Review: Ted Baker Dover In-Ear Headphones

Believe it or not, Ted Baker have an audio division called, you guessed it, Ted Baker Audio. They make high-end headphones and speakers and radios and everything, and since I needed a pair of earphones, I decided to dive into the world of TB.

Since the rise of the smartphone and tablet industry, the popularity of headphones has exponentially sky-rocketed. It doesn’t matter if you’re a just casual listener or a hardcore audiophile, headphones are your smartphone’s best friend. As The Verge puts it, “They are the cheese to your phone’s wine, the glass of milk to your phone’s Oreo.” In all honesty, they’re nearly as omnipresent as smartphones themselves and you see people wearing headphones almost everywhere you go. Quite surprisingly, there are absolutely no reviews of the Ted Baker earphones online, so here’s a quick one just for you.

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