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how do you afford all your clothes? :o

I use I-Say. It’s a website that gives you Paypal Gift Cards for filling out surveys hehe :) really nice tbh! i do surveys when im bored and i have already received a decent amount of gift cards so yay :) 

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Tom Cruise Runs For His Money

One of the world’s highest earning movie stars has a propensity for running in a lot of his films. FORBES looks inside how much Tom Cruise has been paid to run in his $2.1 billion Mission: Impossible franchise.

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Will Q2 earnings and guidance throw the markets a life raft?

Risk off themes fueled by geo-political and economic challenges have allowed for an overlay of caution for equity markets. For what seems to be an eternity, investors have been struggling to price in the most likely outcome of the Greek financial crisis. More recently the sharp Chinese equity market correction has emerged to share the unflattering spotlight. Crude oil has felt the contagious impact of the unwillingness of investors to take a constructive stand on the market. Additional themes that will garner a great deal of attention in the near term are the anticipated announcement by the IMF of an alternative reserve currency this fall and the Iranian nuclear talks. There is suddenly no shortage of themes that appear to be speaking to caution.

All the themes that have dominated recent trading narratives will likely take a back to seat to our upcoming earnings season. AA reports Q2 results on Thursday. Though AA is no longer the bellwether it once was and certainly not a darling in the eyes of institutional investors, AA does have a global perspective that is increasingly germane when one looks to take the global economic temperature – geopolitics aside.

On  a year-to-date basis AA has lost 30.15% as of yesterday’s closing price. Clearly expectations for the metals space has been dramatically less than compelling. That difficult first half speaks directly to global industrial and consumer demand; from soda cans and autos to aircraft. We all know that demand has been weak. Our expansion has hit a rough patch in the first half of 2015. The EU has a long list of challenges – not the least of which is near zero growth and anemic demand. China’s formerly explosive economic expansion has clearly decelerated dramatically.

As with all earnings reports, investors look at quarterly results but also very keenly at forward looking guidance. In the case of AA that guidance will speak volumes. Does AA expect to see an uptick in demand – anywhere? Will there be any adjustments to earnings expectations? From the looks of things, AA will likely speak to themes we are all too familiar with; tepid demand, weak economic performance and pressure on profitability but strength in the aircraft manufacturing sector and robust demand for automobiles. In that case, even if Q2 results are better than consensus expectations, don’t look for markets to be thrown a flotation device. We may just have to muscle our way through this season of discontent.

The 5 Steps To Ensuring Retirement Income

These are the five simple but important steps that decide your ability to live the life you want in retirement:

1. Determine how much you need to spend to live a life you enjoy.

2. Make the most of income sources other than your savings.

3. Decide how much risk you are comfortable with.

4. Figure out how much income you need your savings to generate every year.

5. Identify how much you want to leave to your heirs.

More advice on how to create an income plan from your savings.

A Tesla Earnings Preview: Watch CapEx, Growth, and China

By StockTwits Intern Analyst Patrick Dunuwila

Tesla Motors reports their second quarter earnings after the closing bell on Wednesday August 5, 2015. Here are a few things to watch and understand before the big report.

EPS: There’s quite a range of earnings estimates for Tesla. Zack’s Investment Research projects Tesla will report a loss of $1.39 per share while the crowdsourced earnings site Estimize expects a loss of 57 cents a share. That’s an interesting discrepancy when you look at how wide the estimates are.

Capital Expenditures

The chart above shows Tesla’s share price with their quarterly EPS performance overlaid. As you can see that stock has exploded since 2012 while earnings have dramatically declined. This decline is mostly due to massive capital expenditures including its $5 billion Gigafactory and its Supercharger infrastructure. Investors see these expenses as necessary investments that will help the company to continue rampant growth. Cost cutting will be important this quarter. Any additional capital expenditures could easily spook investors.

Growth & Deliveries Goal

Clearly growth is the name of the game for Tesla. Yes EPS is important, however investors really care more about growth for a stock like Tesla. Key growth metrics will be critical especially the number of deliveries they report this quarter. The company has set the bar high for itself with its ambitious goal to fulfill 55,000 deliveries by years end. They reported 10,000 deliveries in the first quarter and expect 10,000-11,000 deliveries in the second quarter. This means they will need about 34,000 deliveries in the second half of the year to meet its target. Exceeding delivery expectations would be a positive catalyst for Tesla shares.


China is no doubt an important market for Tesla. Efforts by the Chinese government to curb air pollution has boosted electric vehicle sales. However, a strong dollar could hurt sales in China. But Tesla, regardless of that, has noted once before that they’ve seen strong growth in the region.

Guidance will likely be key to Tesla’s earnings. Increasing expectations for revenue or deliveries could really drive the stock higher. The company has a lot of exciting developments including the model 3, the Gigafactory and the Powerwall. Updates or comments on these developments could be big! 

On a final note, take a look at sentiment on the StockTwits $TSLA stream. It’s currently 73% bullish vs 27% bearish. It will be interesting to see how this sentiment changes after they report:

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how do you afford all your clothes? :o

I use I-Say. It’s a website that gives you Paypal Gift Cards for filling out surveys hehe :) really nice tbh! i do surveys when im bored and i have already received a decent amount of gift cards so yay :)

p.s. make sure to verify your email, it’s really important and you’ll get extra points for it!