Box Office: ‘Star Wars’ Now Unlikely to Beat 'Avatar’ Global Record

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How Many Hours Of Work Does It Take To Afford An iPhone 6? [Infographic]

How long would it take you to save enough money to buy an iPhone 6? The answer to that question depends heavily on where you live. According to the Prices and Earnings report, published every three years by Swiss bank UBS , an average worker in New York City or Zurich can purchase an iPhone 6 with the proceeds from less than three days of work. Read more >

Biologists lose out in post-PhD earnings analysis

A study tracing the economic prospects of more than 3,000 US PhD students suggests that around 40% take a job in industry within a year of graduating — where they earn more than their counterparts who stayed in academia.

But earnings depend heavily on the doctoral field, finds the analysis, published on 10 December in Science1. One year after graduating, doctorates in mathematics, computer sciences and engineering raked in the highest amounts — US$65,000 a year on average, with the 60% of engineers who took industry jobs earning around $80,000 a year. Those with biology PhDs earned the least, around $36,000 per year, perhaps because of the effect of many taking postdoctoral fellowships — only 26% of biology graduates went straight into industry jobs.