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Fuck/marry/get drunk... Pollux, Tellanar, Taighan

Thaeldren chuckles softly, lifting a hand to shyly pluck at his ear cuffs, making the chain sound a small chime. “Oh dear, well… This one is pretty straight forward, with obvious reasons. Fuck Tellanar, well… Because I had before… The man is very… accurate. Marry Pollux because… Well, he’s someone I would enjoy spending the rest of my life with. Then get drunk with Taighan since it’s pretty much all I can do with him at this point, the guy’s more skittish than fox on stilts!”

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so...my creative side just exploded.

i dont have a cartilage piercing but i’ve always wanted one. so i made a small ring using a joint from a chain which fits perfectly around the top of my ear. then i used a smaller chain, 2 small jump rings, (one silver, one black (top and bottom respectively)), a lobster claw hook and an old gold hoop which i havent worn since i was a baby. connected it all together….and here’s what i got!

FIRST THOUGH: my inspiration (a photo found on tumblr of cource)

and then my version:


and the zoom in:

pretty huh?

want a more detailed DIY post for this? or just instructions and tips? ask me