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Someone on ig asked for a tutorial of how I do taako’s ears? I wasn’t sure if anyone else was interested but I got a lot more likes than I usually do, so I’m posting it here too!


I finally started work on those pose tutorials a bunch of you guys have been after! I’ve split it into sort of a mini-series, covering different things in each video, so far I have;

  • How to: Create basic in-game poses using blender
  • How to: Create group in-game poses using blender
  • How to: Create CAS poses using blender
  • How to: Append EA objects into blender
  • How to: Append CC objects into blender
  • How to: Append CC accessories to the hand in blender

so basically my question is; can you guys think of anything else that needs to be covered? I want to be as thorough as possible! 💕


Cosplay Mini-Tutorial:
Twitchy Kitty Cat Ears by ThinkGeek

I am working on a Sakizou costume (the White Rabbit), which has rabbit ears. I was trying to think of ways to make them move, when I found out that ThinkGeek had already done the hard work for me! Their robotic cat ears are fun, and very customizable. They come with a fur cover, which I forgot to take a picture of. The fur cover can easily be taken on and off.

On to the customizing! Almost every bit of the ears can be unscrewed and taken apart. There are two screws that hold the ears to the headband, and three screws that remove the plastic casing around the ears themselves. You could even unscrew bits of the smaller casing holding the mechanical bits together, but I didn’t try that.

Once I took the ear casing off, I centered the headband, figured out where the ears would poke out, and then cut a small notch in my wig (not through a weft) in order to fit the casing through. After getting the hair settled, I reattached the ears to the headband, and then reattached the ear casing.

ALL LINKS HERE: http://javicandraw.com/2016/03/human-... Thanks for watching this video and remember to Suscribe so you can get recommendations on the best t...

New Week, New Videos! 

I thought it’d be wise to step away from the human body for a bit so we don’t get bored, and considering I neglected the head while I focused on the body, this week we are going to see the human head!

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips on drawing ears? when i draw them they're always at the wrong position or too small compared to the head

YEAH just keep these two things in mind:

If you put your forefinger on your brow and your thumb on the bottom of your nose and move them to the side of your head without wavering you end up framing your ear. Try it! 


Okay, now that my friend has her ears, I can show these off. I was watching some DIY Mickey ear tutorials on youtube and one thing led to another and now we have matching McHanzo ears. And I still have leftover supplies and fabric, so I was wondering if anyone would be interesting in commissioning a pair or two? I just want to gauge interest for now.

hey if u guys wanna suggest some tutorials again i’d love that, the last suggestions u guys sent me got buried and i don’t have time to search thru 4k+ messages ;;_;;

the more specific u are the better !!! asking for a tutorial on ears or how dewclaws work would be better than something general like “how do u draw a cat”

scullytho  asked:

hey! i'm super excited for a music festival & i wanna look really cute at it. do you have any cool diy stuff i could look into? thanks!

Hey, thanks for sending me the request! It was fun to put together. I hope these are what you’re looking for, if not, then I hope these will get your ideas flowing! 

As always, feel free to send another request again for more tutorials.


DIY Lightsaber Crystals Hair Comb

Let’s start with head accessories! You can go with quartz, amethyst, hematite, jade, turquoise, lapis lazuli, obsidian, etc, etc, etc.

DIY Beaded Wire Cat Ear Headband

For your inner feline sass.

DIY Bunny Ears Scrunchies

If you want to stay cool and tie all your hair back, do so with these cute bunny ear scrunchies!

DIY Temporary High-Octane Highlights

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Even works on dark hair, too!

DIY Wire Ear Cuff

Ear accessories! Add beads, charms, pendants, and/or crystals. Or leave it in its simple metallic elegance.

DIY Antler Necklace

Stylishly modern and have some fun with the colours! Go neon, go pastel, or follow the autumn path laid by the tutorial.

DIY Gemstone Necklace

Wrap up your tumbled stones and bring them to the music festivals with you through this macrame tutorial.

DIY Crochet Top

If you’re savvy with yarn and a crochet hook, whip this cute baby up for a chill summer music festival.

DIY Sunflower Crop Top

A summer staple.

DIY Holographic Skirt

The sun rays will shimmer right off this skirt.

DIY Feather Fringe Bag

Colourful, soft, and beautiful.

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

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Undyne ear find tutorial + my lovely ig story comments

(Click the pictures for explanation what to each level!) (This also works for Homestuck seadwellers fins, just use differnet colors! for my Cronus ones i painted them silver-grey-ish instead of blue and violet instead of red!)