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glazed + gilded porcelain finds by lithopsstudio

lithopsstudio has a delicate hand with porcelain, glaze, gilded accents, and tiny details — find a set of studs or a home accessory or a cute totem to love today.

Kwami Week Day Two: Chosen(s)

A new problematic fave because of friend and fandom influence how dare you all make me care.

She’s transparent because I’m trying new aesthetics ya feel.

Check out Kwami Week here!

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.

Ayla’s Guide to Making Miraculous Ladybug OCs

@cain-wasnt-abel​ sent me an ask on my main blog ( @the-queen-of-the-dragons​ ) requesting some tips for making Miraculous OCs after they saw my post saying I was always willing to help. This guide is over 1,300 words long and was written in an hour, so it’s all going under a read-more so people don’t get annoyed. I hope it helps!

Please note that there are also a few spoilers in my explainations.

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Voltage Shop!!: KoiRan LB Goods Line-Up

Where: Ikebukuro P’Parco 3F The Chara Shop Ikebukuro Branch
When: 2017/9/23 ~ 2017/10/1
Operating Hours: 10:00 ~ 21:00 (last day: 18:00)

Note: all prices stated are inclusive of 8% sales tax

Event Exclusive Items:

(there is a chance that the goods will be sold at other events)

Can Badges [Cat Ears ver.] (random) (13 types)

Mini Acrylic Stand (random) (13 types)

Acrylic Key Holder [Dracula ver.] (random) (13 types)
JPY 540

Pre-Selling Items:

(goods will be sold outside the event and at various anime stores)

Big Key Holder (Cat Ears ver.) (13 types)

Big Key Holder (Dracula ver.) (13 types)


Spend at least JPY3,000 yen in a single receipt and get a chance to win any of these prizes.

Note: maximum of three draws per receipt.

Prize A: Acrylic Art
Prize B: Big Can Badge
Prize C: Post Card
Note for Prize C: You may choose a series, but you cannot choose the postcard. It will be given at random.

hamilton headcannons - bedroom edition! (rev set+burr)


  • very neat
  • everything has a place and aaron will not relax until it’s the way he likes it
  • like the man won’t even get into bed at night unless everything is put away
  • he keeps his phone far from his bed while charging at night because he’s read about how it reduces sleep
  • minimal amount of pillows. like probably two (but he only uses both when he’s sick to prop himself up at night)
  • his bookshelf is incredibly ordered and sorted alphabetically by author
  • probably has really dark colored walls, like a burgundy. he also has wooden floors so he keeps a pair of slippers by the side of his bed for when he wakes up
  • dude has one of those old-fashioned alarm clocks. he hates the digitalization of time-telling and is not afraid to let people know
  • “i’m afraid they may not even be teaching how to read clocks anymore in schools! it’s outrageous! it isn’t like they’re going to stop teaching math because calculators exist, right? please tell me they won’t stop teaching children basic addition and subtraction.”


  • oh man… his room is like… early stages of a hoarder
  • you walk in and you immediately know the things he’s in to because he’s not afraid to display his interests around his room
  • almost like a middle school girl’s room with all the teen magazine pictures stuck to the walls
  • except a lot of it is much more sentimental
  • he has pieces of writing, not just his own. some letters from friends and family, old poems and song snippets he just drabbled, and art
  • lordy, is there lots of art
  • john has a lot of his own up there but managed to get some doodles from a notebook of alex’s and has them stuck randomly (though trying to find them is almost like a game of ‘where’s waldo’)
  • he even has a big strip of chalkboard paint along one wall which has many uses, mainly used as a big to-do list (almost none of which are done)
  • he also has big windows and an easel in the room
  • very earthy tones decoration-wise


  • dude is majorly simplistic/minimalistic
  • but he loves it that way
  • his room’s very modern, yanno with all the grey/white, some interesting gadgets here and there
  • most of it’s inspired by things he’s pinned on pinterest
  • he loves Brookstone. that’s where he finds most of the small little things decorating his desk and bedside table (an hourglass, a lamp shaped like a tree, a small snowglobe)
  • he has so. many. pillows.
  • his favorites are the really fluffy ones
  • probably has an earring holder on his dresser (he loves wearing earrings, but a lot of them he’s ‘accidentally’ stolen from laurens or peggy)


