earning merit

I feel like which deathly hallow each member of the golden trio would choose speaks volumes about who they are and their life experiences:

“The three of them spoke at the same time: Hermione said, “the Cloak,” Ron said, “the wand,” and Harry said, “the stone.”” 

Hermione wants the cloak because if invisible, what’s stopping her from investigating for herself everything and anything she’s ever wanted? She can literally go anywhere she wants, listen and look and learn whatever she wishes. Hermione has been capable of squishing morality in the past in pursuit of knowledge–she sneaks into the restricted section for books a few times, rule stickler that she is–and it’s not that she’d turn into some creepy illegal voyeur, it’s just that she’d be able to have no limitations to what she could access or experience. 

Ron wants the wand, because what does someone who feels insecure want more than power? Though of course Ron has grown immensely from the beginning of the series, he still struggles with a sense of inferiority, something very difficult indeed to overcome. The wand is an escape from that, a path to becoming the winner, the challenger, the champion; he could defend or attack anyone or anything boldly, without fear of failure. 

Harry wants the stone because he loves. Because he has loved and lost and hurt and struggled, through the loss of his parents and Sirius and Dumbledore and so much more death than any boy or person should ever have to suffer. His most heartfelt wish is to resurrect these loved ones, to meet and embrace and converse with those he cares for and those who care for him in return. He is the Boy Who Lived while Others Died, and Harry Potter has never and can never forget or ignore the fact.

But perhaps the most important insight is that in the end, the golden trio chooses themselves. Though at this point these answers are mere hypotheticals, subconscious musings with no basis in reality, at one point or another, they do encounter every single one of these Deathly Hallows. And each hold in their grasp what they desperately want. They could have knowledge, power, triumph over death–but ultimately, the trio chooses themselves–their own personal knowledge, power, and triumph, earned through their own merit and struggles, not gained. They let the Hallows go because they understand themselves and its consequences and who they are meant to be. They are meant to discover and learn and grow and succeed on their own, not through the magical and frankly damaging effects of the Hallows. And yes, Harry does keep the cloak, but I think there’s a sort of significance in the fact that it wasn’t what he would have chosen for himself (also: James Sirius). 

And maybe that’s why the Golden Trio can stand upright as heroes. Because they held ultimate power in their hands and made the impossible choice to let it go. 

REQUESTED -- The Importance of Knife Training

Word Count: 1587

Warnings: Swearing, fighting scenes, hospital trip, angst-ish, fluff-ish??

A/N: this is my first request! I hope I did it justice! Please let me know what you think and send me more requests, I had fun!

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Doing laundry had never been this long of a task for Bucky before.

“Doll, you can’t just keep-” but before he could finish his sentence, the shirt he was trying to put away, was snatched from his hands.

“But I can keep taking your shirts from you,” you teased, now on the other side of the room, holding the t-shirt you’d swiped from his hands.

“I’m not gonna have any clothes left at this rate,” he grumbled good-naturedly. Moments later, when the entire basket of his laundry was gone in a streak of purple, he regretted speaking.

“Darn,” you mock pouted, “guess you’ll have to go around naked then.”

“Really? You’d be okay with Natalia ogling me?”

“Pfft, she can ogle all she wants, she already does anyway. It’s Sam I’m worried about; I can just imagine his face now.” A fit of laughter broke out as F.R.I.D.A.Y called the team to the hanger for an emergency mission.

You threw Bucky a wink, dropped the laundry basket, stashed your stolen shirt, and grabbed your suit all before he’d even crossed the room. He was stronger than you in every way, but you could out run him by miles, an advantage you used to it’s fullest potential, not just to steal his shirts.

As usual, you were the first to the quinjet, having run there at super speed. You checked your weapons while you waited for your teammates; Tony had made you special guns. They could reload and fire almost fast enough to keep up with you. You also kept several throwing knives and a short sword in your gear. Swords and knives didn’t run out of bullets, and they moved as fast as you wielded them so they were your weapon of choice. But Tony, being the mad invented he was, made you the guns anyway, so you’d carry them even if they didn’t get fired, because he made them just for you and you appreciated it.

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The true friends of people with the INFP personality type tend to be few and far between, but those that make the cut are often friends for life. The challenge is the many dualities that this type harbors when it comes to being sociable – INFPs crave the depth of mutual human understanding, but tire easily in social situations; they are excellent at reading into others’ feelings and motivations, but are often unwilling to provide others the same insight into themselves – it’s as though INFPs like the idea of human contact, but not the reality of social contact.

