my new hifi: turntable brought back from my childhood, bang&olufsen receiver fleamarket find 200SEK (=30USD?), sony amplifier thrown away by someone & found & given to me by my friend bekant , denon cd player fleamarket 200 swedish kronor, + grado headphones bought 10 years ago when i was rich 10.000 kronor (=1500 dollar?) (not joking)

and oh oh everything sounds so nice, at least sometimes, not very reliable, sometimes the sound just dies, very unpredictable,

playing, right now: frida hyvönen, dirty dancing !!

August 22, 2015 // Here’s a pic of some of my back to school essentials! My backpack generally holds my water bottle, camera, earphones, bullet journal, pencil cases wallet and a few others. Super excited about fall and sweater weather! 🍂🍂🍂