  • his room only has the necessities
  • he spends most of his time elsewhere so there’s not much in his bedroom
  • walls are cool blue (laf told him that the color produces a “serene environment”)
  • he has The Chair™ but instead of dirty laundry it’s usually just his folded, clean clothes that he doesn’t feel like putting away
  • there’s almost never anything on the floor. dude makes sure he isn’t falling on his face in the middle of the night just because he got up to take a piss
  • overall, it’s simple but he does have a funky-looking lamp he found at a yard sale on his bedside table. like it’s got all sorts of shapes and colors and it just makes him so happy because it’s so out of the ordinary


  • oh boy
  • this man is a mess
  • his room is a disaster fr
  • y’know how he has a bunch of books? well he doesn’t have a bookshelf
  • he puts his books in mega-tall piles on the floor because “it gives the room character”
  • he has one pillow on his bed. if even. he probably sleeps without a pillow most of the time. nobody knows why. he once claimed it was more comfortable despite his neck being completely wrecked 99% of the time but now he rarely uses it at all because he can’t contradict himself.
  • his room’s a neutral green
  • it was a neon orange but it pissed him off so he asked john to take a day to help him re-paint it
  • john agreed as long as he could pick the color
  • alex keeps the blinds shut at all times. like the man is a bat and the reason he needs glasses so badly is because he ruins his eyes since he never lets light in
  • he has two phone chargers, one on either side of the bed in case he doesn’t feel like moving from one side to the other
  • has a mini fridge only stocked with redbull and rootbeer
  • has like three fidget spinners on his bedside table
  • the floor is fairly object-free (besides his books ofc) but overall the room’s a bit dusty because it’s rarely cleaned unless laf comes over and has a coughing fit because of all the “loose germs flying all over the place”

I always either forget their names or forget which name belongs to which Kawami, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one, so I decided to do this to help anyone who has the same problem as me 


  • Tikki 
    • Appeared in the series
    • Ladybug Miraculous
    • Miraculous: earrings 
    • Holder: Marinette Dupain-Cheng 
      • Superhero 
    • Superhero Name: Ladybug 
  • Plagg
    • Appeared in the series 
    • Cat Miraculous
    • Miraculous: ring 
    • Holder: Adrien Agreste 
      • Superhero
    • Superhero Name: Chat Noir 
  • Pollen
    • Didn’t appear in the series 
    • Bee Miraculous
    • Miraculous: comb 
    • Holder: no-one (will be given to Chloe Bourgeois) 
      • Superhero
    • Superhero Name: Queen Bee
  • Trixx
    • Didn’t appear in the series
    • Fox Miraculous
    • Miraculous: necklace 
    • Holder: no-one (according to the fandom, will be given to Alya Cesaire) 
      • Superhero 
    • Superhero Name: Volpina 
  • Wayzz
    • Appeared in the series
    • Turtle Miraculous
    • Miraculous: bracelet 
    • Holder: Master Fu (according to the fandom, will be passed down to Nino Lahiffe)     
      • Superhero
    • Superhero Name: according to the fandom, Jade Turtle 
  • Duusu 
    • Didn’t appear in the series
    • Peacock Miraculous 
    • Miraculous: brooch 
    • Holder: unknown, but the biggest suspect is Mrs Agreste (according to the fandom, will be passed down to Nathaniel Kurtzber) (it’s canonly a “she” though) (yes, I’m aware that Nathaniel might identify as a female) 
      • Supervillain (might probably turn into a superhero if/when Nathaniel gets it) 
    • Supervillain Name: Le Paon 
  • Nooroo 
    • Appeared in the series
    • Moth Miraculous 
    • Miraculous: brooch 
    • Holder: unknown, but the biggest suspect is Gabriel Agreste 
      • Supervillain 
    • Supervillain Name: Hawk Moth 

Another great thing I got!