How Poor Are They That Have Not Patience

In a lot of ways, this limits the potential pool of friends to other Diplomat (NF) types, who are able to pick up on the subtle clues left by their INFP friends, and who are more likely than not to enjoy something of a human enigma. A friendship with an ESTJ on the other hand, governed by social conventions and community participation as they are, would almost be a non-sequitur – though INFPs may find the idea of being paired with their opposite fascinating enough to outweigh the practical challenges to such a friendship.

To top it all off, ideas like networking and “the friend of my friend is my friend” hold little weight with INFPs. Friendships are earned on their own merit, by dint of the intuitive respect INFPs have for those with similar principles and values, rather than more practical alignments like those of coworkers. INFPs’ tendency to protect their sensitive inner cores and values from criticism, especially if they are on the more turbulent side of the spectrum, means that acquaintances will likely get nowhere near them without sustained and tactful effort.

But, if INFPs’ shields are properly navigated and they decide to open up and trust another person, a strong, stable friendship will ensue, marked by passionate support and idealism, subtle poetic wit, and a level of emotional insight that is hard to match. INFPs’ friends will be rewarded with calm, sensitivity and depth, and an ever-present desire to help, learn, and grow. But even the most confident and assertive INFPs will only be able to keep up this relaxed and present exterior for so long.

Even as friendships grow stronger and deeper, and friends are lulled into a sense of mutual understanding, INFPs’ enigmatic qualities will never truly vanish.

INFPs will always need to disappear for a while, removing themselves from others so they can re-center on their own minds and feelings. Often enough people with the INFP personality type will emerge from this time alone having come to some momentous decision that even their closest friends didn’t know was weighing on them, evading even the option of receiving the sort of support and advice they so readily give. Such is INFPs’ way, for better or for worse.

Cloud play-fighting with the bfs though They see him sort of like a harmless kitten, who bats his adorable little paws at you and is generally harmless. He likes to tap his hands against things when he’s bored, and if he’s close that can mean Angeal’s scruffy jaw and cheeks, Genesis’s shoulders, Zack’s arms and Sephiroth’s hips. Angeal scrunches his face up in a way that’s cute when that happens which just encourages the violence, really, so if he’s sitting on the couch Cloud will climb onto his lap and harass him a little. Genesis and Sephiroth tend to grab his wrists when he starts to gently whack at them - they get locked in a struggle where Cloud will growl in his throat and try not to laugh as he attempts to overpower them. Sometimes Genesis will switch both Cloud’s wrists to one hand and use the other to tickle him, the asshole - then Cloud will try to get him with his knees and feet and anything he can flail, really. Sephiroth always, /always/ uses kisses to distract him, making Cloud’s arms go from lax copies of what he learned in hand-to-hand to winding sweetly around Sephiroth’s neck, his cheeks turning pink. Zack, as the one primarily in charge of Cloud’s training, can get rough - they roll around on the floor and Cloud does his best to force the SOLDIER into submission. Zack lets him get close but always slips out of his hold, usually to turn the tables and make Cloud wriggle out of his own, usually with a murmured praise or two if he manages it (or even if he doesn’t). They indulge him and never hurt the infantryman (with a few small exceptions that led to Cures, apologies, shaken SOLDIERs, and lots of talking as a group). Cloud is occasionally too awkward or quiet to initiate intimate moments on his own so sometimes this is his way of getting close and getting those kisses he was after all along, and other times it’s just fun to make the four super SOLDIERs stay on their toes And eventually the day comes that Genesis does something stupid, and Cloud rolls his eyes, laughs, and hits him–and Genesis says “Ow!” and the four of them stare wide-eyed at their young man and realize soon he’s going to be a SOLDIER too.

gideonpeake  asked:

I agree that no one should be shamed for their bodies AND that Emma was wrong to criticize Bey.. but if she's doing the same thing Bey was doing 2-3 years ago, wouldn't that mean she's changed her mind and grown? She should have apologized to Bey absolutely, but why are we dragging her two years after the fact? Hypocrisy is saying one thing and doing another in a short time, this just looks like Watson grew as a person thanks to good feminist representations.

