ears and scars

Listen to me. 
You are approximately 37.5 trillion cells all working together. for billions of years, the “how-to” has lived within you. You are a product of the smallest atoms and particles–things literally made of stardust. These pieces of you make up the entire universe. You are part of the universe. You are your own universe. You are the universe.

there is so much to you. You are beyond fat. You are a body. You are a soul. You are a mind, a heart, a gut, a hand, a set of eyes, a pair of ears, and every mark and scar and stretch that is unique to you. You are a product of everyone you’ve ever loved, every place you’ve been to, every book you’ve read, every song you’ve listened to, every heart you’ve touched, and every minute in between. You are something.

something bold. something fearless. something kind. something brave. something all things beautiful. something good. something infinite. something free. something whole. something magical.

there are words within you, stories waiting to be told, lives waiting to be touched by you, words waiting to be said, and a mark waiting to be left on this world by you.

the best part of this is that you’ll grow. you’ll grow in each and every way day by day. you are here, waiting to be someone you’ve not yet become. you will grow into a changing world, a better world. you’ll grow in your mind and soul and everything you touch will become stronger.  You are ever changing, evolving into something bigger than yourself. You are here. 

there is so much about you from the way your hair looks first thing in the morning to the way your eyes light up at the sound of your best friend's voice to the way your fists clench after a boy says that he thinks girls are lesser to every movement you make in between. there is so much of you. you are brave.

you look at all of this, and you focus on your fat?
why? tell me why.

You are so deserving of love. You are worthy for all that you have and all that you are. You are so much, your entity cannot be contained in a single word that’s only three letters long and used to describe only one part of you.

You are beyond your fat.

Signs as Fall Out Boy lyrics

Aries: “I’ll raise you like a phoenix”

Taurus: “May the bridges I have burned light my way back home”

Gemini: “Been looking forward to the future but my eyesight is going bad”

Cancer: “Am I more than you bargained for yet?”

Leo: “Take our tears, put em on ice, cause I swear I’d burn the city down to show you the light”

Virgo: “The only thing you’ll ever get is this curse on your lips; I hope they taste of me forever”

Libra: “I’m the lonelier version of you I just don’t know where I went wrong”

Scorpio: “I am your worst, I am your worst nightmare”

Sagittarius: “The best of us can find happiness in misery”

Capricorn: “So wear me like a locket around your throat”

Aquarius: “I’m all ears and I’m all scars”

Pisces: “We might’ve said goodbyes just a little too soon”

Rabbits! Run! (Pet! AU with beloved-anikii)

The Senju Pet Shop boasted many animals, and a happy owner.

Hashirama liked looking after pets, finding them new homes and good owners. And so many of them were so cute! Even that really quiet owl that looked like he wore sunglasses and sat on a perch by the insect tank! Of course…he did have special ones he worked especially hard for-

And from a small enclosure exposed to the open air, a little pink rabbit was sniffing eagerly at the owner’s hands. “Ha ha! Don’t worry Hahari, I picked your favorite!”

Hashirama came across the rabbit by sheer coincidence when hiking through the mountains. The poor thing was trembling and wounded, looking like she’d been attacked by wild dogs. He had hurried her home to a vet, and managed to save her life. But her right ear was irreversibly scarred, leaving holes and scars in the sides. It indeed looked like it had been chewed up by a wolf, and she always cowered when they passed by the rowdy puppies in the window.

So despite her bright warm eyes and soft pink fur, people tended to avoid “broken” pets.

Hahari was chittering in her small rabbity squeaks as he set down a salad topped with fruits, including her favorite- “Ahaha! Slow down! Your'e making a mess with those strawberries!”

But the hungry little bunny just continued to eat up the red fruit first, staining her fur before working on the salad. Hashirama only chuckled. “Still a newbie in etiquette I see,” he said endearingly.

And then the doorbell rang, and he perked up. “Ah! Good morning sir! Please come in!”