It’s like somebody said let’s take that one moment from the manga with the most fucked up way to try and save somebody from drowning and turn it into shipping memorabilia.

*blushes & swoons*

*buys furiously*

It’s supposed to be an earring holder according to the artist, but even my smallest dangly earring didn’t fit without bopping Jounouchi in the head. So here’s Seto holding a very small elephant instead.

Nailed it. I am a master of photography.

ETA: I realised I should probably include a link to the maker’s pixiv. Their name is 殻利藻, and you can see their art here.

So I was re-reading chapter 2 of UQ Holder!

And remember Touta’s attempt at singing?

I think it’s safe to say Magia Erebea wasn’t the only thing Touta inherited from his grandfather.

Sweet Night (Suga scenario)


Can you do a imagine where Suga prepares something special and you do end up doing sex for the first time. And what happens the following morning pleas??? (Smut and fluff)


She calls him Suga as a nickname.

-Admin JC

Genre: Smut | Fluff 

Word Count: 2069

Y/F/I means your first initial

You were watching your favorite show when Yoongi sent you a text. Happy that he finally answered you quickly checked your phone. 


Hey babe, how are you? 


Great now that you texted me 😊 


 Is that so… Well how about I make you feel even better? 


 And how are you going to do that??? 


 Check your doorstep. 😇 

You rushed to your door to swiftly open it. You looked down to your place mat and saw a little box with a note. Reaching for the box, you noticed there was also a white rose next to the box. 

‘Come to (address), I’ve got a lil something prepared. Hope you enjoy the gift babe.' 

 - Suga 

Opening the box you saw a beautiful bracelet. It had a charm on it with a Y and (Y/F/I). Smiling you sniffed the rose and you ran inside to get changed. You put on a pretty white dress, since white is Yoongi’s favorite color. You touched up your face and once you were satisfied you went out to your car. The address Yoongi had sent you was unfamiliar to you. You typed the address into the GPS and hoped for the best. You didn’t know if Yoongi would be there or not since he is always working. But you were happy either way since he went out of his way to prepare something for you. You finally arrived at the destination. It was a pretty cabin with a beautiful lake by it. Hesitantly you walked towards the front door. There was a note on the door. 

 'Check behind the plant for a surprise.' 

- Suga 

You looked around for the plant. When you saw it you moved it to the side and, there was another box. This time it was smaller than the one from before. Inside there was a a pair of diamond earrings. You gasped at their beauty. Of course you were happy that you had them but, you didn’t think Yoongi should spend so much on you. You decided to take that out of your mind for now. Under the earring holder there was a key. Assuming it was for the front door you tried opening it. Walking into the house you took everything in. It had beautiful wood floors, and it was elegantly furnished. Your eyes widened at how amazing the cabin was. 

'Yoongi really went all out this time’ you thought to yourself. Slowly you walked in still mesmerized by everything. You decided to go to the living room of the cabin first. In the living room there was a wooden table in the middle. There you saw what seemed to be another one left by Yoongi. 

“How many damn notes did he leave.” You said laughing to yourself. 

'Go to the backyard.' 

 - Suga 

He seemed to be getting lazy with the notes as the got smaller and smaller. You rushed to the backyard with your excitement restoring itself. Quickly you opened the glass sliding door to the backyard. 

“What do you think?” Said Yoongi flaunting his suit. With a shocked expression you ran into Yoongi’s arms. 

“Oh my god when did you get back!?!” You said squeezing the life out of Yoongi. 

“Well I actually got here yesterday, but I didn’t tell you because I was sort of preparing this.” He said gesturing behind him. Yoongi had set up a table for you two in front of the beautiful lake. He even put pretty lights around the trees. You looked over to the table and saw delicious looking food. 

“Did you cook that?” You said kind of scared of his answer. 

“Hey! What’s with that look. I’m not THAT bad of a cook! But I’ll have you know I didn’t cook it.” 

“Uh yeah okay sure Suga. That’s why you made that poisonous soup last time right?" 

"That was one time Y/N! Let me live okay.” Laughing at him you gave him a passionate kiss on the lips. 

