men’s

PREFERRED CHOICE OF SHOES:  boots or runners
CLOTHING STYLE:  whatever’s clean (verse dependent)
GENERAL BODYSHAPE:  slim and fit

Character Body References

Lars: Stretchers, Tattoo between shoulder blades. (Stylized Spine) 

Scott: Two hoops in the lobe of each ear, freckles predominantly on face, back and shoulders

Addie: One piercing in each ear.

Seong: Scar on the bridge of nose. Tattoo of the Belt logo behind the left ear and tattoo’s on each forearm.  Star pattern on his hip [x]

Jemma: Industrial piercing, two studs in the lobe of right ear. Three piercings in the lobe of the left. Tattoo’s of flowers over shoulders and some on chest.

Diabolik Lovers OC Profile

Name: Hana Adachi

Nicknames: Hanny, Han

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Alignment: Neutral Good


Eyes: Grey

Hair: Black

Tattoos/ Piercings: Ears

Scars: Several from abuse.

Hair Length: Mid length

Religion: Atheist

Zodiac: Pisces

Ethnicity: Japanese/American

Sexual/ Romantic: Bisexual/  romantic

Pronouns: She, her

Occupation: N/A

Relationships: None with canon characters– not directly. Her half & step sisters know the Sakamaki’s and Mukami’s but she does not.

Height: 5’ 4’’

Body Type: Ectomorph

Personality: Quiet, self conscious, worrisome,  pessimistic,  charitable, curious, creative

Archetype: The Orphan

Skills: Drawing, singing,  photography

Parents: Biological mother, biological father (not involved), and 2 step fathers, one of them is not involved.

Siblings: Eiko (step sibling), Chiyo (step sibling), Aki (half sibling)

Strengths: Her ability to be distant, remain to herself– also, her skills are her strengths

Weaknesses: Her emotions. She is extremely empathetic and it makes it easier for her to be hurt.

Introvert/ Extrovert: Introvert

Music Tastes: Instrumental/ indie

Pets: A grey cat named Serendipity, or Seren for short.

Mental Illness: Depression & Anxiety

Favourite Quote: “I think, being emotional is this thing that people think you’re not strong. They don’t look at you as a strong person, and it’s weird cause honestly being emotional has nothing to do with your strength” – Melanie Martinez

Fears: Being abandoned as she has many times before.

Likes: The sound of a pencil of paper, smell of wood, smell of a fresh rain, eggs with popped yolks.

Dislikes: Being yelled at/ berated, treated different for her emotionalism.

Quirks/ Charms:  The way she eats various foods like fruits and sweets. The camera she uses, her clothing style.

Backstory: Hana was born in Okinawa Japan to her mother and her biological father whom was of American descent and a classical soldier stationed in a different country. She has grown to know her biological father for 4 years before the loving man disappeared without a trace. Not long after, Hana’s mother met another man, this one being French, and she married him, having another child. Over the 5 years she endured the man, she was verbally and physically abused, only to have him disappear, but less discreetly so. Years passed with questions and hatred swimming in her mind of her father and the fake. Until she was 13, when her third and final father came into the picture. He was previously married and had two children of his own, one very young, the other older. His name was Takano. He seemed very strange, but he also seemed very kind. After the marriage to Hana’s mother, Hana had found herself at the receiving end of horrid abuse. Her siblings were what she once perceived impossible, but was now true; vampires. She was constantly beaten into submission and fed on my her step sisters as a blood source. Her mother being done the same, but with intimacy and consent for the father. To this day,  such activity continues, which has made Hana anemic, as well as her mother.

Fandom Info: Knows of the Mukami and Sakamaki family, not associated with.

Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez
Alone/ With You by Daughter
Winter Bird by Aurora
Bombs On Monday by Melanie Martinez
Organs by Of Monsters and Men

Face Claim: Random stock image

listen to me:
you are approximately 37.5 trillion cells are working together. for billions of years, the “how to” has lived within you. you are a product of the smallest atoms and particles - things literally made of stardust. these pieces of you make up the entire universe. you are part of the universe. you are your own universe. you are the universe.

there is so much to you. you are beyond fat. you are a body. you are a soul. you are a mind, a heart, a gut, a hand, a set of eyes, a pair of ears, and every mark and scar and stretch that is unique to you. you are a product of everyone you have ever loved, every place you have been to, every book you have read, every song you have listened to, every heart you have touched, and every minute in between. you are something.

something bold. something fearless. something kind. something brave. something all things beautiful. something good. something infinite. something free. something whole. something magical.

there are words within you, stories to be told, lives waiting to be touched by you, words waiting to be said, and a mark waiting to be left on this world by you.

the best part of this is that you will grow. you’ll grow in each and every way day by day. you are here, waiting to be something you’ve not yet become. you will grow into a changing world, a better world. you’ll grow in your mind and soul and everything you touch will become stronger. you are ever changing, evolving into something bigger than yourself. you are here. there is so much about you from the way your hair looks first thing in the morning to the way your eyes light up at the sound of your best friend’s voice to the way your fists clench after a boy says that he thinks girls are lesser to every movement you make in between. there is so much of you. you are brave.

you look at all of this, and you focus on your fat?
why? tell me why?

you are so deserving of love. you are worthy for all that you have and all that you are. you are so much, your entity cannot be contained in a single world that’s only three letters long and used to describe only one part of you.

you are beyond your fat.