Roundup of 18 Favorite DIY Rough Crystal Tutorials from True Blue Me & You.

I love posting rough or raw crystal tutorials because most of the DIYs are easy to make and look expensive. You can find “rough crystals” at toy stores (in the science section), museum shops, craft stores and online.

*Links have been checked and all work… as of today. Lots of DIY blogs that posted a few years ago have just gone - along with their archives.

DIY Spiky Crystal Ring Inspired by Pamela Love from Transient Expression here.

DIY Assad Mounser Inspired Amethyst Collar Necklace from Unfortunately Oh! here.

DIY Chanel and Pamela Love Crystal Cuff from Dream, Create here.

DIY Rough Crystal Necklace Inspired by Chanel from Because I’m Addicted here.

Cori Kindred on Etsy: Magical Rock Specimen Art.

DIY Wire Wrapped Crystal from Meli Melo here.

DIY Chanel Inspired Crystal Cuff by A Matter of Style for Style here.

DIY La Vie Bobo Neon Quartz Necklace  from Thanks, I Made It here.

DIY Gilded Geode Ring from Swellmayde here.

DIY Easy Gold Dipped Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklace from Chic Steals here.

Rough Rock Crystal Necklace from Transient Expression here.

DIY Rough Crystal Earrings Tutorial from Bead It & Weep.

DIY Cheap and Easy Rough Crystal Necklace from Bomeliad here.

DIY Chunky Crystal Bead Leather Bracelet from Lebenslustiger here. No clasp needed, because beads are strung on elastic.

DIY Free People Inspired $12 Wrapped Rough Crystal Bracelet from Chic Steals.  

DIY Rough Crystal Necklace Display from Julep.

DIY Rock Pendants Using a Soldering Iron from Stars for Streetlights.

Wire Wrapped Rough Crystal Rings from Passions for Fashion. No tutorial, but if you read my blog I have posted hundreds of DIY wire wrapping tutorials.

Going to do this 30 day drawing challenge…but not in 30 days. Finals at the end of this month so I have to pass and finish first year of med school.

Day 1 is to draw yourself. I don’t usually draw self portraits, but I thought I would give it a go and paint a quick one. 

My appearance:  I usually have my hair either like a bob like above or shoulder length (like my reclaimthebindi selfie).  I’ve worn glasses since I was 9 and for some reason have acquired a habit of wearing it a bit low on my nose (only noticed when my Abu said I did).  I also have raccoon eyes, keep my eyebrows unwaxed (and that is how I like them!) and usually don’t wear makeup.  Save for red lipstick for special ocassions. 

I also wear gold earrings. Maybe it’s a South Indian thing, but we tend to have our ear’s pierced when we are toddlers. I’ve always wore gold earrings that my mother bought from Kerala. It’s probably the one cultural thing I wear.

Also I like wearing scarves.