Kino’s guide on how to make cosplay animal ears (method 1)

Been burnt out on drawing so I took 2 hours of a break to make this. Materials are easy to come by at any craft store. You decide on how detailed you’d like your ears to be, there’s also many methods to make ears like this but I’ll be showing you my method 1 today :). I’ve included the patterns for the ears for free, just save the image and print and cut. It’s not a full on guide, just a “TLDR” really, though if you have any questions, feel free to ask or DM me :) or message me via kinokreations on facebook :).

Edit: I forgot to mention: The purpose of the wire in the middle allows you to position the ear in any shape based on “emotion” so you can flatten it, and re-adjust it again to normal :)

Heyyy there Anon! No that’s not weird at all!! Sorry I couldn’t answer your ask directly, Tumblr loves to completely butcher image quality if I directly respond to your ask.. but anyway, usually if it’s anything anatomy-related I’d tell ya to go running far away from me if you need tips, but I feel like I know a lil bit about ears so I made a lil tut! Hope this helps ya, my dude

If y’all wanna request any tips, feel free to send an ask!!

Edit: Please remember that this is just a guide, and that the proportions and all that should always be adjusted because ALL EARS ARE UNIQUE.

Edit II: In Step 3 part IV it should say “connect the bottom of the “S” to the upper fold from part I” - I initially included an additional step to elongate the “S”’s booty, so when I say “end of the S” I meant the end of the “S” without the extra booty… sorry for the confusion!

Imagine wearing your hair down, only to have Loki push it back behind your ears or at least away from your face as you converse. You slowly realize that it almost seems like a compulsive habit of his.

To test your new hypothesis, you try wearing your hair in a ponytail, a bun, a chignon, a braid, a French twist, down with a headband, etc. Loki seems pleased with the new hairstyles, but doesn’t mess with your hair anymore.

You wear your hair loose again, only to have Loki gently place the strands behind your ears. An idea occurs to you. You keep talking, casually freeing the strands and allowing them to fall where they may.

“No, don’t do that,” Loki softly half-scolds, tucking the hair back into place. His lips slowly stretch into a kind smile as he looks at his handiwork.

“Why do you do that?” you finally ask him.

Loki cradles your jaw in his hands as he quietly responds.

“Because, my dear (Name), I like seeing your pretty face.”