“I missed you so much.” You whispered against his lips. He grabbed you from the waist. 

“I missed you too baby.” He then pulled you back in for a kiss make out session. Pulling back to breath he said 

“Why don’t we eat before it gets cold. I promise there’ll be time for kissing.” He said smirking. Giving him a slap on the arm you went to go sit down. 

“I got your favorite because I’m just that good of a boyfriend.” Said Yoongi pointing towards your pasta. Chuckling at his comment you said 

“You’re wrong you’re an amazing boyfriend.” Yoongi smiled contently at your remark. 

“So what did you think of my notes.” Said Yoongi biting into his bread stick. 

“I thought it was really nice. I’m thankful you went through all this trouble for me." 

"Ah it was nothing Y/N. You know I’d do anything for you.” You blushed and said a quiet 'thank you’. You took your first bite of the pasta and moaned at the flavor. 

“This is heavenly.” You said stuffing more into your mouth. Yoongi laughed at your reaction. 

“Calm down babe, you might choke." 

 "OH! I almost forgot.” Yoongi scared you with his exclaim. Yoongi got up and clapped two times. Confused as hell you asked him what he was doing. 

“Wait for it Y/N.” Then you heard a violin playing. You looked around expecting to see a violinist. 

“I kind of am just using a speaker. I couldn’t find a violinist in time.” He said sheepishly. You smiled at him and told him it was okay, he had already done more than enough. Sitting back down Yoongi noticed there was a fly flying around his personal bubble. He started swatting the air with his hand.

“Yoongi… Are you okay?” You asked with a confused expression. 

“Uh y-yeah there’s just a damn fly in my space.” Yoongi continued to move his hands around like a crazy man, until he ended up knocking his drink off the table. 

“Shit, it’s okay Y/N! Don’t worry I didn’t like the drink anyways." 

"Suga you love soda.” You said smiling at his clumsiness. 

“It’s okay I’m sure I’ll find something… Else to quench my thirst.” He said in a suggestive tone that you didn’t notice. After you two finished your meals Yoongi took you to a lounge chair in front of the lake. You laid against Yoongi’s chest sighing. It was now nighttime and all of the stars were out. 

“It’s nice to finally have time to be with you like this Y/N.” Yoongi said while planting a kiss on your head. You turned you head so you could give him a peck. 

“I appreciate that you did all of this, but you shouldn’t have.” You said softly.

“Don’t say that babe, I told you already. I’d do anything for you.” He grabbed the back of your neck to pull you into a kiss. At first it was a sweet and gentle kiss. It then turned into a heated and needy one. Yoongi’s tongue grazed your teeth asking for entrance. Your tongues played around with each other, exploring each other’s mouths. Yoongi turned your bodies to he was on top of you. His hands roamed your body. He removed his lips from yours to move on to your neck. He bit and sucked on your neck, knowing you’d later have a hickey. You moaned and tangled your fingers into his hair. Yoongi groaned getting turned on by your moans. 

“I need you Y/N.” Yoongi whispered breathlessly in your ear. He looked at you with pleading eyes. You had wanted this for some time now. And with the look he was giving you, you couldn’t get yourself to say no. You nodded your head giving him permission. When you nodded his eyes glinted with excitement. Quickly he wrapped your legs around him. He lifted you up and took you to the room while kissing you. Gently he placed you against the bed and started to pull the zipper of your dress down. You started to unbutton his shirt desperately. Yoongi got surprised at your action. 

“Looks like someone’s eager.” He said smirking. Then he finished the job for you and threw his shirt to the side. He took a moment to admire your body.

“Damn you’re so sexy baby.” He said licking his lips. He place his lips next to your ear and whispered. 

“You’ll look even sexier moaning my name.” You felt your face get hot. 

“Just shut up and do your job already.” You said getting impatient. Yoongi chuckled and swiftly took off your bra. He started sucking on your right nipple while his hand massaged the other. You moaned loudly not caring anymore. All you knew was that you wanted, no needed, Yoongi. He left kisses down your body leading to the waistband of your panty. Then he went to your lips and kissed you roughly. 

