I’m in need of new headphones and every time I order my personal preference (iFrogz EarPollution Throwbax IN RED BECAUSE THAT’S HOW I ROLL), the worldly stock of them seems to dwindle more and more so this time I’m thinking about trying something new to broaden my options. I don’t want to be left with no headphones and having to try something new on the hopes that it’s good.

So I’m looking at these Skullcandy Crushers and they seem nice since they have a bass slider (which requires a AA battery, but still) and detachable cable which is great because my headphones will find any and EVERY excuse to get caught on something, even if I’m standing completely fucking still.

My only qualm is that my experience with Skullcandy headphones has been “meh” at best, mostly due to them not being very reliable. But that could be because I’ve only gotten their cheaper, low-end headphones so perhaps a pair that costs $100 might actually be worth it.

I’m probably going to get them unless my followers are just all like “NO THOSE SUCK”, this is just me ranting my fears and doubts about buying Skullcandy.

(And for those who’ll tell me to get Beats by Dre, those things aren’t as good as the Throwbax and cost about $200 more, so no thank you.)