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Are there any average household things one might need to concider as dangers to housebirds? I know Teflon can off-gas badly, is there anything else that the average Joe might have around that could be accidently deadly?

Fans- nothing can stop Rex from sitting on the oscillating ones and spinning, just make sure that bars aren’t big enough/at an angle for tosies or feathers to get through

Stove tops- no birds out when they’re on or hot. Gotta love my friends over in Europe with electric kettles, those things rock. Y'all know where it’s at

Fish tanks- I have one in my room that I have had to expertly cover to prevent Rex from trying to get in. Make sure you have a secure hood and not one of those awesome looking open tanks…we all have a deep fear of Rex snooping around my brother’s powerful and large oscar’s tank, that fish has a big mouth and could grab her beak or toes!!

Anything on shelves- if it isn’t twice as heavy as your bird or particularly stable it will be knocked over, say goodbye to all but the heaviest of wine glasses

Toilets- please close the seat, there is a 250% your pigeon will see it and think “ah what a lovely bath!”

Lamps- make sure they’re stable…Rex thinks they’re a wonderful place to warm her birdie buns, this is a common trend

Open flames- candles should never be lit in a room the bird can get to

Febreeze, all those other air fresheners, bug sprays, flea and tick collars and preventives- toxic death!!! Double check ANYTHING that you spray in the air or hang for odor control

Fly sticky strip traps- also called “horrible feather removers”

Fancy decorative 6ft tall giraffe- will be knocked over while your brother is at college and part of it will break off, you haven’t told him to this day

Ear buds/wires/string- will be used as nesting material, inevitably getting it lost or tangled on their feet

Your heart- they’re sure to snatch it up and never let it go

A return to a certain ancillary’s song in my jewelry making. Or maybe it’s my homage to justice guppy? Little column A, little column B…

Copper hoop earrings with silver plated wire, silver fish charms, smoky quartz, green tourmaline, prehnite, hematite, and Michigan green stone.


  • Yurio: *pulls out a tampon from Milas bag* tf is this?? These ear buds are so wired
  • Mila: *explains to yurio while half dying of laughter*
  • Yurio: *enternaly sceaming*
  • Otabek: *in the distance* ahah rip

I made a Bonnie Plushie! I couldn’t get the right colours for Springtrap so i went with Bonnie instead. It’s hard to find FNaF merch where i live so i improvised. He can move his legs and arm and his ears have wire in them so they can be posed! I was really tempted to give him button eyes. I really like how it come out though! Also;

I finally got a Springtrap Funko Pop! It was the last one in store, super happy i got him!

If I got the materials to do completely metal free jewelry (IE plastic ear ‘wires’ and seed bead* toggle or plastic breakaway clasps), would there be anyone interested in that? I’m tempted to get the stuff but I question if there would even be a market for it.
*Seed beads are tiny glass beads, though some varieties have a metal coating

It would be nice to have on hand, but I wonder if I’m not better off just getting more nickel free stuff. They’re not SUPER expensive, I’m more concerned about getting a ton of earring ‘wires’ that I wind up not using.

I know some people, like one of my buddies, can’t wear like 99% of the metals out there. But he’s a dude, and doesn’t wear earrings as far as I’m aware. I seem to be doing okay with just seed bead clasps for him.

Please tell me what you think, either by answering here or in an ask–breakaway clasps vs seed bead toggles, and if you or anyone you know would be interested in plastic ear ‘wires’. Necessary question mark?

Title: Hearing Aid (Reader x Clint)

Word Count: 782

A/N: Sorry if this isn’t what you had in mind, anonymous! I tried my best. It took a while because I had to make sure I was writing the signing correctly :) Hope you all enjoy!! 

You woke with a start, a big smile on your face. The day was finally here. The love of your life, Clint, was getting hearing aids. He’d finally be able to hear your voice. For the first time, ever.

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Request: I completely adore you and your imagines so I’d like to request you one: The reader brought her phone and earbuds with her on Neverland (somehow)and she’s continuously listening to a certain song(Tear in my heart by twenty one pilots).One day Peter sees her and he asks her what those things are and she makes him to listen to the song and he doesn’t like it.The other day the reader is about to ask Peter something and she catches him singing the song he “didn’t like” It’s too specific IM SORRY:(

Warnings: none

Earbuds were constantly in your ears. Even though you were on a beautiful island surrounded by gorgeous beaches. Earbuds were always in your ears with songs constantly playing. Especially this one song from a band you had just gotten into before being taken to Neverland. The song was Tear in My Heart by Twenty One Pilots. The song was marvelous to you. You were addicted.

You would always walk around the island while listening to music. When eating you were listening to music. Even when you were doing work you listened to music. Something on Neverland seemed to never make the battery on your music player die. So you were practically golden.

Peter, however, had no clue what they were. All he could see were weird white things in your ears with wires traveling down into your pocket. He and other Lost Boys thought you were part robot. It was the only thing that made sense to them. 

Eventually, Peter’s curiosity got the best of him. He couldn’t take it anymore, he wanted to know what the things were and why you always had them stuck in a part of your head.

“Y/N,” Peter called you.

“Huh? What?” You answered back, removing the buds and pausing your music.

“What are those? I keep seeing you with them. Do you need them to live or something? Are you mental?”

You scoffed then laughed. “Am I mental? No, I’m not mental. Are you mental?” You cackled some more, but Peter didn’t take light to it.