[re: this post]

No, that’s not true. Emma Watson isn’t doing “the same thing” Beyoncé was doing two years ago, because two years ago Beyoncé wasn’t running her mouth about Emma Watson and calling her narrow brand of “feminism” into question.

Look, I am all about allowing people space for personal growth and giving them second chances…….but……..too many white feminists™ act like dragging Beyoncé and Rihanna and Nicki Minaj is a mandatory rite of passage to earn their white feminism merit badge. It’s habitual. It’s structural, a standard routine where they act like the self-appointed gate keepers of “good” feminism. And when white women take it upon themselves to police who gets to be considered a “good” feminist, guess who usually fails to make the cut? Black women:

Taylor Swift went after Nicki; Miley Cyrus went for Nicki; Emma went for Bey; Annie Lennox came for Beyoncé; Salma Hayek, Cat Cora & Shirley MacLaine teamed up on Jessica Williams…and there’s always endless thot pieces constantly telling young white girls and everyone else why Beyoncé and Nicki and Rihanna are “too sexual” or “too angry” or “not serious” and aren’t “real” feminists…..but white women are “empowering themselves” when they do or say the same things???


This is not a one time thing. Year after year after year, the white feminist dejour take turns coming after black feminists —particularly Nicki and Beyoncé. But do you know what you hardly ever see? Famous black women celebs like Beyoncé *starting* beef with white feminists. They never just out of nowhere suddenly say, “Hm…know what? I’m not sure I like the way Emma Watson does feminism. I’m conflicted about it.”

Know *why* black feminists who are celebs typically don’t do this? Why they don’t start shit with Taylor or Miley or Emma???

Yes, because they’re decent people who have the common sense to stay in their own lane, but also because they *know* their careers couldn’t withstand the incredible amount heat they would take from fragile white America for daring to actually start some shit with white, pop star “feminists” the way white “feminists” constantly start shit with them. White people would lose their damn minds if the shoe was on the other foot. And so would record labels and movie producers.

EDIT: And more importantly, you never see white feminists questioning Taylor Swift’s “feminism”…and considering how Taylor has *also* worn skimpy outfits and danced suggestively in her vids, it almost seems as though white feminists never “feel conflicted” about HER feminism because she’s white, doesn’t it???

So anyway, yeah, I think you know exactly what you can do with that, “she grew as a person” BS we always hear after the fact. Excuse me if I’m tired of the double standard, the constant cluelessness & oblivion, and the eventual hypocrisy, ultimately followed by, “Well they’ve grown since the last time they bashed a black feminist, so give them some credit that they never ever ever give to the black women they love to persecute.”

Something to Fear

Merry Christmas and Happy Truce to @darkeneddawning! She requested something to do with Ice King Danny–lucky me that she has so many cool drawings and headcanons for it.

Posting it a bit late. My fault for letting this get so long–was having way too much fun with headcanons for this. Enjoy! 

Danny took a deep shuddering breath, trying his best to shake the thrumming weight of exhaustion from his chest. It pressed against him like a physical mass, turned the pulsing in his veins to sludge. He wanted nothing more than to crawl back to sleep, but anxiety kept his eyes open. The adrenaline buzzing through his system forced him into artificial alertness. He crossed his arms over his chest in an attempt to appear composed.

Opposite him, twelve Observants rung out a perfect semi-circle. Twelve eyes stared him down. Twelve pale, slick bodies, glistening as if coated in condensation, walled him in. Running was a poor option, facing against a dozen creatures who claimed to See All.

Observants just observe. They don’t act. They don’t do.

Danny ground his teeth. His mouth tasted sour. He felt disarmed, knowing that beneath his ghost form he was pajama-clad and half asleep. It could have been an intentional nighttime ambush, or it could have been that the Observants had no concept of, nor respect for, human sleep patterns.

The silence ate away at his nerves.

What?” Danny finally spoke. He sparked a glow behind his eyes, despite the headache the brightness caused him. Clockwork had suggested that these things frightened easily. Danny prayed that their All-Seeingness couldn’t call his bluff.

The right-most Observant floated closer. Danny hid his flinch, pretending to busy himself in the vast foresty void beyond the ring of Observants. Cold—he’d forgotten how cold the Ghost Zone was. “You wish to know why we’ve summoned you, is that correct?”