“I’m going to make you feel so good.” Before you could take his sentence in he slid a finger inside of you. Your back arched in pleasure. He slowly pulled his finger in and out of you. 

“Yoongi, please.” You said begging. 

“If you say so babe.” He place two more fingers inside of you moving at a constant speed. He removed his fingers from your heat. You whimpered. He bit your waistband and slowly removed your panties with his mouth. 

“You’re so wet.” Yoongi said with a groan. He stuck his tongue in between your folds. You bit your lips to suppress your embarrassing moans. His tongue prodded your slit. You grabbed onto Yoongi’s hair for support. You pulled him to your lips. You reached for his belt and you quickly unbuckled it. Yoongi pulled down his boxers and threw them to the side. He pulled out a condom from the nightstand and rolled it on. 

“Are you ready baby?” Yoongi asked softly against your lips. You let out a desperate yes. With that he slowly slid into you giving you time to adjust. After a few slow thrusts he rapidly started to speed up. 

“Fuck baby you’re so tight.” Yoongi was lost in you at this point. His eyes never left yours, your face turned him on even more. Your nails grazed his back as you felt yourself come close to your climax. Yoongi felt your legs tremble so he knew you were close. 

“Come on baby.” He said in between shaky breaths. You pushed your head back against the pillow as you reached your peak. Groaning your name Yoongi rode out his. He pulled you into a kiss. 

“That was amazing.” You said panting. 

“Well I am an amazing boyfriend aren’t I.” Yoongi said with a smirk. He threw himself next to you. Then he pulled you into his chest and gave you a kiss on your forehead. 

“I love you so damn much Y/N.” Yoongi said staring into your eyes. You smiled at him. 

“I love you too.” With that you both drifted off to sleep. You stretched while rubbing your eyes. You look around the bed, but you didn’t see Yoongi. The smell of pancakes filled your nose. Smiling you quickly slipped on Yoongi’s shirt and ran downstairs. There was Yoongi in the kitchen cooking bacon. He looked up from the pan and greeted you with a wide smile. 

“Good morning beautiful, how are you.” You walked over to him and gave him a hug from behind. 

“I’m great, you?” 

“Never been better. I set up a plate for you.” He said pointing to the table.

“Thank you baby.” You gave him a peck and walked over to the table. While you were inspecting the pancake Yoongi came in with a plate full of bacon. 

“I can’t believe these pancakes actually look edible babe.” You said teasing him. He stuck out his tongue at you and handed you some bacon. 

“What do you want to do today beautiful?” Yoongi said while starting to devour his bacon. 

“Why don’t we go on a boat ride? I mean the lake is literally right there so why not?” You said sipping on your orange juice. 

“Yeah and then we can go out to eat?" 

"Sounds good to me.” You said grinning. 

“Well I’m going to go shower, wanna join.” He said with a wink. 

“Yeah no.” You said turning to go to the living room laughing. Then he walked upstairs pouting. 


This has to be one of the most soundest ideas I have seen yet regarding jewelry storage. This is actually an item that is for sale: Here.

But just from looking at it, I can see that it can become a DIY project. A shadow box with simple shelving units, earring wall, ring holders and necklace fixtures. Not to mention the screws. It might just run you the same asking price of $199USD in the original listing. Or you can just modify this however you see fit.

Its such a brilliant and gorgeously tidy storage idea. 

Ear Biscuits with Charles Trippy!

Our special guest on Ear Biscuits this week is… Charles Trippy!

Guinness World Record Holder for most consecutive daily vlogs on YouTube, and bass player for the American rock band We The Kings, Charles Trippy, joins Rhett & Link this week to talk about his motivation behind uploading daily vlogs to YouTube for going on seven consecutive years, how documenting his two brain tumors & subsequent surgeries became a therapeutic escape from a life-threatening situation, and his take on the widespread internet speculation surrounding his divorce from Alli Speed & the relationship with new girlfriend, Allie Wesenberg.

Check it on iTunes.

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Read the accompanying article by Tubefilter here.