“I’m not bloody ment–”

“Oh relax, tough guy. They’re headphones.”

“What?” Peter cocked an eyebrow up. He was so confused, he’d never heard of such a term.

You rolled your eyes. “They go in your ears, like so.” You stuck them in his ears which made him flinch and squirm. 

You pulled your player out of your pocket, pushing pack once so it could start the song over. You were previously listening to Tear in My Heart like always. 

“And it plays music in your ears. No one else can hear it except yourself. It’s pretty great.”

You pushed play and the song started. Peter made another face, baffled by the weird mumbling in the very beginning. What was that? Was that some other language, or just gibberish? He didn’t know, and the music sounded so weird. What kind of instruments were making all the sounds he was hearing? And this beat wasn’t calm at all, it was too upbeat for him.

Peter tore the headphones from his ears, handing them back to you. He was almost at the end of the song, but he had had enough of it when he got to the taxes part. 

“What the hell was that? That was horrible! That’s what you listen to all the time?”

“Hey, that’s one my favorite songs! Don’t be rude!” You defended yourself and the song. Peter only shook his head and walked away.

“Stupid song,” he mumbled.

You rolled your eyes and carried on with what you were doing. 

Later that day, you walked back to camp. It was almost time to eat food, so everyone was gathering at the camp. You walked past Peter, only stopping dead in your tracks. 

“You fell asleep in my car, I drove the whole time. But that’s okay I’ll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine…” Peter was mumbling Tear in My Heart. You smiled hugely. “She’s the tear in my heart, I’m alive. She’s the tear in my heart, I’m on fire…”

“I knew you liked the song,” you smirked.

Peter snapped his head up. “What? No! It’s just stuck in my head!”

“Yeah, because you like it,” you giggled. “Admit it, the song is catchy and good.”

Peter grumbled, crossing his arms. He averted his eyes away from you, being stubborn. He didn’t want to admit it. It was a lame song that was repetitive. It was simply stuck in his head… 

“It’s a good… song.” He muttered

You smiled widely, walking away to prepare some food. Peter liked your music, and that for some reason made you really happy.

EC FF: The Warmth Despite the Chill (Dorothy x Lucas)

A/N: Missing scene between the kiss at the end of episode 1x04 and the arrival of Eamonn & Ojo. Happiest of birthdays to @fairytalesandtimetravel, just one day late! A few soft moments before shit gets real next week.

Words: 1550 | Rating: M | ao3


He can hear the notes of the music playing. They’re crisp and clear, despite the sullenness of their tone. Between them and the wisps of snow falling and getting caught in the ends of Dorothy’s hair, he can almost let himself imagine that it’s just them in these woods, with the girl curled up with Toto across the fire.

Lucas watches her watch him listen. He tries to hold onto the words, but they fade and slip from his mind as the sound of the strings rise and her hand cups his elbow. Her fingers scratch at the fabric of his jacket as she whispers, “That man, he didn’t know you.”

He tries to stay focused on her eyes, on what it is she’s saying between those words, but his attention flickers to her mouth and the way her tongue rests behind her lower lip before she bites down. He means to nod his head, but instead inches closer.

“He knew who I was.”

The hand she has at his elbow travels up his arm and rests on his bicep. It takes all he has not to pull her towards him and cover her mouth with his before he can finish his thought.

“The man I am today?” he continues, twisting his fingers in the ends of her hair as she creeps forward. Her forehead is nearly pressed to his and Lucas can feel the puff of her breath against his lips. “He’s who I want to be.”

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Roman Gold Earrings, c. 3rd Century BC

The hollow crescent bodies of this pair of large Eastern Roman boat-shaped earrings terminate in wire hoops and are decorated on the front with applied drop-shaped box settings inlaid using glass.  Attached below the earrings is a cluster of ornate sprees and smaller drop-shaped compartments bearing pieces of polished carnelian that echo the larger glass setting above.

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hey! i'm super excited for a music festival & i wanna look really cute at it. do you have any cool diy stuff i could look into? thanks!

Hey, thanks for sending me the request! It was fun to put together. I hope these are what you’re looking for, if not, then I hope these will get your ideas flowing! 

As always, feel free to send another request again for more tutorials.


DIY Lightsaber Crystals Hair Comb

Let’s start with head accessories! You can go with quartz, amethyst, hematite, jade, turquoise, lapis lazuli, obsidian, etc, etc, etc.

DIY Beaded Wire Cat Ear Headband

For your inner feline sass.

DIY Bunny Ears Scrunchies

If you want to stay cool and tie all your hair back, do so with these cute bunny ear scrunchies!

DIY Temporary High-Octane Highlights

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Even works on dark hair, too!

DIY Wire Ear Cuff

Ear accessories! Add beads, charms, pendants, and/or crystals. Or leave it in its simple metallic elegance.

DIY Antler Necklace

Stylishly modern and have some fun with the colours! Go neon, go pastel, or follow the autumn path laid by the tutorial.

DIY Gemstone Necklace

Wrap up your tumbled stones and bring them to the music festivals with you through this macrame tutorial.

DIY Crochet Top

If you’re savvy with yarn and a crochet hook, whip this cute baby up for a chill summer music festival.

DIY Sunflower Crop Top

A summer staple.

DIY Holographic Skirt

The sun rays will shimmer right off this skirt.

DIY Feather Fringe Bag

Colourful, soft, and beautiful.

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