“I wanna know why you think it’s okay to warp me out of bed when I haven’t done anything.” Danny swallowed, or he tried to; his dry throat betrayed him. “O-or is it my future self again? You planning to fight me yourself instead of having Clockwork do the dirty work? That’s good by me. Been wanting the chance to play ‘rock, paper, finger-to-the-eyes’ with you creeps.”

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“So, it was you.” maybe a merlin x agent!reader where they have a girls night and talk about how apparently there needed to be updated kingsman rules on dating within the agency bc of merlin & reader???

                                                                                   —– a request by anon 

a/n: this was orignally gunna be a little drabble, but here i am flushing it out into a four page prompt. whoops. anywho, enjoy trashed eggsy.
warnings: sexual references, swears, & mention of that time merlin fucked the trainee
words: 1,243

Nights out were rare, but when they did happen it was always a right show. This particular night, Eggsy had picked the spot. It was a lively bar in downtown London - maybe a bit seedy for a group of Kingsman, but none of them were in any shape to be looking like gentlemen… or gentlewomen.

I mean, Eggsy had practically funneled a bottle of bourbon down his own throat before insisting on making drinks for the girls. The boy’s idea of a pre-game is mental.

You, Roxy, and a handful of girls from the tech department - Melanie, Sarah, Jenny, and Elizabeth to be exact - had somehow been roped into spending a night with the men of Kingsmen. Eggsy and his mates seemed excited at the idea of going out and had gathered a rowdy group of lower ranking agents. Merlin, surprisingly, seemed to jump at the opportunity to get out on Friday night. Being a few months after the whole Valentine fiasco, the head of operations was a bit stressed.

May that’s why he was already working on his third glass of bourbon.

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[mer-i-trish-uh s] 

1. alluring by a show of flashy or vulgar attractions; tawdry.

2. based on pretense, deception, or insincerity.

3. pertaining to or characteristic of a prostitute.

Meretricious comes from Latin meretricius, from meretrix, meretric-, prostitute, from merere, to earn, to deserve. It is related to merit, to earn, to deserve.

“Let us be thought over-much plain and simple, even bare, rather than gaudy, flashy, cheap and meretricious.”
- Erik Larson, The Devil in the White City

Riyad as-Salihin, The Book of Greetings 
Book 6, Hadith 851 

Narrated ‘Imran bin Husain (ra): 
A man came to the Prophet (pbuh) and said: “As-Salamu 'Alaikum (may you be safe from evil). Messenger of Allah (pbuh) responded to his greeting and the man sat down. The Prophet (pbuh) said, "Ten (meaning the man had earned the merit of ten good acts).” Another one came and said: “As-Salamu 'Alaikum wa Rahmatullah (may you be safe from evil, and Mercy of Allah be upon you).” Messenger of Allah (pbuh) responded to his greeting and the man sat down. Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, “Twenty.” A third one came and said: “As-Salamu 'Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu (may you be safe from evil, and the Mercy of Allah and His Blessings be upon you).” Messenger of Allah (pbuh) responded to his greeting and the man sat down. Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, “Thirty.”[Abu Dawud and At- Tirmidhi].

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Or, or: punching people who want to exterminate the oppressed, shutting them up, stomping the fascist insect in its root is extremely effective, and the only problems with this are because liberal fascists like you jump to the defence of Nazis rather than listen to the voices of the oppressed. How about this obvious fact?

I just gave some examples of this tactic failing spectacularly and giving the opinions which were ‘attacked’ far more attention than they’d ever have earned on their own merits. 

Or are you arguing that, yes, the tactic fails spectacularly, but the reason it fails spectacularly is because of all of the people who responded to the Middlebury fiasco by buying The Bell Curve, and if instead they all ‘listened to the voices of the oppressed’, then the tactic would be a success, so the thing to do is to keep right on doing it but also yell at them for making it fail?

Because, uh, plans that only work if everyone overwhelmingly agreed with you and acted the way you want them to act are otherwise known as plans that don’t work at all. If the ‘only problems with’ your approach are that it won’t work unless everyone in the world reacts the way you’d personally like them to react, then your approach is terrible and you need to throw it out and start completely from scratch.

