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One Direction is ranked at No. 7 on Forbes magazine’s 2014 list of the world’s highest-paid musicians.

One Direction is ranked at No. 7 on Forbes magazine’s 2014 list of the world’s highest-paid musicians. According to Forbes, One Direction made $75 million (before taxes). Forbes explained how the list was compiled: “To form this year’s list, we considered income from touring, recorded music, publishing, merchandise sales, endorsements and other ventures. Management, agent and lawyer fees were not deducted. Earnings were calculated from June 2013 to June 2014 and based on data from Pollstar, the RIAA and Nielsen, and on interviews with managers, lawyers, executives and some artists themselves.”

After taxes, management, agent and lawyer fees, that’s about $5 million each.  Nothing to sneeze at, but Zayn was right, not as many zeroes on the account as people like to think.

[KOREABOO] 15/02/26 You Will Be Amazed When You Find Out How Much K-Pop Groups REALLY Make

1. Super Junior - 30.8 billion won ($28.4 million)
2. SNSD - 30 billion won ($27.7 million)
3. Big Bang - 28.9 billion won ($26.7 million)
4. BEAST - 27.4 billion won ($25.3 million)
5. 2NE1 - 27.1 billion won ($25 million)
6. 2PM - 25.4 billion won ($23.4 million)
7. TARA - 23.4 billion won ($21.6 million)
8. CNBLUE - 22.4 billion won ($20.7 million)
9. EXO - 21.9 billion won ($20.2 million)
10. 4MINUTE - 21.4 billion won ($19.8 million)

* in the second half of 2014

Source: koreaboo

EA's fourth quarter earnings report for the 2015 fiscal year is out and it give time frames for some very interesting titles. The PGA Tour franchise will be releasing with Rory McIlroy instead of Tiger Woods for the first time in the second quarter. The three biggest surprises are Need for Speed having an unnamed entry coming in the third quarter along with the Mirror’s Edge reboot and a new entry into the Plants VS. Zombies franchise coming in the fourth quarter. The Mirror’s Edge reboot was announced at last years E3 2013, but never given a date. From Fifa to Star Wars to Mirror’s Edge, EA is looking to end up in your console or PC game collection one way or another. Happy Gaming! -R.M.

Top 10 Secrets About Michael Jackson You Didn't Know!

Michael Jackson

Darling artist, performer, and musician Michael Jackson and his appalling passing in June of 2009 stunned the globe, with fans crosswise over different countries as yet grieving the loss of the “Ruler Of Pop.” With his image still solid and his legacy generally in place, Jackson was as baffling as he was gifted. While today (August 29) would have denoted his 54th birthday, Newsone affectionately recollects Michael Jackson as a superior superstar that has impacted some of music’s greatest current stars. Underneath, we list 10 certainties that easygoing fans might not have thought about the famously private Michael Jackson.

1. Michael Jackson Is The Highest-Earning Deceased Artist: Besting the vaunted Rock and Roll craftsman Elvis Presley and previous Beatles part artist musician John Lennon, Michael Jackson has been perceived by the Guinness Book Of World Records in another class for Highest-Earning Deceased Artist, picking up the top honor. In the first year after his passing in 2009, Jackson’s bequest raked in a reported $1 billion.

2. Michael Jackson Was A Shrewd Businessman: While numerous saw Jackson as a boyish and fun loving figure, Michael Jackson birthday underneath that outside was the psyche of a man who made ventures that keep on paying off right up ‘til the present time. In 1985, he shrewdly bought the rights to 250 Beatles multiplied melodies penned by Lennon and Paul Mccartney for $47 million. In 1995, Jackson sold a part of the index to Sony for $95 million, ensuing in the influential joint wander music distributed organization Sony/ATV, with yearly incomes floating around $1 billion. This does exclude his numerous support arrangements, authorizing, and different streams of income Jackson has created from his name.

3. Michael Jackson Owns The Distinction Of Having The Biggest Recording Contract Ever: Nine months after his passing, the domain of Michael Jackson marked an arrangement with Sony Records that gives the organization access to a boundless vault of unreleased recordings for an astounding $250 million. Ten collections are relied upon to be discharged by 2017, including the late soundtrack to the visit narrative “This Is It.”

4. Programmers Broke In To Online Servers And Got Access To 50,000 Michael Jackson Tracks: Michael Jackson’s music was a casualty of an online programmer assault, with the cheats downloading 50,000 tunes not proposed for people in general. Sony immediately connected the opening to their security and pledged to push forward with the arrival of new music.

5. Djs And Clubs Nationwide Have Sparked Off Annual Parties In Michael Jackson’s Name: From Washington, D.c.; Los Angeles; New York City; and all focuses in the middle of, huge name Djs host created themed gatherings to pay tribute to Michael Jackson. Praised maker and hip-jump craftsman DJ Spinna has additionally taken his decently went to (and neighborly) “MJ versus Sovereign” move parties all over the country.

