When your earphones save your phone / イヤホンのお陰でケータイを落とさずに済んだ時 〜 Red Joker

  • Harry:*has earphones in*
  • Draco:you're honestly the reason I live and breathe
  • Draco:sometimes it scares me how much I love you
  • Draco:I honestly wish you returned the feelings
  • Draco:you make my heart go wild
  • Harry:i can hear you, you know
  • Draco:wtF HOW
  • Harry:You see, just because these play music doesn't mean it'll block out someone shouting love confessions to my face.

August 22, 2015 // Here’s a pic of some of my back to school essentials! My backpack generally holds my water bottle, camera, earphones, bullet journal, pencil cases wallet and a few others. Super excited about fall and sweater weather! 🍂🍂🍂

The signs as essential school supplies

Aries: pen to stab a bitch who talking shit

Taurus: fuckboy repellent

Gemini: earphones

Cancer: triplus 30 pack fine liners to make the hoes jealous

Leo: phone charger

Virgo: paracetamol

Libra: ruler to smack a bitch

Scorpio: gum

Sagittarius: water to fulfil them thirsty hoes

Capricorn: coloured pencils for cheeky doodles

Aquarius: scissors to cut an annoying bitch

Pisces: pillow