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I'm also a big Ayato fan and it makes me happg seeing other people giving this adorable dork love~ But I wanted to ask how do you feek about Yui x Ayato and Yui in general since it seems like the most popular dl ship and a few people who love ayato dislike yui because of that! (and other reasons haha)

I really like the dynamics between Ayato and Yui! He’s very troublesome to deal with in general, so I commend Yui for being able to put up with his shenanigans and immaturity. (I mean, he made her ditch class so that she can make him takoyaki in the home economics room, wtf. Poor Yui, she’s not used to being a bad girl/playing skippy.) I like how Ayato is protective of her too, though this comes off as him being more possessive of her as well. It’s unhealthy, but Rejet does it for the romantic aesthetics I’m sure. Also, because of Yui, there was a time where Ayato went off to college so that he can not only get his education under Karlheniz’s orders, but to improve his quality of life for him and Yui. I respect Ayato for wanting to do that because it demonstrated his newfound maturity level and how he understood that he must work hard for the things he wants. The merits he earns from this opportunity would surely pay off in the end, and I am a full believer of this because I, myself, am experiencing it at this moment as an undergrad college student on a full ride through a prestigious honors college in my state.

On another note, there are several times where we see Ayato save Yui. To name a few instances, there was that one time in the anime where he saved her after she stabbed herself to end Cordelia’s possession in her body, the other in season 2 during the car accident caused by the Mukami family, and the other in the Dark Fate Drama CD where he protected her from wolves by shielding her with his own body. As a result, he passed out and Subaru had to summon their family’s familiars to take Ayato’s unconscious body back to the mansion. It’s always Ayato saving Yui. Maybe because he’s the poster boy for the DL series, but I think it’s also within his personality and mannerisms to protect what he believes is rightfully his, which in this case is Yui. Ayato is very sweet to Yui once he opens up to her too. We see how he can be quite a romantic and a shameless smooth-talker in some of the Ecstasy and Heaven scenarios in his routes. It’s kind of a no-brainer why a lot of people are fond of this popular DL ship. lol

As for Yui, I really love and respect her! She’s one of my favorite characters, and I wish people will stop bashing on her for being weak or dumb or whatever awful trait they label on her. She’s cunning when the situation calls for it, and she understands that the diaboys are much stronger than her. If she were to try anything, I’m sure they won’t hesitate to kill her despite Karlheinz’s orders to not kill the prospective bride. She is very brave and I love how she is devoted to her faith and does not falter easily when the boys (specifically Laito) test her. I won’t dive into Yui so much since I will be giving you quite a long answer, but just know that I appreciate her and I think she is the light that the diaboys don’t realize they need.

To the people who dislike Yui just because she’s paired with Ayato, chill tf out. Yui is technically supposed to be “you” in the games and series. She’s the heroine/MC. If anything, Ayato is being paired up with “you” in the end since it’s “you” experiencing it through Yui. People aren’t smart enough to understand this, nor do they realize that Diabolik Lovers is an otome game meant to cater players interested in dating sims. ;;;

-Admin Yuuzuki

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“Please stay” for Percy/Vex

“Please stay.” Vex pleads, in many more words, when Percy decides to stick close to her in Syngorn. When he decides to give her a title that she will earn on her own merits. 

“Please stay.” Percy had implored, when he first met her and she had helped to save his life. 

“Please stay.” Both ask of the other, after every gift given and kiss gently pressed to each others skin. Please stay, both silently ask each other as they finally kiss in the woods, and many times after. 

“Please stay.” One of them asks after the dragons, not wanting to lose the other again. Please stay, and share our lives with each other. As one of the few things that will always be consistent. 

Please stay. 

fujiokaharuhi  asked:

Good tags on that post complaining about leorios role, leorios a good man even if hes not a fighter

thank you!

see, i’m a big leorio fan, i believe in him as a character and his supportiveness and caring is what drew me to him as my favourite.

i know people want leorio to have his moment, and i do as well. hell, i’d give for leorio to have some of the limelight (though, he did have a considerable amount in the election arc, he WAS elected chariman but backed out so).

i’m not the most eloquently put person, so this will probably be choppy at best but, it’s important to realize that leorio is a character that thrives off friendship. right off the bat we are told that he wants to be a doctor because a friend died, whom he had no way to help be cured. 

and as a leopika shipper, it doesn’t cloud my judgement on how leorio views his friends. during yorknew, leorio kept his promise and met them (and eventually helped out with kurapika’s goal). in the election arc, no he didn’t want to be elected chariman, but repeatedly told the public that if he WAS elected, he’d use his power to help gon (and put his own goals on hold for that to happen).

