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Anonymous said: “Hi can you do a Yoongi x reader smut/angst similar to the song Shameless by the weeknd? Where he basically uses her and it’s a super sad/dark ending for the reader? 💖 “

Thank you for the request! Sorry it took so long! I hope you like it, and I hope you don’t mind that I changed it a bit. <3

EDIT: I have decided to turn this into a series! If you like sad endings, I recommend stopping after this part, 

If you would like to you can read part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Reader x Yoongi

Slight NSFW, some strong language, sad ending, idk what else to say but plz be warned

There wasn’t a reason for you to pick up your phone. 

You knew who it was, and you knew what he wanted. Yet every time, you would answer, telling yourself that this time was different, or that you were over him, or that this time, you were just coming over to tell him to stop calling you.

You called him just as often however. When you were feeling lonely, or had had one too many drinks. You had been known to leave long voice mails on his phone, one’s that he would never listen to, but he would show up the next day, pinning you against the wall because he knew exactly what you were calling about.

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The Voice of Addiction

You hear your voice in your head saying that you need your substance. The reality is that your addiction is so clever it mimics your voice. Your addiction only lies. You do not need it. You do not have to ever take a sip, shoot up, snort a line, or smoke it ever again. You will thrive without it rather than just surviving. You have the strength to fight back against your addiction. So punch it in the jaw when it tries to whisper sweet lies into your ear.

anonymous asked:

Hey, how do u get to know a guy who isn't in your friendship group or any of your classes? Theres this boy I've seen around, he smiles at me, I've heard nothing bad about him, I would love to get to know him but I have no reason to, you know? I can't just walk up to him and talk to him?

make it elaborate . buy some diamond earrings, where them once, then hide them in ur locker. put up posters claiming youve lost ur diamond earrings, he’ll see it & know ur a classy lady with good taste. now hes hooked. the next day walk past him wearing another pair of expensive earrings, make sure hes looking at u. then leave it 3 days, dont think abt him. the 4th day take the posters down but dont show up wearing the earrings . go to the principal & tell them u think the earrings in this boy’s locker, u think he stole them. when the principal calls him in take in his confused expression and wink at him knowingly. as the principals grilling him and hes pleading his innocence laugh loudly & claim u just got a text from ur friend saying she has the earrings. as u & him walk out of the principal office tell him that hes cute when hes nervous & ask him out to coffee. flip ur hair & walk away before he can say no, revealing the diamond earrings perfectly placed in ur ears. nows hes addicted . it should be simple from here. 

Stealing your heart away-Eddie KxReader

A/N: Another request fulfilled! I’m on a roll this week. So proud. 😭 So, the request was Eddie proposing after sex…now that’s a hard topic to do because most women probabllllly wouldn’t be cool with that lol But, it is Eddie and highly possible he’d do it. However, I think I did a decent job at capturing what he’d do in such a situation lol

MOOD MUSIC: Love love love by Of Monsters and Men


His tongue traced sensually along your jawline, teeth nipping gently until he had you gasping his name. He always adored the sound of it coming off your lips. Like a sweet little whine of ecstasy that just hit his ears in an addictive way. He lived for it, and being entangled with you like this, naked, sweaty, and hopelessly in love…he couldn’t possibly get enough.


Eddie panted against your flushed skin, lips curling into a charming grin that easily stole your heart. He knew exactly what he was doing, and while the feel of his length slipping slowly out of you was heavenly it was equally maddening with the pace he chose. You nearly begged him to go faster, harder, anything to finally reach that peak. But, the cowboy had other plans, his chuckle making you whimper out in frustration.

“Eddie, please!”

Your pleas just amused him, his smile stretching wider until he was nearly laughing at your needy state. You could’ve slapped him, but damn was he working you over good. His lips dragged down your neck, hip bones massaging against the back of your thighs as he rolled himself down into you. The sensations were mind blowing, but you ached desperately for something more.

“Too much teasin’, darlin’?” He practically purred out, enjoying your moans a little too much. And just when you were about to pull him down for a pleading kiss, he pushed forward roughly. It elicited all sorts of vulgar sounds from you, mouth hanging open in pleasure as he thrust forward harshly. As annoying as your boyfriend could be, you certainly weren’t going to start nagging him now. Not after finally gaining what you wanted.

“Don’t stop!”

You clawed frantically at his back, leaving long trails of red down his freckled skin. Eddie hissed slightly at the pain, but it only served to arouse his interests more. Seeing you writhe and scream beneath his lean body was one hell of a sight.

“Wasn’t plannin’ on it, sweetheart…”

He was gritting his teeth, fighting back his groans until you clenched tightly around his cock. Your legs wrapped sloppily around his waist, back arching from the bed as you sighed out his name in bliss. He followed closely behind, a long drawn out curse word slipping passed his lips as he came.


Eddie rested his exhausted body on top of yours, careful not to squish you under him. But, being wrapped up in your arms as you attempted to regain your breath was just a wonderful comfort for him.

“I think I love you.”

You giggled at him, nudging him off your sore body as you turned away from his seductive stares. He was only messing around, like he always did. Another one of his vexing traits that somehow made you fond of him. “You say that every time we have sex, Eddie.”

“Yeah, but I mean it this time, darlin’.”

With a roll of your eyes you looked over your shoulder at him, brushing some of your messy strands of hair away to get a better view of the Texan. “Oh, really, honey? Well, get out the ring now because I’m just swooning.” You feigned fondness over his confession, still thinking the troublesome man was poking fun at you again. He did enjoy stringing you along, but you had grown immune to his teasing ways. Now you just spat back with equal fervor. And just when you thought he let up on his little game, you felt his weight back on you. He was leaning over your side, holding out an item that immediately caught your attention. You blinked stupidly at it, brows furrowing in confusion as you blurted out your shock.

“Is that a ring…from a quarter machine?”

He kissed your cheek, resting his own against yours as he cuddled you back into him. And with the proudest of smiles, he bragged about his choice as if you were the very cause of it.

“Don’t give me fuckin’ attitude, I could’ve done better. But, you’d nag about the sources of my purchases.”

“That’s because you stole the last piece of jewelry you got me.”

“But, it was damn nice wasn’t it?”

It was hard not to find humor in that, Eddie was never a fine citizen. He caused more trouble in his life than necessary, and as much as you scolded him for it, deep down you knew he was a good man. He just lost his way back then, but he was definitely making up for it lately. And as arrogant as it was, you knew you had something to do with his improved life choices.

“Are you asking me to marry you?”

He simply shrugged, like your answer was going to be fine with him no matter which way it swung. But, he did grab your left hand, holding the plastic ring over the proper finger as he awaited your answer.

“Clocks fuckin’ tickin’, baby.”

Neither of you were ready to settle down, that much was obvious to you. But, in true Eddie fashion he seemed pleased enough with the prospect of a future. And regardless of where this fiery relationship took you both, there was absolutely no harm in promising that you’d both at least try to make this work. You supposed this twenty five cent ring could be enough symbolism of that.

“You really know how to charm a girl, Kreezer.”

You kissed him playfully, nuzzling his nose before slipping the ring on yourself. It was a funny image, but you felt giddy about it anyway.

“Well, look at that. It’s gorgeous.”

He laughed at your sarcasm, closing his eyes in contentment as he began to drift off behind you. For once he had nothing to fire back with, he just nudged your lower back in a spirited manner. But, you were grateful for it, considering how selfish the cowboy could be, to you this was such a loving gift. One that you’d cherish regardless of the outcomes.


A/N: Hope y'all liked it well enough haha Thanks for reading ❤️