6. “Billie Jean” Was First Video From A Black Artist To Air On MTV: “Billie Jean” was the second single from Michael Jackson’s sixth solo collection, “Thriller.” Produced by Jackson and the incredible Quincy Jones, the track got the feature treatment and started off an upset of sorts. Fans across the nation would try to impersonate Jackson’s haircut and move moves and the cut is considered to a great extent in charge of placing MTV into the standard discussion.

7. Thriller Wasn’t The Only Hit Album In Jackson’s Catalog: Five of Michael Jackson’s performance studio collections consider as a real part of the most astounding offering records ever. Thriller’s forerunner, “Off The Wall,” which was discharged in 1979, has sold an overall 20 million, which withered significantly by “Thriller,” sitting at 110 million sold. The collections “Awful,” “Hazardous,” and “History” have likewise sold well into millions also.

8. Michael Jackson Is The Most-Awarded Artist Of All Time: With 23 Guinness World Records, 40 Billboard Awards, 13 Grammys, and 26 American Music Awards, Michael Jackson has won a bigger number of honors than whatever other musical craftsman. Jackson has additionally gotten congressional respects for his humane effort endeavors.

9. Michael Jackson Inspired Artists Outside Of His Genre: Usher, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber owe an incredible credit to Michael Jackson and have all called him an impact. In any case even rockers, for example, Adam Lambert, Green Day, and female superstars like Beyoncé and Madonna, have all said they’ve turned toward Jackson. Indeed the brash Diddy called Jackson a “saint” of his.

10. Michael Jackson’s Death Shifted MTV’s Programming In Tribute: In the hours after his passing, media titan MTV – which had generally moved from its unique music feature just programming – about-faced to its roots and circulated hours upon hours of Michael Jackson features and footage. The in-house news group even detracted time from talking standard celeb toll and concentrated singularly on the vocation of Jackson.

Increasingly bearish outlook from the C-Suite


My first 2015 contribution for Yahoo Finance was published on Sunday, January 4. The title of that note was “Fasten your seatbelts – heightened volatility on the horizon for stocks.“

This past Friday was the last trading day of January. To say January was a volatile month would not be doing it justice. Even constituents of mine that have been on Wall Street for decades as NYSE specialists, portfolio managers and  institutional traders have confided in me that last month was a very difficult month. If you feel weathered and whipsawed you have plenty of company.

January closed with the same erratic price action that we saw in December – only more so. Recent economic data that many, including myself, were expecting would counter the risk aversion blanketing equity markets has done anything but help. In fact, some of economic data we received in January has actually done the opposite by providing support for a narrative that is highlighted by fear of deflation and not just outside the U.S. economy.

A standout in that regard was our Q4 GDP release. Q4 GDP was +2.6% and well below expectations. Additionally, though Q4 was light, in retrospect, markets did not seem to give Q3’s GDP gain of 5.0% much validation. It appears as though markets were preparing for Friday’s disappointing Q4 results with the possibility of more to follow.

The bias in markets has clearly shifted to glass half empty. Now with data providing support for those looking for the pullback in equity markets, it appears as though the short lived bursts of buying that we have seen in 2015 are nothing more than that. Rallies are being sold into by institutional investors.

Additionally, earnings season thus far has been a bit of a disappointment. Though close to 70% of the S&P 500 have beaten expectations, those beats have been on lowered expectations in many cases.

On Friday, crude oil staged one of the largest one day rallies in recent history. Much of that move has been credited with short covering. The 7% intraday move higher in Crude had no impact on the flight out of equites Friday. That is speaking to something worth paying attention to as an investor.  If an historic reversal higher takes place in what is widely considered one of the drivers of the selloff in equities and equities continue to sell off it merits attention. And again, I would suggest that recent volatility and negative bias are making the case that institutional investors are bearish in the near term. In my 2015 forecast I called for two corrections. We may be seeing one take shape now.

The Dow opened at 17987.66 on January 2nd of this year. In January we lost 823 points off the Dow or 4.575%. The all-time high for the Dow was registered on December 24th of 2014. It closed at 18030.21. From that level the Dow has lost 866 points or 4.803%. A correction is a loss of 10% off the high. We are not  close to a correction yet but it does feel as though we have more work to do on the down side.

A Concern – a rising tide of senior level executive corporate bearishness:

Results of recent Bespoke Research on U.S. Chief Executive Officers add one more component to an increasingly disturbing outlook for corporate earnings. In the survey it was found that CEOs are more pessimistic about earnings than at any time since the financial crisis. Increasingly, corporate earnings reductions are becoming more common. A combination of a stronger dollar and significantly lower oil prices are fueling much of the earnings adjustments lower and the decidedly pessimistic outlook by CEOs. 

My constructive outlook for equities has always been predicated upon two drivers; earnings and data. Neither one of those drivers appears particularly compelling at the moment. That is not to say our bull run is over but it appears as though our bias lower may remain with us for some time.

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