leorio is very much a self-sacrificing friend. he will do anything in his power to help his friends, even if it means to put his own goals on hold. despite that, he has been sticking to his goal (hence why he didn’t know anything but ten during the yorknew arc) and was even offered a learning experience from cheadle (who kind of forced this on him tbh, but i digress)  and invited kurapika on the basis that it might help kurapika with his goal.

leorio took this internship knowing that he’d face peril and extreme danger, and hell, he’s willing to dive right into that. it’s more dangerous yes, but he’d be a zodiac and supporting cheadle and the medical team whilst earning merits to become a doctor.

 but if you think for a second, that leorio wouldn’t be upset if he ever learned the restrictions of emperor time, you’re deadass wrong. leorio’s character, up until this point, has been built to be a supportive person. a person who is ALWAYS willing to give his all for his friends, hell, his best friend DIED because he was powerless to do anything. like he would ever let that happen again.

i don’t want leorio to fight, because i know he doesn’t want to fight. leorio is strong, but he’s not a fighter and never will be.  when leorio has his moment (though the election arc was definitely a MOMENT) it’ll be prbably something akin to healing or saving a life, because that’s what most important to him.

and hell, yeah. during the yorknew arc he tried to keep kurapika levelheaded. do i think leorio is designated to be kurapika’s emotional support? hell no. but he chooses to give his friends the support they need and both he and kurapika are on this damn ship and are also freshly new zodiacs, so if the situation presents itself then yes, i would certainly like leorio to try to smack some sense into the boy.

leorio has always been invested to kurapika’s well being. he took care of him in yorknew and has consistently tried to contact him. also, he was the reason kurapika could join the zodiacs in the first place AND asked for his email after that. 

leorio is his own character and i adore him dearly. but the reason i adore him isn’t because of his capabilities, but his empathy. leorio cares about his friends above all else. 

togashi is a smart man. i believe he will do leorio well. i’m not going to point fingers and antagonize people for thinking that he could provide support for kurapika, bc i certainly think it’s a possibility so i won’t rule it out. i don’t believe togashi will put leorio in the background, there will be a time for leorio but honestly? i don’t think he needs to earn his right to be a zodiac. he was already handpicked to be a zodiac for his charisma so idk.

either way. i love leorio and i love how he loves his friends

Live Through The Rain

On a bit of a WtNV kick lately, despite not being completely caught up yet. Add in dubious amounts of sleep and caffeine, a bout of Maria Stark feels, plus my knee-jerk reaction to stress, and I think you guys can tell where I’m going with this. 

Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe [films], Welcome To Night Vale [podcast]

Warnings: for everything Night Vale related [Librarian-caliber gore, cosmic horror, dystopian themes, etc.] plus unreliable narrator [because of different priorities, skewed ideas as to what’s normal, etc] and large amounts of crack because reasons. Under the cut, also because reasons.

Here’s a fic idea/minific-I-might-expand-later-on from some premises I kinda want to play with, with bonus Maria Stark backstory because turns out she’s a pretty major influence and butterfly effect ftw:

In which Maria Stark’s hometown was Night Vale.

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BLM joins partners at the 18th National Boy Scouts of America Jamboree

The Bureau of Land Management joins over 20,000 Scouts, Scoutmasters, and visitors in the 18th National Boy Scouts of America Jamboree taking place July 19-28. Boy Scouts will be coming from all across the country, as well as a few from abroad, to learn about leadership, earn merit badges and explore the great outdoors. The Jamboree will take place at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve (SBR), adjacent to the New River Gorge National River, Mount Hope, West Virginia. 

As stewards, the BLM manages public lands for the benefit of current and future generations. At this event, BLM staff will be on hand to teach boy scouts and their families about shared conservation with activities about energy, invasive weeds, archaeology and paleontology at three exhibits along the “Conservation Trail”.  The “Conservation Trail” is a stretch of resource-oriented exhibits hosted by 20+ government agencies and other organizations.  Each scout who completes a specified number of activities offered along the Conservation will earn a Conservation Area prize.

The BLM has a long standing partnership with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) at the local, regional, and national levels to provide information about and foster participation in volunteer training, outdoor education opportunities, and volunteer service projects.  BLM and other agencies collaborate and cooperate with BSA to serve the American family and connect kids to public lands by increasing leadership development opportunities for youth, increasing healthy choices among young people, and actively engaging children and families in the outdoors to encourage physically active lifestyles.